The new Era of Mankind and Angels working together – 5th November 2012

The Era of mankind and angels working together

Adam and Eve lost many things when they fell into sin in the garden of Eden. Primarily they lost face to face spiritual fellowship with God and ended in spiritual death which results in physical death (Romans 5:12-13). One of the blessings lost was also the close knitted way that mankind and angels work together (as it will be again in heaven). Throughout church history over nearly two thousand years, we have realized that Christ has atoned for all of us spirit, soul and body. Christ has brought restoration back to before the fall and blessings better than that. Part of the restoration, here thereto unknown is the restoration of a close knit relationship of working together with God’s angels. Many Christians would, of course, wonder why we need the work of angels when we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we have the Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ but the ministry and work of angels continues.

Hundreds of years ago in the thirteenth century, it was Thomas Aquinas who wrote about the nine divisions of angels categorised into three areas: Worship (Thrones, Seraphim and Cherubim), Government (Kurios, Dunamis and Exousias) and Works (Arche, archangels and angels) (Isaiah 6:1-7;Genesis 3:24;Exodus 25:17-22; 2 Chronicles 3:7-14; Ezekiel 10:12–14, 28:14-16;1 Kings 6:23–28;Revelation 4:6-8; 11:16; Ephesians 1:21; 3:10; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:7). During the Pentecostal and charismatic movement it was Roland Buck’s book (Angels on Assignments, published by Charles and Frances Hunter) that brought the attention of charismatics to the dimension of working with angels. This also led to a complete unbiblical concept of treating angels like servants and ordering them about; even our Lord Jesus did not order angels about but said that He can easily pray to the Father who would have sent Him twelve legions of angels (Matthew 26:53). On the other hand, the Bible also warns us not to worship angels and that the devil can come like an angel of light (Colossians 2:18; 2 Corinthians 11:14). It seems that humans either view angels as too low (trying to make them lesser than us) or too high (end up worshipping them).

The truth is that there are so many divisions and types and categories of angels; some of them sent to minister to us (Heb 1:7) and some of them carrying the Shekinah presence of God unapproachable by men in human flesh (Ezekiel 10). It would be too simplistic to think that all angels are the type as described in Hebrews 1:7. There are angels as tall as the sky (Revelation 10:8) and Cherubim with flaming swords (Genesis 3:24). Kenneth Hagin, senior, encountered angels during his account of spiritual experiences (I believe in visions by Kenneth E Hagin) and William Branham had an angel worked with him in performing mighty miracles (A man sent from God by Gordon Lindsay). Hagin, senior, kept balanced throughout his life in his teachings but some of his followers have gone to extremes. William Branham went astray with wrong doctrines of serpent seed and claiming to be the last day Elijah; and before he died in a car crash in 1965, Kenneth Hagin told Gordon Lindsay that God was going to take Branham away because he had gone astray.

It is because of this that I would like to solemnly warn that in the restoration of these last day revival which, one aspect of it, includes the close knit working of mankind and angels, many will go to extremes: there will be a group that will go against all manifestation of angels working with man and woman of God and completely not accept such phenomena (just as those anti-Pentecostals and anti-Charismatics who do not accept the baptism in the Spirit with speaking in tongues); and there will be the other group that will completely give too much attention to angels to the ignoring of the work of the Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus even to the extent of even worshipping and exalting angels. These two extremes must be avoided in this last day move but the heart of men is such that sadly, these two extreme groups will exist when this end time move comes to fullness and glory. Remember the Bible is the only basis for all doctrine and practices and never ever exalt anything more than our lovely Lord Jesus Christ, and always recognize that all angels and men must work under the direction of God the Father and the Holy Spirit bringing glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Having said the above, and understanding the need to be balance in Scriptural understanding of the place for the work of angels with us, it was a great privilege to have the angels who have been working with us all the time indicating that this work will even be closer knitted when on Friday October 19th 2012 (during all night prayer), the various names of the angels working with us were revealed by permission of God the Father to each of those present that day. The few times an angel had been introduced by name was to Daniel (Daniel 8:6) and to Zacharias (Luke 1:19). It is possible because of the record of the Bible that Mary was also introduced to archangel Gabriel by name, although the Bible only said that it was Gabriel who went to her (Luke 1:26). Jacob was refused the name of the angel he wrestled with (Genesis 32:29). And the archangel name of Michael was just mentioned in passing to Daniel (Daniel 10:13).

