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Mystery of Christ & Phase two and three: 4th September 2012

Mystery of Christ & phase two-three:  4th September 2012

Recently we made a trip from Aug 7th to 9th 2012 to Madaba (in the book of Enoch, known as the extremities of the earth and the habitation of angels) spending three nights in prayer at Mt Nebo and Mt Mukawir, where we met with Enoch and Elijah in spirit. Many revelations on the endtime and the place of the final revival on earth from God’s perspective were shown. The trip completes phase 1 of Ps David’s prophetic trips. There are two more phases, phase 2 covering Singapore, K.L.-Malaysia, Sydney-Australia, Auckland-New Zealand, Seoul-South Korea and Shenzhen-China (which will take 12 months -2012 to 2013) and phase 3 covering Canada (Toronto), USA (New York and Washington, DC), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Argentina (Buenos Aires), UK (London), Greece (Athens)and South Africa (Capetown) (covering 12 months – 2013 to 2014); concluding with a final briefing in Madaba. Over the next 24 months on these two phases, it is still preparatory for the great revival that God is sending forth. Those who have been coming to this website and are interested in participating in them as we come to your countries please email me and we will liaise with you on the upcoming schedules.

The tentative dates of phase 2 are:

Malaysia. 1st trip—20th to 22nd Oct; 2nd trip—11th to 13th Nov

Australia & New Zealand. Trip—17th Dec 2012 to 4th Jan 2013 (We will do Australia and New Zealand together on the same trip)

South Korea. Trip—9th to 17th March 2013

China. Trip—25th May to 5th June 2013

The prophetic word given is that just as Aaron did all those things instructed of him by Moses in the Levitical priesthood and that the glory of God will appear to him, so the Word of the Lord is that once we finish building altars throughout the whole world in phase 2 and phase 3, the glory of the Lord will appear (Leviticus 9:6). Remember that this decade of 2006-2016 is the decade of glory. It is in this decade that we prepare to receive the glory of the Lord manifest in this revival. We have been working alongside angels and archangels to prepare for this revival and recently in this Madaba trip, we have communed with Enoch and Elijah who are the two witnesses of the Jewish last seven years (Revelations 11:4-12).

I had a thick meditation file from which some of the Scriptures for Meditation booklet 1 and 2 were taken. On the 4th page of the meditation Scriptures where it includes the meditation “As Enoch walked with you and was translated, so let me walk with You” I had put the date 8th November 1979. On 8th August 2012, I had the privilege of being anointed and blessed by Enoch himself, who walked with God and was not. Ps David had met with Enoch and Elijah earlier and upon confirmation of the travel to be with Ps David at the ending of his phase 1 in Madaba, Enoch had told him to bring me to one of the mountains where he would blessed me. Now three months short of 33 years, on August 8th 2012, I had the privilege of meeting and being blessed by one of the mighty man of God in the Bible. Both the prophecies given by Ps David that night and the blessing of Enoch were so powerful that it brought me into the 12 gates (as mentioned in the book of Enoch) where I was taken to a place of tremendous joy in the presence of the Lord (Psalms 16:11). After we both had built an altar to the Lord and anointed it, Enoch laid his hands on my ears and head and a strong wind manifested and I was carried in spirit into the presence of the Lord and saw many mysteries and dimensions of heaven and the Spirit World. It was a glorious two hours in the presence of the Lord. David in the meantime was also taken into the second cube of the Universe and prophesied mightily to the worlds that God created and that were to come under the domain of our Lord Jesus Christ (Hebrews 11:3).

