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23 July 2011 – The Coming Economic Storm

There is a coming economic storm but like all natural weather storms it will only affect certain areas but not all. It would especially affect USA and the currency of the dollar. Everyone knows it but is trying to remain positive although they can see the dark clouds forming over USA. It will have a permanent effect on USA but a temporal effect on the whole world because of its reliance on trade with USA. Countries that move its trade away from reliance on USA will fare better than others. Eventually, all countries will adapt to the change in the economic scene where USA is no longer the world power. As stated in the prophecy at the beginning of this year, China will have a temporal dominance and then not too far into the future, Europe. It is ordained of God from the spiritual realm that the world scene changes: UK was the world power in the 19th Century, USA in the 20th Century, and eventually Europe in the 21st Century. China is only a temporary transit between the change from USA to Europe. Once Europe plows through its debt situation, it will lead the world. Until then, China leads. What is happening in Europe is preparing the way for the dominance of the anti-Christ. First the union will be consolidated to give more power to the central HQ organizationally, and in the coming future allow a single individual to dominate the centralized power within the organization. In the meantime, the lack of transparency in the Chinese economy with a lot of hidden debts and lack of checks and balances within the economic system, will be the archilles’ heel that brings its dominance down.

The coming storm cannot be prevented but like an ocean wave can be ridden by a skilful surfer. The purpose of this storm being allowed is the required transition of the world into one in which USA is no longer the dominant power. The history of mankind has shown that no country or empire or kingdom dominates the world forever. The prophecies of Daniel shown transitions between 4 great empires that rule the world (Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman). The last empire before the coming of Christ is the rule of the ten toes, which eventually is dominated by the anti-Christ (Daniel 7:23-27). Those in the Lord, even those who live in USA, should not panic nor be disturbed in these world events and through the coming storm. Overall its impact will be short and swift with the world recovering surprisingly quickly.Daniel and the Israelites within the Babylonian Empire lived through the transitions of power still blessed by the Lord. The same can happen to those who are aware of it and live being led by the Spirit. Reliance on investments in USA must be reduced and directed towards Asia and Oceania which will bear the storm best. In Europe, those not reliant on immediate returns will find good pickings and bargains if your investment is long term. During the storm, would be the time to pick the best investments in USA as it hits the bottom of the barrel, so all is not lost in USA.

Like Isaac, sow in famine and reap the harvest (Genesis 26:1, 12). Like Joseph, let wisdom be your guide to discern the seasons and times. No famine, not even the seven years of famine in Joseph’s time, prevented him from profiting  (Genesis 47:13-26). The areas most affected will be like the famine of Joseph’s time: failure of money (Gen 37:15), failure of crops (Gen 37:13), bread and food will be in demand and shortage (Gen 37:15-17). Wealth will change hands – livestock, lands and properties became Pharaoh (Gen 37:18-26). You still can prosper when lead by the Spirit. God is your sail to go through the storm.

 Be well, be strong for the grace of God is more than sufficient for you, Ps Peter Tan

13th July 2011 – God gives and God takes away (? or !)

I have not been that regular with the blog but the messages preached have been regularly updated to the site, so those regular to the site will still have the latest. I have a lot of requests for Fatherly Talks but have not restarted it yet. Will do so at some point in the future when there is more time available (after delegation of some organizational work). Also for those requesting the online Bible school, it is in the process of being re-organized.

Lately, the Lord has been speaking of the imminent change that is coming (part of it shown earlier this year in the prophecy for this year 2011). When it comes, it will be suddenly and not expected by many. Also the time for the vision of the black car is at hand.

The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away (Job 1:21) This verse is controversial to the faith movement because it advocates that the Lord completely does not take away but only the devil. It is true that all sicknesses and disasters are caused by the devil but the Bible does show that God does take away: God took from Moses part of His anointing on him when he complained that the burden was too heavy for him and shared it with the seventy elders (Numbers 11:14-17). God took the kingdom from King Saul and passed it on to David (1 Samuel 13:13-14). God did emphasized that if he had been faithful, God would have established his kingdom forever (1 Samuel 13:13). God took ten pieces of the nation of Israel and gave it to Jeroboam (1 Kings 11:31). Since we know and believe that it is never God who causes evil and disaster among men, then what exactly is it that God took away?

