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2013 – Year of Upheavals and Change

2013 – A Year of Upheavals and change

My apologies for putting this year’s prophecy late as I was on a liquid 40 day fast (today 31st day of the fast); and I wanted to completely understand the interpretations of the prophecies before writing about it. It is one thing to prophesy but it is another to interpret the prophecy. And the purpose of all prophecy is to comfort, exhort and edify. Since the prophecy for this year is pretty strong, I wanted to ensure that the points that will ensure comfort, exhortation and edification are strongly outlined. I have outlined what to do this year in the three points at the end of this article under the interpretation section. For the year 2013, I have included what I saw in the Spirit for this year and also Ps David’s visions for this year. I will first give out the visions, then share the interpretation.

Prophecy of Ps David

Now, when I was in Rangitoto, I received many visions. There was this vision I received that, in this year, in the West a star will slowly die and it will die. And upon the dying of the star, an ancient house will crumble and all the descendants will go into ruins. And in the East, I saw two stars. One fell suddenly and it collided with the other star and both stars fell and died. And this will take place this year. And again I saw an angel with a measuring stick starting from Egypt and he was pacing within Egypt. And from Egypt, he went to Syria, and he paced. And from Syria, he went to Saudi Arabia and he paced again. And after that he went to Jordan and he paced. And then I see fires from all these countries and Israel was caught also. So look to Egypt this year.

Prophecy from Ps Peter

I saw the planet and there was an increase in light in some areas and more darkness in others. Generally, there were light and darkness in every country of the world but there was a greater increase in light in some countries and as the light increased, very strangely, the darkness in the same countries also increased. This was accompanied by great changes both in the natural physical world, in the economic, social and political realm. A lot of blessings came in the natural in those places with light and where the darkness increased (being pushed by the light into corridors of darkness) there was an increase of natural disasters beyond human control. Then the effects began to take place on the social, economic and political front, with at times, the sudden death of prominent people and the rise to the fore of new ones set for the end times. This also took place in the ecclesiastical world (the organized church).

Places where the light was increasing were particularly in areas where the altars have been built or will be built (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand in 2012; South Korea, China, Canada, USA, Brazil and Argentina in 2013). The sudden increase in light pushing against the forces of darkness was met by resistance, it was like as the light increase in brightness and territory, the darkness was more and more compressed and needed an outlet. There is, though, an invisible line of division set around Australia and New Zealand already based on the borders of the end times as per the Seven Thunders prophecy, especially isolating them as countries of refuge under the protection of the archangels. But the darkness in these countries have to be compressed and vented out; and what happens in the spiritual will be reflected in the visible realm of the natural, economic, social, political and ecclesiastical. The darkness in South East Asia were pushed both northwards and westwards. As it got compressed before it moved, it caused the same upheavals. Not all upheavals were bad; some were cleansing upheavals that had to be released. When the darkness finally moved toward the western direction from South-east Asia, it stationed itself for some time there affecting the nations surrounding. When it moved toward the north, it stationed itself for some time in the regions of North Korea before moving on.

When the altar is built in South Korea, the darkness compressed even greater and was released like raindrops of darkness over the land, then it moved to China. In China, as the altar was built, the darkness compressed and then it gathered on the northern and western areas before exploding like a bomb with parts of dark globes of debris falling with great force on various areas. The same happened in Canada after the altar is built. The darkness moved east, west and south after some compression. In the USA where the altar is to be built on the eastern side, the darkness compressed into the western side for some time before becoming like a whirlwind sweeping through the land like a tornado.

Then the vision changed and I saw many leaders from the social, economic, political and ecclesiastical world being taken suddenly: some died, some fell sick, some are suddenly removed, and some have accidents. It looked like all bad news but then the Lord showed that from Nov 14th 2012 when the Seven Thunders were released, there will be seven plus seven years (leading up to 2026) and they will be likened to the seven years of prosperity followed by the seven years of famine. As the darkness was compressed by the light causing it to grow thick in darkness resulting in various effects, the light increased and became like a wave. The wave caught many people and carried them; some were carried by it to a new place, some to a higher place in God (they seem to disappear into a white cloud and they were carried higher and higher), some were gathered together and became like one of many in a group led by many men and angels. Those carried by the wave received life and grew stronger. They became the spiritual, social, economic and political leaders of the next decade. Amongst the darkness, there were also, permitted by God, the rise of some sort of dark leadership who will be human leaders used by the devil and his cohorts against the people of God.

Then I heard a voice declaring over the vision of light and darkness, “Life and Death, Calm and Turmoil, Love and Hate, Peace and War, Prosperity and Poverty, Blessing and Curse. They shall both increase until the glory comes.” For this reason, I call this year, the Year of Upheavals and change; a year of living (people given new life) and dying (many people dying).


Firstly, for Ps David’s prophecy of the stars dying: they represent national leaders (one in the West and two in the East) who will die this year, thus affecting the whole world. There also will be greater turmoil in Egypt which will flow throughout all the five countries of the Middle East including Israel.