I was also shown how I had to learn many secrets of the universe as Enoch did and be trained by him just as Ps David had to be trained by Elijah. I was also shown how when Ps David turned 65 years of age that he would reach the fullness of his prophetic call. It is a humbling experience to know that just as the last revival in the Jewish dispensation will be led by Enoch and Elijah with the 144,000 Jewish people during the tribulation years, the last great revival for the church age which will close with the rapture has to be led by the Spirit of God that was once upon Enoch and Elijah and that before we were born, Ps David and myself were predestined to have that role in this last great revival together with many other faithful men and women of God who will be raised to the fivefold ministries. We would be the first to tell you that we both feel inadequate and greatly humbled and covet your prayers to fulfil our destinies and call. Nor are we any more special than the average Joe, we are merely clay vessels willing to let God have His Will in our lives. We do not understand everything of all that God is revealing but will do our best to study the written Word of God and obey the Holy Spirit to guide the next generation of fivefold ministries into this great revival. There will be great signs and wonders that will be manifested when the revival wave comes such as has not been seen on the earth or heaven above (1 Corinthians 2:9). Ps David met the apostle Paul in spirit and apostle Paul told him that this great last revival of the church will be the combination of all that God has done in the Old Testament and the New Testament in the manifestation of His glory and power and love. Jesus did not send His disciples one by one but two by two into the fields (Mark 6:7; Luke 10:1). In Ps David, I have found my twin ministry companion in the Lord; him functioning as a prophet and me as an apostle, together building the church of God in these last days (Ephesians 2:20; 3:5). We are, of course, not the only ones whom God will use in these end times for the work of the harvest needs millions of others to join together with us. All the revelations and training we are receiving will have to be passed on to the next generation of leaders who will be a part of the millions of fivefold ministers raised, trained, anointed and sent forth with great signs and wonders in proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ. The preparation for this revival still has two more years of phase 2 and 3 to be completed.

This revival had begun on February 9th 2012, when the glory of God came on Pergamos, which was under dominion of Satan for about three thousand years. When King David conquered Jerusalem (2 Samuel chapters 5 & 6) and subsequently discovered the place to build God’s temple (Deut. 12:11-14; 1 Chronicles 21:18-28; 2 Chronicles 3:1), the temple of God in Jerusalem became the manifested place of God’s name and glory on planet earth. Plus or minus a couple of hundred years or so after this great event, Satan tried to duplicate his own headquarters and succeeded at Pergamos which became his throne on earth (Revelations 2:13) or his coordinating headquarters. This remained so even when the church age began in the New Testament.

It is also very likely that it was the apostle Paul who directly or indirectly planted all these seven churches. Although Christ has destroyed all the works of the devil spiritually and legally (Hebrews 2:14; Colossians 2:15), we do not see all things under the dominion of Christ yet (Hebrews 2:8). One day all things will be under the power and dominion of Christ and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (1 Corinthians 15:23-28; Philippians 2:10, 11). On February 9th 2012, the throne of Satan on earth was removed and the glory of God came upon Pergamos after three days of fasting and prayer, with Ps David physically there and with me present in the spirit. One day during the great tribulation, the dominion of Satan in the skies above us will also be broken and he is cast forth and limited to the physical earth’s sphere (Revelation 12:7-10). The date of February 9th 2012 sets the beginning of this revival of the glorious church and the expansion of the kingdom of God on the earth. Just as in the Jewish tribulation years, where the four fallen angels bound at the river Euphrates will be released and judged (Revelation 9:14-15) with Enoch and Elijah together with the archangels playing a role in containing their influence at the time of their release; so will it also be that in the latter part of the church age (most likely around 2025-2026 – the coinciding cycle of my timeline of ten years and Ps David’s cycle of 13 years), two fallen angels presently bound in Siberia under snow and ice will be released. Their names are Seduction and Sorcery and they have been bound since the time of Enoch and kept there by an archangel of the Lord. Much evil and deception and false signs and wonders will be demonstrated such that God will raise the standard in His glorious church that we can confront their work with the power of the Holy Spirit with God’s signs and wonders (Isaiah 59:19 – they shall fear the name of the Lord in the west and His glory from the rising of the sun – East – when the enemy comes like a flood, the Lord shall raise up a standard against him). By then, Ps David and I would have moved into the fullness of our ministries at the age of 65. Remember that these fallen angels have been also responsible for the wickedness such that the flood of Noah was necessary to destroy all life on earth. If you think that you have seen evil and wickedness (which is already horrible) through all of recorded human history, you haven’t seen the real peak of it, yet! That is why God needs to raise the power and glory level of this last day revival of His glorious church to confront the greatness of evil that will be upon the earth. Since Feb 9th 2012, the rise of the glorious church has begun as we work alongside the many angels and archangels of God assigned to us together with the Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father.