It is God who allows and imparts dominion and authority to men (Daniel 2:20-21). This includes those who know Him and those who don’t. Pontius Pilate, when boasting of his power and authority, was corrected by our Lord Jesus, who pointed out that it is God above who gave power to men (John 19:11). Yes, it is our God and Father in heaven who gives men all authority and power. Nebuchadnezzar had to learn the hard way that even he was subject to the mercies of heaven (Daniel 4:23-26, 32). The lesson to be learned is that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He chooses. This applies whether it be earthly kingdoms or principalities, or fame or wealth or wisdom or influence. Every good and every perfect gift has always comes forth from our God and Father who gives generously to all men, giving rain on the just and on the unjust (James 1:17; Matthew 5:45). It is not merely human effort that allows a man to achieve what he wants in life, it is both a combination of faithful human obedience and God who gives the open doors and opportunities. There is no such thing as a “self-made” man or woman. It is just a foolish man or woman who did not acknowledge the work of the angels and God on his behalf. Such do not last long on the earth nor in eternity. If such people boast in themselves, then the same would happen to them as to Nebuchadnezzar, although through different circumstances. There are angelic watchers that watch over the affairs of mankind (Daniel 4:23).

Having understood the above principles, there is a movement on the earth whereby authorities, fortunes, and fames are being shifted by God and His angels. From those who like Nebuchadnezzar had boasted in themselves to those who are humble and have the heart of God. Always choose God and walk with a perfect heart to recieve your portion in this life from God. It is God who sets up kingdoms and raise up kings. What is yours can never be taken by men. Only God has the power to remove them. At this time in the world, we are seeing a seismic shift of fame, fortune and power. The dust will take a few years to settle and then all will see clearly the positioning of God for the endtimes. In times like these, it is important to spend time in the closet of prayer and wait upon the Lord. Be faithful to all that God has asked of you no matter how small. Faithfulness in small things will lead to opportunities in bigger things from God.

God strengthen you and establish your feet on a firm foundation, Ps Peter

18 June 2011 – Cosmic events

I have not been updating this blog as I only want to focus on writing when there is a message to deliver to the public rather than just a diary of daily events. Recently, we saw the blood red moon which we know scientifically is caused by the sun’s light going through the earth’s atmosphere and reflected back to us in an eclipse of the moon. The significance of this happening together with the sun turning black is prophesied in Joel 2:31; Acts 2:20; Rev. 6:12 as part of the end times. Eclipses of the sun and moon are regular calendar events and to the natural man would have no particular significance. However, we do know that through God’s predestination and foreknowledge, the heaven’s above (stars, moon and sun) are like time pieces and clocks that God has set in motion to mark significant events that He has predestined to occur in His foreknowledge (Genesis 1:14). It was possible that God could have set in motion the meteorites that consume Sodom and Gomorrah millions of years before they occur (if the fire and brimestone had been meteorites, which is a scientific possibility); although God could have also freshly created fire and brimestone to consume the two cities. If they were meteorites, we can only stand amaze at God’s foreknowledge in setting them into motion millions of years before any activities were on the earth.

What is the spiritual significance of a blood red moon? It signifies potent times of upheaval in the natural plane and of significant ending or completion of spiritual seasons (end times). Primarily, they signifiy upheavals and changes that take place in the social, economic, political and spiritual dimensions. We will be the generation that sees the greatest changes to ever occur in our modern society that will affect all nations and tribes.Many of these changes have already been predicted by many but the season has come for those changes. Those in the Lord have nothing to fear for God’s hand will continue preserving all who love Him. Perhaps the right word to describe what is about to happen is the word ‘revolution.’ Yes, a revolutionary change will take place in the social, economic and political realm (as well as in the ecclesiastical realm). The rest of this decade of glory (2006-2016) will see the greatest revolutionary changes in 5 years than we have seen in the pas two hundred years. In His mercy, God has preserved us from a major third world war but there will be great upheavals taking place signified by natural events, too. Keep faithful in the Lord and abide in His love and Word, and you will sail through this next five years unharm and unaffected by these major changes that need to happen. The end will be good for the whole earth and its inhabitants.

