New Testament Panorama – 22nd June 2012

Ps David and I had a three day fast in order to tap upon the New Testament Panorama via the ‘Cube Revelation.” The cube is something like a 6 dimensional access that Shamah (code name for the angel assigned) revealed to Ps David and gave him access to various dimensions of the Spirit realm including the OT and NT Bible stories (like a stored archive of data except that it is in real time). When the cube is mentioned in this panorama, it refers to the same thing. Also as we are unable to highlight in red, the comments of Shamah throughout this panorama, we have shown it as notes and highlighted in ‘italics.’ It had taken us three full days to put all these together. Be blessed by insights into the New Testament, especially where the Bible is silent. I have gone through this and ensured that every aspect of this revelation does not contradict the written word, which is still the only basis for doctrine and practice.

God bless, Ps Peter

Jesus and His Childhood

Jesus was fully aware of the Spirit even from small, that He was different. He had open vision. Many archangels came and go (Michael, Gabriel, Shamah, Raphael, and many, many other angels came and went). The three general angels were always with Him. Mary was always telling Him stories and Joseph was more involved with his responsibilities and life. Joseph knew that it was primarily Mary and Jesus who had a special relationship. Some of the distinctive things that Mary told Jesus about was how He came through the Holy Spirit without human relationships and how the angel Gabriel appeared to Him; that He was born through the power of the Holy Spirit. Once in a while, Mary would have open vision and Mary would point out to Jesus the angel Gabriel who appeared to her. Because Christ was born through the Holy Spirit, Mary had the overflow of the Spirit and became wise and full of the Holy Spirit. She was always calm and nothing distracted her; she was always youthful all the time. She was about 5’6” to 5’7”. Before she met Gabriel, she was slightly chubby and after she met Gabriel she became more youthful, pure and radiant; she had dark hair, small ears, sharp black eyes, fair skin, and a small mouth.  Her character is such that she would pause before answering any questions and always carried herself like one who is high born.

Joseph was taller than her about 6’; he was slim and had long fingers. His face was not the smiley type but more stern looking and a trustworthy man and darker than Mary with brownish skin. When Jesus was young, it was Mary that taught Him the Bible stories but when He could read, He was reading and learning from the temple. It was Joseph who taught Him to read and write. Whenever Mary tell Him any Bible story or when He read, Jesus tapped into the cube and could talk to the Old Testament prophets since He had open vision. In the temple incident in the Bible, it showed what Jesus regularly did and not just one time. In Nazareth, he would spend most of His time in the synagogue reading and learning. It was when He was a teenager that He spent less time in the synagogue and helped Joseph in carpentry. Jesus from young did not eat much; when He was in the synagogue He would sometimes just have some water. Jesus grew to be about 5’9”, tall and slim. His eyes were piercing eyes; it looks black but when you go near it is very dark brown. His eye pupils are always big and are never dull, always bright. His nose is slim and sharp. His mouth looked like Mary with medium thin lips, slightly wider than Mary but not thick lips. He had oval face with a slightly pointed chin. He had a reasonably medium length neck, with medium length ears with small ear lopes. He was fair like Mary and just slightly darker than her. In the spirit realm, He was always shinning like the sun and radiant. The angels are always bowing and worshipping Him. All through His childhood life, He was completely aware of the Spiritual realm, His destiny, all things in life and nature, etc.

Jesus in His teens and in His twenties

He did make some trips out before He was thirty. The four archangels were always following him. Gabriel and Michael would usually go ahead; Shamah and Raphael would always be with Jesus. His first trip out was in all the boundaries of Israel, places where the prophets and men of God had functioned. He went all the way north and then all the way south and it was like a survey trip. He did not reveal who He was and was praying and preparing the spiritual atmosphere. Every place in His ministry later, He had already surveyed and prayed over before during these preliminary trips. His first trip was nearly two years. During His first trip, Joseph died (Jesus was around 24 or 25 years old). Jesus came back and rested for about six months before He set out for His second trip. The second trip was about two and half years. He organized and delegated all the functions in His family; settling all things in His family home. During all His trips, Jesus supported Himself by working in carpentry repairs (eg. doors, hinges, walls, building tables, etc.). Sometimes Shamah and Gabriel would tell Jesus which house to go to for repairs or which person needs repair work.  He did not work for money but just for food and at some places for accommodation and food. (Ps David suddenly remembered that more than six years ago, from this time of writing, that he had a dream while in Laos, that he was talking to someone – me – about Jesus life and ministry around the table in his apartment with an open Bible. Today, this dream came to pass; it was déjà vu). Jesus built one altar to the Lord in mount Carmel as He travelled west from Nazareth and then upwards towards Tyre and Sidon praying. Each time He built an altar, all the angels were there and a heavenly light shone on Him and the altar.