Why would angels want to reveal their names when they work fine with us invisibly without us having to know their names? The only place to study this is in Daniel’s life and we find that when the archangel Gabriel was introduced by name to Daniel, it was an indication of a continued and deeper spiritual relationship of working together in the things of God through prayer and faith. It was Gabriel who continually appeared to Daniel and we can assume that those few times were not the only times but the only times that we have the record from Daniel’s account. And the working relationship between Daniel and Gabriel was so close that Gabriel easily revealed other angel’s name to Daniel, which in particular was Archangel Michael. In Zecharias’ case, it was important for Gabriel to reveal his name to him so that he overcome his unbelief in the promise of a child, John the Baptist, through Elizabeth his wife (Luke 1:19-20). During the time of his enforced dumbness, he would have the time to meditate on who Gabriel was in the Old Testament Scriptures, and learn to have faith in what God was doing through Gabriel the archangel. The revelation of the name of Gabriel to Zacharias and the enforced dumbness was necessary to overcome his unbelief; Zacharias had been praying for a child with Elizabeth and had forgotten or gave up on it – for Gabriel said that he was sent in answer to his prayers (Luke 1:13).

Names in the Bible are a revelation of the nature and attribute of a being and when introduced brings relationships into a more personal nature. The name Jesus Christ was introduced into the second person of the Godhead so that we can more personally identify with the work and atonement of the second person of the Godhead who originally was only known as the Word (John 1:1-2; Matthew 1:25). For angels to choose to reveal their name, it is so that we can more personally identify with their work and also structure a closer spiritual working relationship with them that will benefit us even more. It is not right for us to ask for the name of our angels but it is the prerogative of God the Father as to whether such knowledge should be revealed to us. And when God the Father choses to do so, it is an indication that we have entered into a new era of man and angels working closely together – all made possible through the redemption of the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ – a restoration back to a more perfect working relationship between spiritual men and women and angels, who are spirit beings also created by God – and that one family of God’s created creatures shall work hand in hand, hand in glove, closely knitted in the perfect Will of God before Adam’s fall to always be in a harmonious spiritual working relationship. In this dispensation of the fullness of times, He has gathered together all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth in Him (Ephesians 1:10).

We have had many angelic encounters ever since Madabar. While in Madabar, there were thirty archangels from other parts of the Universe who visited with us during our prayer sessions there. After our group of 22 left, they stayed on for a while and were each introduced by name to Ps David and the understanding was later given to him upon his return to Singapore, that they represent three categories of archangels. Ten of them were representative of those who guarded the borders of the Universe that existed since the fall of Satan, so that none of the fallen angels can cross beyond the borders into the new Universe that continued to be created after the fall of Satan. Another ten of them were keepers from the two-thirds of planets and galaxies that have not fallen during the satanic rebellion and the last group of then were from the one third of worlds like ours that have fallen under the satanic rebellion but were now kept under guard awaiting the completion of the overthrow of satan starting with this planet earth. They were visiting planet earth because they had seen the glory that came upon Pergamos on February 9th 2012 when Satan, who had already been destroyed in Jesus’ redemption on the cross (Hebrews 2:14), was dethroned physically from the earth, will be cast to the earth to wander about (Rev 12:7-9) and will one day at the coming of Christ be cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10-14).

The seven angels from the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3, will be with us in our prayer walks and building altars in phase 2 and 3 around the world proclaiming the victory of Christ from the cross, to Pergamos to the His Second Coming. Already we have been visited by the angels of Ephesus and Smyrna. Each of those participating have had the names of angels revealed to them so they can work closely with them through the Holy Spirit. Ps David has the archangel codenamed Shamah with him plus three general angels, each with 1 million angels under them. Those participating in this prayer walk have the code name of angels revealed, some of them with a thousand angels under their angels. I have two special angels, one with the scroll who imparts all the revelation of the Scriptures to me, and one of wisdom, the same angel that was with the Bible figure Joseph in his life (side effect also gift of interpretation of dreams; main effect wisdom to handle all the wealth of the world as Joseph did). There is also a third archangel that will join with me at some point in the future, and he is the same one who had appeared and worked with William Branham. I know all their names and they have angels under them. There is much more that has been revealed and the impact of the angelic work both present and in the future as Ps David and I partner together as prophet and apostle to lead this revival that was our destinies before the foundation of the earth. Archangel Raphael was also gracious to have brought answers through God our Father to four of my prayer requests in Mukawir. This revival will build the last day glorious church upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets (Ephesians 2:20). There will be millions of other fivefold ministers whom we will train and equip and angels assign to them that will go forth in these last days. In the meantime, we humbly obey the Lord in travelling through the planet earth to 6 countries in the second phase and 7 countries in the third phase to pray and establish the footprints of claiming this planet for our Lord Jesus Christ. This travel is like the seven day march of Joshua around the walls of Jericho; once each for six days and seven times on the seventh day (6 plus 7). We estimate that these preparation phases will take us 24 months.