Secondly, on the prophecy of the vision of light and darkness where the light expanded and the darkness compressed and reacted, we first need to consider three areas: people as calendar, the choice given this year – to choose life or death, light or darkness – and the keys to be swept by the wave of light.

1. People as calendar

In the spiritual world, time is not measured by clocks or calendar. It is measured by events and events are created by predestined people whom God has placed the predestined DNA to be used as a calendar of measurement of spiritual time change. Where they are faithful, they fulfil God’s destiny and where they are unfaithful, others are raised to take their place. In the Old Testament, in the case of accidental death, the person who caused it has to run to a city of refuge and live there until the death of the existing high priest (Numbers 35:25-32). If the high priest was new and still reasonably strong of health, it would be a long time to stay there but if the high priest were old, it would have been a short sojourn. The life of the high priest was God’s time measurement for the confinement sentence upon accidental homicide.

God’s dispensational workings was also measured by the time-life of humans whom He has put the Spirit, example Moses represent the period of the introduction into the period of the law while Abraham represented the revelation of faith, etc. This does not mean that only prominent people who are famous among men are the time pieces of clock. Sometimes, it a church it could be a simple but faithful prayerful intercessor called to be part of the church, so when the person dies the church enters another different season. This is also true of business companies and countries. What we see as time pieces on the clock might not be the true hands on the clock to detect spiritual time change. Even in the non-Christian world, God has righteous people whom He and the angels use as time pieces.

Having understood this, what God is actually doing in 2013 is taking away the time pieces that represent the old season and replacing them with new pieces (humans, of course) that represent the new season and time change that He wants to effect upon the earth. This year is when the new clock starts ticking, two months after the proclamation of the Seven Thunders (Nov 14th 2012) and the securing of the invisible line around Australia and New Zealand (altar building completed in December 2012). In the Hebrew calendar which starts around September each year, we would have moved into the new season which began in the giving of the Seven Thunders prophecy and then the refuge line drawn around Australia and New Zealand. In our secular calendar which begins in January, we start off the New Year with the timing for the change of the clock pieces (humans). The old has to be removed and the new set in place. For this year, watch the death and rise of different people in the world and in your local community. Not all of them are calendars, but some of them would be. Then flow with the changes and the times and seasons.

2. Choose life or death, light or darkness

The Old Testament people were told to stand on Mt Gerizim and Mt Ebal to proclaim the blessings and the curse when they cross the promise land (Deuteronomy 11:29). They fulfilled this under Joshua (Joshua 8:33). The people under Moses were asked to choose life or death.

Deu 30:15 “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil,

Deu 30:16 in that I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgments, that you may live and multiply; and the LORD your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess.

Deu 30:17 But if your heart turns away so that you do not hear, and are drawn away, and worship other gods and serve them,

Deu 30:18 I announce to you today that you shall surely perish; you shall not prolong your days in the land which you cross over the Jordan to go in and possess.

Deu 30:19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;

Deu 30:20 that you may love the LORD your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.”

In the year 2013, God has presented all of us with a choice: to choose to keep the old and then suffer the consequences of being part of the old seasons and ways or to choose the new and flow with the new understanding and methodology of the new. In the past consequences take time to take effect, sometimes years and decades but in this end time, everything has been expedited. The consequences will come must faster and conversely, the blessings will also come much faster. Involve with the new season, might be a season of new sets of skills and principles that we must absorbed with its relevant methodologies. To not make a choice is to choose to stay where we are. Accompanying the choices would be the actions that show the choice has been made, the re-arrangement of priorities of life and habits.

This year, God is calling us to choose: to choose to embrace the new and to forsake the old. The time of decision making is now and not later. There are consequences that God has released upon this generation. On the other hand, there are great rewards, Yes, very large rewards that God has in store for those who choose Him.

3. Keys to flow with the waves of light

The waves of light and God’s energy that is released this year will be a blessing to those who allow it to carry them to a new place or to higher ground. There are three effects of this wave which we will use three people from the Bible as an illustration. All of them had seen someone just died.

a. Abraham and his father Terah (Genesis 11:32-12:1-3)

Abraham received his first call before Haran (Acts 7:2). He never moved into his calling but instead was still under the influence of his father Terah, an idol worshipper (Joshua 24:2). He must have told his father which most likely led to his father leading the group of family towards Canaan but they did not succeed in reaching Canaan (Genesis 11:31). Before the family made a move, they had already seen a death in their family (Haran – Genesis 11:28). Perhaps the reluctance of Abraham to choose God and follow him opened the door of death in his family. And then when Abraham did not obey the Lord 100% by leaving his father and family, instead taking them along, his father had to die in order for Abraham to be motivated to move on. Who knows who else would have to die before Abraham is persuaded to choose to obey God?