Jesus carried His carpentry tools during His trip. He usually had a strap leather bag which contains a shawl, towel and one spare garment. His tool bag was a sling leather bag, which opened as a flap with tools in its slot; the tools were one small chisel and one large chisel, a hammer, a mallet, an awl, some pegs and two clamps and a rag.

Note: As David was observing Jesus preparing for His first trip, Shamah spoke and said, “Before the ministry, there is always the preparation.”

John the Baptist started his ministry very early (look like 17 or late teens). John had dark brown skin and was about 5’6” and had thick eyebrows with fiery eyes. His eyebrows were like in a V shape and he had thick beard and was a very hairy person. He was very stout and very loud, bare footed, walked and talked fast. Being a Nazarite, at times, he would use a natural vine ropes to tie his hair. His fingers were medium length and strong. Jesus and John had met each other one or two times as children and John the Baptist was like one of those who cannot sit still and ran around while Jesus was the studious and quiet type.

Jesus had also a look at John the Baptist’s ministry incognito during his second trip out. Jesus ate little and travel light throughout all His trips. Jesus visited all His future disciples incognito during His second trip without them knowing who He was. In one of His visits to Matthew, Jesus had impressed him to be righteous and not to collect any other taxes unrighteously. (Jesus sort of reminded him that he was a Jew and should not take more than he should collect for the sake of righteousness). He had some acquaintances and encounters with all His disciples even before He started His ministry although all of them might not remember Him. Matthew, Peter and John were among those who remembered meeting Him before His ministry started. This was because Jesus had spent more time with them. Jesus had loved them and look at them even before they knew who He was. Jesus knows all their strengths and weaknesses even before they knew Him. In His second trip, Jesus built altars at Gilgal, Bethel, Mizpah and Ramah (angels were also involved in all these).

Note: As David was observing Jesus built the altars, Shamah spoke and said, “The anointing comes during the preparation.”

This second trip took nearly two and half years and was very intense. His first trip was made when He was about 24 years old, and His second trip was when He was about 26 years old. He was about twenty-eight and a half years old when He returned to Nazareth. During His remaining one and half years, Jesus made a third trip in the Spirit to many places, across deserts, cities, etc. He then settled all His family affairs and at the age of thirty left for the ministry.

Note: When Jesus came back from His second trip and was handling His affairs and came to His mother and was preparing Himself for the ministry at the age of 30, Shamah spoke saying, “As you start in the ministry, let there be peace to those you leave behind.” (Like Moses taking one year after the burning bush vision).

Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

When Jesus left for the ministry, He did not carry any bags but just walked out into the ministry with only the clothes on His back. The supernatural power of God was on Jesus such that the clothes He wore did not grow old nor did it get dirty. Jesus did not approach John the Baptist during His earlier survey trips but John noticed Him from afar because Jesus was very bright in the Spirit. When Jesus approached John for baptism, there was a moment of recognition and John wept and knew that the time had come.  After the conversations as were recorded in the gospel, John baptized Jesus. Jesus’ baptism was not like others where John would put them into the water. John stood there with his hands raised and Jesus put Himself down into the water and came out in John’s sight. There were many angels, archangels, spirit beings who were watching. Before the baptism Jesus always had the Spirit beings of wisdom and knowledge with Him but after the baptism, the Spirit beings of powers and authorities remained with Him. The glory of God was always on Jesus.  Immediately after the water baptism, Jesus did not talk to anyone but immediately went into the wilderness. In the wilderness temptation, it was the only time that none of the angels or spirit beings followed Jesus. Jesus was on His own facing the devil; the human side of Jesus was tested for forty days and nights. The devil came to him as a beautiful archangel manifested as a physical handsome man, like a prince with all the adornments. He had something that look like a crown and was not bound by physical laws. The forty days temptation was all in the spirit and His physical body was in one place praying (like Moses praying for forty days after he broke the tablet). At the end of the forty days, the devil manifested in the flesh and tempted Jesus physically. When Jesus resisted the temptations and Satan failed, all the archangels and spirit beings appeared and Satan disappeared and fled. At that time, in spiritual vision there was like a falling star that symbolized the fall of Satan.