We have now entered into a new era since October 19th 2012 when the names of our personal and ministry angels were revealed to us. This is like Joshua before he entered the promise land where as he prayed, he saw the Commander of the Lord of hosts (Joshua 5:14-15). This same Bible angel who revealed himself to Joshua is the same angel whom we codenamed Shamah. He is leading us in this march around the whole planet earth in phase 2 and 3 just as he also led Joshua to march around Jericho and in the conquest of the promise land of Canaan. This march to six countries (Singapore already covered on October 26th) in phase two and seven countries in phase three, is a march carried out by men and women and also by the angels of God who marched along with us (joined also by the seven angels of the seven churches of Revelations 2 and 3). This great revival which has begun on February 9th 2012 and is now in phase two is being carried out by humans and angels joining together as one united team representing heaven and earth, proclaiming the victory of our Lord Jesus..from the cross, to the finale of His coming to the earth. A new era of mankind and angels holding hands together and being joined in spirits together extoling the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God our Father. Amen.

Love in Christ, Ps Peter

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  1. Pastor Peter Tan Post author

    Phase 3 trip to Canada and USA details will be given on this web blog/ twitter once we have arranged it. Ps David will be doing a preliminary trip and those interested in being part of it can be in contact with us through this website and twitter.

  2. Martin

    What a blessing to be alive dear Ps. Peter, it’s hard to believe but I only want it all from my sweet Lord.

    If the Lord allows it I would be very mu interested in meeting w/Ps David on his early trip.


    Ps. I just got a much better camera & will get to working on the photos

  3. Lance Cherry

    O the things that our Father God has prepared for those who love. What a great encouragement. Gods richest blessing on you Ps Peter and Ps David, families and congregation for being so dear to reveal all that is being revealed.

  4. Evens

    I have been following all the teachings and PDF of this website since 2008. how can i receive the Madabar anointing or any other impartation for the supernatural if i am not able to go physically to singapore to meet with you or Ps David ?

  5. Michael

    Pastor Peter Tan,

    I am very happy that you have updated your diary; my eyes were on your blog every day.
    Thank you for sharing this great and very important message about Angels with a bible perspective, this is powerful and makes me want to hear more and learn more and I know your time in Cape Town South Africa in phase 3 will not be enough to have me effectually sufficient!

    How I would love to be on the list of your emails so that we communicate apart from this page.

    I admire you very much; how you responded to the call of God and how God has been revealing himself to you; the process you have gone through to be a product we can benefit from today.
    Situations are different, ministries are different and callings is different and I know that missionary Pastor David Lim whom you work with and you mention him many times is also a wonderful and great person of God and I really want to communicate with him too.

    I know that you people are very busy and you have a big responsibility but I would appreciate the opportunity.

    Greet your family and all the people of God, and keep in mind that you are an encouragement to me.

    God bless you.


  6. David P.G. Panton

    Pastor Tan. I am based in Jamaica…which is pretty close to the USA, I would really love to be a part of this revival God’s willing. I am interested in knowing the about the preliminary trip, and others of course in due time. I will keep watching your blog for your updates. May our Lord Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you richly.

  7. Tina Parsons

    Thank you for the update Pastor Peter & Pastor David.

    God’s love & blessings to you both as you continue on this epic journey which is being revealed to us all through you by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by permission of God the Father under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  8. Skhumbuzo Mazibuko

    thank you for the update and the revelation Pastor Tan. We shall keep you in prayer continueously.

  9. Nyarie Muputero

    Dear Pastor Peter

    Thank you for sharing these revelations. I’m not a scientist by profession, but after reading some of your materials such as The Spirit World, and this blog, my spirit is so stirred. My spirit is also very interested in finding out these deep mysteries of the cosmos.

    I wasn’t fully aware of how glorious this treasure in earthen vessels is. So much that archangels, powerful as they are, from other universes, should come and check if it’s time for the final revival before Christ’s coming…Ah! What a blessing that I’m in this generation.

    Please keep sharing some more with us Pastor. God continues to bless and favour you mightily amongst men, angels and all His creation. Glory to Him forevermore.

    Thank you once again Sir.

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