Another major cosmic event that is of great significance is the change in the regular 11 year cycle of the sun. The major increase in sun spots and solar flares have decrease. The last time this happened was in the 1645-1715 and 1790-1813. We are in what scientists called the Solar cycle 23 to 24 and sunspot activity at the current rate will decrease further in cycle 24 to 25 (almost to zero). Other studies in sunspot activity have linked them to the increase of rain and floods in periods of less sunspot activity and droughts in times of increase activity. The Bible speaks about the sun and moon’s power to smite us (sun by day and moon by night – Psalm 121:6). This Scripture speaks of the influence that the sun and moon can have over our natural lives. Scientists have confirmed the influence of the moon on not just the ocean tides but also on plants, animals, etc. and their fertility cycle. Besides it being like a micro mini ice age, spiritually the signicance is for some new things that have been birth forth to take root and grow strong. Many new movements, revolutionary ideas and themes that change human society that are birth forth in these last five years of this decade will take root and grow to become a mighty tree where all the birds of the air shall find shelter under its branches. Unfortunately, in the natural we will see lots of rain (always a good thing) and floods (abundance of rain causing it). Water levels will only keep rising and it will not stop until the Millenium which will see a different geography of the earth (totally different shape of the land mass as water levels would have increased significantly plus seismic and volcanic upheavals creating and removing some land mass). While being established in the Word and in God’s love as a firm foundation, we need to keep an open mind and fluidity to flow in the new revelations and revolutionary changes that are coming forth. It should not be a time of fear but a time of faith in the new things that God is bringing forth.

Until our next blog, the Lord bless you and keep and make His face shine upon you. Our livestream is on during our meetings and the latest teachings will always be put online for your benefit and encouragement. God’s continued blessing and hand be upon each of you who are spiritually nourished from our website.

In Christ Jesus, Ps Peter Tan

23 April 2011

Apologies for not being able to keep this blog updated and am doing it infrequently. Also for the many who wrote in for Fatherly Talks, we will have that when we have more time. We had a wonderful water baptism yesterday in Singapore Changi beach and last night there was the presence of many of God’s angels during the all night prayer.

We are coming soon to the mid-point of this year and many new things have come forth in this year when boldness is important. Boldness is something which can be prayed for (Acts 4:29). Let the boldness of the Lion of Judah be upon your lives as you live out the rest of this year. God bless

10 March 2011 – Destiny will always be fulfilled

Time does fly so fast when one is busy. This one month has passed so fast as we were busy with all the various renovations for the church and childcare in Sydney, organizing various ministry areas in Singapore, a quick trip to and fro between Singapore and Sydney, guest speakers coming to and fro, some online students coming by to visit in Singapore and Sydney.

Many have asked me as to what is happening in world events recently and, as shared in Sydney last week, it is all tied to Isaiah 19. We see the first part of the chapter coming to pass before the other parts of the chapter take place. Note that the region of Assyria in the Bible and Egypt includes a larger area than modern Syria or Egypt. Things will get worse there first before it gets better and the prophecy of a highway going through Assyria, Egypt and Israel will grow closer to its fulfilment. As shared in Sydney, the fulfilment of this can take place in the Jewish dispensation or towards the close of the Gentile dispensation.

Our prayers and comfort in the Holy Spirit on all who are in Christchurch and New Zealand as a whole. We thank God that our friends and partners there are alright and we pray for those who have lost loved ones there. In God’s plan, the last wave of revival (as per Smith Wigglesworth prophecy) is in Australia-New Zealand. Now is the time for Asia, which is why we are building the work of the ministry here in Asia.

The destiny of God prepared before the foundation of the earth will be fulfilled through His church and through each life. We have entered into a period of prosperity despite the major events happening this year (2011 – a year of conflict, read earlier blog). What God has determined will surely come to pass. Although free choice of humans seem to be helter-skelter against the Will of God at times, God will still fulfill His plans and destinies on all those who love Him. All things indeed work together for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). It requires us to understand two things: that we need to exercise a deep and undivided love for God through all situations and circumstances and secondly, we need to understand and know what God has called us to do and stick with it steadfastly against all odds. In this coming revival, God will manifest His grace and power in ways that ear has not heard, nor eye seen, nor entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2). The Lord bless and keep each of you in His grace and love, Ps Peter

23 Feb 2011 – Testing of live streaming

Hi everyone, have been busy of late and could not get to the blog. We are almost there with live streaming and will be testing out the live streaming in all of our meetings (Thursday night Bible study at 7:30pm, Friday all night at 10pm to 12midnight, Sunday 10am and 2pm – Singapore time). There is also a short message preached to Sydney via Singapore live stream around Sydney time Sunday 4:30pm. I will catch up with everyone on the blog soon. God bless, Ps Peter

5th February 2011 – Christ in us

I am in the airport lounge again, this time on the way back to Singapore. Looks like it is the best time to update the blog in between flights. Had a very busy time in Sydney with the renovation of the childcare and having fellowship with all the present leaders in COG Sydney. Took some time to catch up on my sleep over the few days but had some guests and visitors from Canberra who had just returned to Australia. Been busy like a bee and praise the Lord that He makes the honey of His presence with us constant and sweet.