During the trip to Madaba in August this year, Ps David saw thirty archangels from other worlds that are part of this Universe that God has made. They came to visit and asked the archangel with Ps David saying, “Is this it!!” They stayed throughout the time that we made the trip to Madaba and when they left, it was revealed to Ps David by the archangel with him that these angels from other worlds in the Universe also saw the glory of God on earth when it came down at Pergamos on February 9th 2012. To them, this was the beginning of the end of Satan’s dominion even in other worlds still unconquered back since the fall of one third of the angels of God in the Satanic rebellion (Revelation 12:4). For millions of years, they have managed to hold back and been victorious against Satan and the fallen angels but the elimination of every single fallen angel from fallen worlds have awaited the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to the planet earth, which was the stronghold of Satan himself. Once the whole planet earth is conquered back and the rule and reign of Christ established with Satan cast into the lake of fire, all the fallen worlds will also be reclaimed and it is the final finishing touch to the rebellion of Satan and the fallen angels. The coming of Christ and the establishment of the rule and reign of Christ and the church was the final move of God that all the angels have been waiting for!! So the endtime rise of the glorious church with the ultimate victory of Christ on earth is the beginning of the closing chapter of the cosmic rebellion! The answer we can give to the visiting archangels from other worlds is that ‘This is it!’, this is the beginning of the closing chapter to the rebellion of Satan and his elimination that they had looked forward to for millions of years!

Paul had a revelation of this mystery of Christ – the impact of the church of God on earth to all the spiritual heavens of the Universe. In Ephesians, he speaks of this mystery of Christ which was hidden from all the other ages since the beginning and creation of earth (Ephesians 3:4-9). The greatness of this mystery is how through His church, God was going to show to all the principalities and powers in the heavenly places the greatness of His power and wisdom in the church (Ephesians 3:9-10). We are all nothing and can do nothing without our Lord Jesus Christ but when we are a part of the bone of His bone and the flesh of His flesh –perfectly one in Him, we demonstrate the life and the power of Christ within us. The death and resurrection of Christ reverberate through the whole earth and the whole Universe of God (Philippians 2:10-11). The manifest conquest of this planet earth to Christ’s dominion starting on Feb 9th 2012 at Pergamos is now vibrating through the earth, gathering momentum power and glory as we walk through phase 2 and phases 3 proclaiming this event and building altars at strategic places on the earth. We are laying claim to the whole planet earth for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Like in all things spiritual where the natural seems nonchalant, on the first Christmas day when Christ was born, only a few people – some shepherds and wise men still far, far away – saw the glory of God. Yet the birth of Christ started the process of the redemption of the Adamic race and all fallen worlds which spiritual and physically took place 33 years after He was born – in His death and resurrection. In a similar way, in the heavenly records, on Feb 9th 2012, the beginning of the last revival of the glorious church (the sons of glory – Romans 8:19) has started the process of the grand finale of Satan’s elimination from earth, skies and down to the lake of fire with his fallen angels. All the Universe and the two thirds of angels who have held their place and positions in God have waited for this moment. Let us rise and build the foundations of this great and powerful revival. Already we have had visitations, directions and ministry from archangels Gabriel, Michael, and many others whom the Bible did not name (Uriel, Rakael, Raphael) and many others visiting and observing from the other parts of the Universe. This revival is so important that both the trainings that Ps David and I had received from all our many decades of ministry learning, training, studies and experiences from church history and men and women of God in our lifetimes and before our lifetimes is so insufficient that we need personal tutoring by Enoch and Elijah. We are literally trembling under the hand of the mighty God who has counted us worthy to receive such grace and be trained for this end time revival. Much as we have learnt and yet to learn more in these two years of phase 2 and 3, the anointing received in August at Madaba is already changing and manifesting in our personal lives in so many ways. I will be joining Ps David in open visions (thankfully without the lightning strike) and many others, too, whom we will be commissioned to train, for it is the time to work closer with the Holy Spirit, with our Lord Jesus Christ, with God our Father and with all His angels and archangels and Spirit beings assigned to us than ever before. We will be called to walk closely with God like the Bible people of old times and bring forth the greatness and the glory of God, His power, love and grace in signs and wonders to this present generation. What an awesome calling and may we all tremble at His word and learn to wait on Him in these last days (Isaiah 64:4; 66:1-2; 1 Corinthians 2:9-10).

Love in Christ,

Ps Peter Tan