After the wilderness temptation, Jesus went back to Nazareth for a short time; saw His mother and family a while. When Jesus came from the wilderness, some of John the Baptist’s disciples started following Him and He was teaching and doing some works. His first teachings were about the three points of His temptation. From Nazareth, He travelled to all the places where His disciples were and started calling them while preaching, healing and teaching everywhere.  Everywhere He went, Jesus did not have to work because people would provide food and accommodation for Him, many times impressed by the angels to do so.  Many people who gave to Jesus also gave to Mary and her family. Some of the brothers of Jesus were taking turns to follow Jesus from afar. Jesus primarily concentrated on His twelve apostles.

Some of the Twelve apostles and disciples

Matthew was a tax collector, He was slim, scholarly looking and quite a tall person about the height of Jesus. (If he had specs, he would look like a teacher or professor). Given his demeanour, it is almost a surprise that he was a tax collector. His head does not look up when he talked but with his head slightly down.

Peter was rugged, loud voice and square jaw, impulsive. Most people talk with their eyes but Peter would just speak out. He was a very confident person and good with his hands. He had the charisma of taking lead and would not hesitate at making decisions, and was about the height of Jesus and very muscular. His favourite garment style was to bind the ends of His robes to His waist like a labourer.  He always carried his knife with him, possibly from his fisherman days. He was one of the disciples who also ate very fast while John would eat slowly and kept glancing at Jesus.

John was muscular but had a young refine face and about an inch shorter than Peter. He was always dreamy. He was always inquisitive about Jesus; for example, when Jesus went to pray by Himself, John would find an excuse and follow Jesus from afar and see what He was doing. Jesus knew about it but did not rebuke John, He rather encouraged it. It was through his inquisitive nature that John developed spiritual insight and sometimes had open vision to see Jesus and His angels with Him. Of all the disciples, it was John who seemed to really believe all that Jesus said; it was when Jesus said that He was going to die, that John felt sad and leaned on Jesus bosom.

Note: when David was looking at John and observing his character, a voice spoke and said,” Let your heart be as pure to seek the Lord Jesus Christ.”

James the brother of John was also tall but not as slim as Jesus. He had strong arms but of a quiet nature (opposite from Peter) but not as quiet as John.  He and Peter always had disagreement and tensions between them. His features were like Peter and had a square jaw but Peter had the charisma of leadership. John was not a confrontational person and avoided the tensions between Peter and James. Peter and James were loud snorers and can sleep anywhere while John has to prepare his place to sleep. Jesus never snored at all and many times slept with his body slightly tilted to the side with one hand supporting his head and John would usually be near His feet. John was always following Jesus like Joshua following Moses.

Thomas was like Matthew, not scholarly but a person who wants to know what is right and wrong. He was a focus and determined person; a realist and no nonsense person. He is not talkative but was more of an observer. He was about 5’7”.

Judas was a person who likes to hang around those who are powerful and anyone who is a leader of position. He had shifty and sneaky eyes. He is always the one to go out and buy things and would hang around and talk with people as he was handling all the money and procrastinate to his advantage. He had a slight hunch to his style and was about 5’7”. He made use of people and would be taking credit for what others had done of which he did little. He basically is the type who wants attention, recognition and face. Judas always find excuses to go somewhere to do things and was never really close to Jesus but a man pleaser who finds his way to the top. There was a certain dislike of the disciples to Judas but they accepted him because Jesus had also called him. Judas would be self-serving and while Jesus and His disciples would sleep in any place provided by people, Judas would look for his own more comfortable place; amongst people he had come to know and ask for hospitality.

Nathaniel was something like a Gideon character. When he was under the olive tree, he was actually picking olives – not an idle man like Judas. In His early trips, Jesus did converse with Nathaniel but Nathaniel did not remember Jesus. In his first meeting with Nathaniel while in his twenties in his survey trip, Jesus asked Nathaniel whether the olives were ripe and had small conversation with him. Also when Jesus started His ministry and encountered Nathaniel in John chapter 1, He did not look like in His twenties when He first met Nathaniel.

Nicodemus was a tall man about 5’11” and very fatherly looking. He was cleanly dressed and neat. He could be loud but he does not speak loudly at all.