Have been thinking a lot about the various missionaries who have gone forth and pioneered various works fo God: Hudson Taylor, William Carey, David Brainerd, etc. I always find the work of missionaries admirable for the sacrifice they made in order to bring the gospel to areas that have not heard the name of Jesus yet. In our modern society, there are still places like that but much fewer than before. Despite the fact that many places (most of the major cities of the world) have had the gospel preached to them, today’s task of presenting Christ is still so vital. Many denominations and various church groups have always presented the Christ after their own image. And within each of us is an image of Christ that is shaped by our inherited Christian culture which may or may not be in line with that of the Word of God. How different the various presentations of Christ is from one church to another and one Christian fellowship to another. Some preached the loving Christ, some the fierce Christ, some the poor Christ, some the rich Christ, some the easy going Christ, some the disciplinary Christ, etc. Within each of us is an image of the Christ that is shaped through our many years of Christianity. Unless and until the image of the Christ within our lives is as close to the Bible standard of Christ, we will be transformed proportionally to the same image (2 Corinthians 3:18). We become what we see.

As such it is important to know the true character and nature of Christ and not just assume from what we see and hear from our own traditions and cultures. In the end, we who believe in Him will meet Him face to face. The main keys are: does the image of Christ within us make us more truly Godlike and Christlike or does it make us more Phariseelike?; does the Christ in us lead us closer to a relationship with God our Father or further away from our Father God?; does the Christ in us cause us to spend more time in the word and prayer or does it make us complacent? In the end, we are all called and destined to be in the image of Christ (Romans 8:28-29).

Grace, love and peace to all of you, Ps Peter

31st January 2011 – Word and Spirit revival

Writing this blog from airport lounge. Had good meetings in the morning and afternoon Sunday services in COG Singapore; now on the way back tonight (or rather early morning since it is past midnight) to Sydney. Have not been back since last December and looking forward to being back in Sydney and to felllowship with members of COG Sydney. Have been having very good time in the past 30 days of fast with another ten days to go. Have a heavy load of Chinese New year goodies and pineapple tarts to share with Sydney folks which have added two extra big hand carry bags weighing kilos to carry home.

The consistent prayers every Friday all night have been vey good and wonderful in building up the spiritual atmosphere for revival. Which reminds me of the two waves of healing revival that God showed me will be coming in this revival: a healing wave followed by a creative miracle wave in which the Holy Spirit will do outstanding creative miracles like those that have not been seen in Christendom before. This first healing wave will be a wave of the word and spirit that will be stronger than the healing wave that was manifested in the early 1900s to 1980s until it started tapering off with more emphasis on the Word than in the Spirit. It began in the first half of the twentieth century as a Spirit wave and then turned into a Word wave which will combine into a Word and Spirit wave in the beginning of the 21st Century. This next five years are important (decade of glory) to the building of this wave of Word and Spirit. In the first four years of this decade (2006 to 2010) many have been tested and some have not passed the test while others have. Everything need to be tested has been tested. It is now the season for the next part of this decade of glory. It will begin with much hunger, prayer and fasting leading to a fresh release of a tidal wave from heaven’s throne which will sweep many into a deep walk with God that will bring His glory into manifestation on the earth. Several characteristics of this beginning will be:

(1) The gifts of the Spirit manifesting themselves in new and dramatic ways with the recepients having to learn how to adjust themselves to its operation. (2) An unexplainable hunger and thirst for the things of God and the presence of God that will bring many face to face with their eternal destinies. Some will be called to mountaintops, some to wildernesses, some to gardens, some to valleys to meet their assigned destinies as Moses met God in the wilderness. (3) There will be those destined to the fivefold ministry and those destined to the professional and business world who will receive remarkable anointings to do mighty exploits in God. An understanding and clarity of the callings and giftings of God in their life will be given together with the Lord’s Spirit of wisdom that will teach them the patterns and methodologies that will specially suit their callings – like Moses and his rod, Elijah and his mantle, David and his musical instrument and sword.

Have to catch the flight now, will write more. Love and grace to all of you, Ps Peter Tan

29th January 2011 – Good all night prayer

We had good all night prayer last night although I did not get any chance to rest the whole day before the meeting. Shared on the importance of protracted prayer, which is an important key to revival. There are no short cuts to revival, it takes quantity of quality prayer. The prayer of faith can’t be applied to revival as revival involves the free will of a whole community or nation, thus protracted prayer becomes the key. Sermon will be uploaded soon and will be back in Sydney over the next week and back again to Singapore.