Some of us, this year, will be like Abraham. We have heard the vision, the dream, the word of God, the prophecy but have not obeyed fully. Bad things had happen, possibly even death, but they had taken time to happen. Now with the latest death symbolically of Terah in our life, we must move on. Terah represents our comfort zone, our familiar surroundings and our basic happiness met. This is not enough this year. If we do not read the signs of Terah being taken from us, there are consequences including death. It was not easy for Abraham to obey the first time but God in His mercy gave him another chance (Genesis 12:1-3) and this time, Abraham obeyed. For some of us, it is your second chance or second call (perhaps for some it could be the third, fourth or final call this year). If you do not obey this year, your last chance is forfeited and God will call another to take your place and destiny. Search your heart, search your dreams and visions, and search God’s spoken word and inner voice leading you. Have you hearken to them and obeyed the past years? If not, this year is your last chance. Obey like Abraham by faith and the waves of light will carry you the rest of the way.

b. Isaiah and King Uzziah (Isaiah 6: 1-13)

King Uzziah was a good king but he made one mistake. In pride, he tried to be a priest instead of being satisfied as a king and he became leprous (2 Chronicles 26:18-21). Poor king, he was only sixteen when he took the throne and reigned for 52 years (2 Chronicles 26:1-3). He did well as a teenager but at some point in his adult life, he trespass into the office of a priest which is never his destiny. Perhaps he might have served well for forty over years and successfully, too. Seniority or years of experience are no excuse to violate the word of God. The law and the word of God are above all. Anyone who violates the laws of God and His written word will suffer consequences. There are many people living outside their domain of destiny and anointing who have not turned leprous, figuratively speaking. But this year is a dangerous year to be in the wrong calling, wrong destiny and trying the wrong anointing. You will at worst die or at best fall sick and die in later years. Many Uzziahs will be removed this year both spiritual and secular. Of course, not all are removed, some have just finish their work faithfully and as time pieces of God’s calendar are called home.

There will be those who like Isaiah had been faithful to the call of God in their lives. Isaiah was already a prophet before King Uzziah died. But he was only one of many prophets. In the year that King Uzziah died, Isaiah received a new fresh call and anointing. Not only was he a prophet, he was now the main prophet to lead the nation spiritually. Many of God’s people have toiled faithfully in past years behind the scene. In this year of 2013, God will call many of them to take their place as leaders; some as leaders in their community, some in their nation, some in their industry. To each, a wave of the Spirit will carry them. For some, it might mean a change of place, for some a change of church, for some a change of job. Each must flow with the wave of the Holy Spirit wherever He takes them. The key is to be willing to flow with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take you wherever He wants you to go, whatever He wants you to do, whenever He calls you to do so, however He chooses to work, and whomever He sends you to.

c. David and King Saul (2 Samuel chapters 1-5)

King David was nationally famous after the slaying of Goliath as a lad (1 Samuel chapters 17-18). He was anointed to be king but without a kingdom for over a decade or more (assuming that he was in his teens and he ascended the throne of Judah at the age of 30). Most of those years were filled with meetings in caves, survival in the wilderness, pursuit and hunted down by King Saul and his army. Yet he grew strong in those years and his army of mighty men continued to grow. Adversity was no hindrance to his spiritual and physical growth. Neither had he any desire to vanquished King Saul and take his throne. He patiently set his heart to just survive and wait for his time to fulfil God’s destiny in his life to be a king. Finally, Saul died and there was a vacuum of leadership. At first only his tribe made him king but seven years later, all of Israel made him king (2 Samuel 5:3-5).

In the year 2013, when the human time pieces of God are removed, there will be a vacuum of leadership created. In this void, the enemy and other humans will try to fill it like Abner trying to make Ishbosheth king (2 Samuel 2:8-10). But eventually, the true ones whose destiny it is to reign in their domain will become leaders via the anointing of God. They will grow weaker and weaker and the true leaders stronger and stronger (2 Samuel 3:1). However, there will be those who recognize the true anointing and true leaders and will band under the right banner like the tribe of Judah proclaiming David as king (2 Samuel 2:4). There was one requirement that David needed to do before that happen. David had to hear the voice of the Lord and He obeyed when the Lord told him to leave Ziklag and migrate to Hebron (2 Samuel 2: 1-3). If David did not take this step, the rest of the blessing would not have followed.

Be encouraged, those of you who have loved the Lord all these years and are faithful to survive and do all that you can to keep your spiritual life strong, your love of the Lord pure, and nurtured those difficult people in your figurative Adullam cave around you (1 Samuel 22:1-2). This is the year that God will bring you out of the cave, bring you out of the wilderness and bring you into the city of your reign in Christ. Only one thing you need to do this year, hear the voice of the Lord and ensure that you are in the right place, doing the right thing before the Lord. This year is the right time to do so and move to your Hebron for the wave will come and carry you.

We pray that each and every one of you will have a wonderful and blessed year and experience the wave of light, representing the Holy Spirit and His angels, carrying you to a better place and to a higher ground.

Love in Christ

Ps Peter