Jesus’ ministry

When Jesus walked and moved to any place, there was always the four archangels with Him; Gabriel and Michael always go ahead of Him and Shamah and Raphael would always be with Jesus. The two Spirit being who brought healing and miracles in Jesus ministry came to Jesus and remained with Him from the miracle of Cana – turning water into wine. A third Spirit being who controls the power of Jesus voice being spread evenly throughout the crowd only appeared as and when there was a crowd.

Jesus when He was on the mountain praying all night early in His ministry (Luke 6), Jesus had actually received all the things and gist of His ministry from the Holy Spirit in visions and impartations. He knew everything in which He was to do throughout His whole ministry. His first phase was based from Capernaum. Jesus was always an early riser (about 4am) and go to prayer. He doesn’t need much food or sleep because of the energy of the Spirit. He would talk right into the night by candle light and get up early to pray. His devotional life was primarily in silent prayer and meditation. During ministry time, all His free time was mainly spent in meditation and prayer. There were a few times when He was giving instruction to angels. The main four archangels Michael, Gabriel, Shamah, Raphael were always coming to Jesus.

When Jesus was teaching from Peter’s boat, only Peter and John were in the boat with him. There was a spirit being who is hovering in the centre of the crowd ensuring that the voice of Jesus was clearly heard by all. Two Spirit beings were hovering at the edge of the crowd. This teaching started around the middle of the day and lasted a few hours. At the end of the sermon, one of the spirit being at the edge of the crowd came to the right side of the boat and caused the fish to come together. It was then that Peter was told to cast his net on the right side and caught more fish than he had ever seen in his life. The four archangels were always with Jesus.

At the Sermon on the Mount, all who came were healed. Jesus did not even have to specially pray for the healing but just the mere teaching of His Word brought healing to them. There was no need even for prayer for healing. A number of them did not realize they were healed and only when they had food and about to go home did they realize they were healed. There were many major healing of lame people, etc. No completely blind people were there but some of them with problems in one eye and other eye ailments were healed. Jesus was seating on a stone slightly jutted out of the side of a slope as He was teaching on the Sermon on the Mount. There was one spirit being in the centre so that whatever Jesus speak, the voice of Jesus was carried to all in the crowd who heard Jesus clearly (Perhaps the spirit being controlled the air, wind, etc.).  As Jesus was preaching two spirit beings were hovering at the two edges of the crowd and as Jesus finished, an atmosphere of spiritual light appeared and covered the people and they were all healed. All the demons fled in that atmosphere. The four archangels were with Jesus as He spoke and the other angels were stationed around the crowds. The Sermon on the Mount teaching was like a whole day from morning to evening event (Jesus took sips of water from time to time) and the healing manifestation came at the end of the day. The disciples were at the feet of Jesus listening but Judas was not there (probably excused himself to do some self-serving errands).

In the feeding of the five thousand, the small boy heard a voice (most likely an angel) told him to prepare the food (five loaves and two fishes – the fish was about seven inches long and the loaves were about six inches long). So the boy told his mother to prepare the meal and when the mother asked why, the boy said that he had to give to someone.  The mother packed it up for the boy using a cloth, tying the four ends and the boy took it along. The boy was about twelve years old and while holding the food and not knowing who to give the food to, he heard a voice told him to follow the crowd. As he followed the crowd which followed Jesus, when they stopped at a place where Jesus was teaching, he was constantly falling asleep during the sermon. But when they asked for food, he was able to give the food to Peter which resulted in the feeding of the five thousand. He heard a voice said to give the food to the man (Peter).

Note: There was three times when the little boy heard the voice: prepare some fish and bread; follow the people or crowd; now, give to this man. Shamah spoke and said,” When you hear the voice of the Lord, act on it.”

Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus were close friends. Mary Magdalene took it upon herself to serve Mary the mother of Jesus and that was how she was close to Jesus. The three women, Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna always ensured that Jesus and His disciples were well provided and taken care of. Many times when Jesus and His disciples have finished for the day, Jesus would sit down somewhere and teach them and explain many things to them every night; most of the time, it would be John who would have an unquenchable thirst to keep listening while the other apostles would be tired and go to sleep after a while. Matthew also was one of those who like to listen as long as possible but unlike John, he did not secretly kept looking and following Jesus. When they walked with Jesus, John will always be next to Jesus. Peter would sometimes be in front and sometimes in the back when something get his attention. He would sometimes be whispering to James behind talking as if he did not want Jesus to hear. They sometime tease John like ‘there goes the pet.’ Judas was not often with them but whenever he came, he always hanged around Peter and James (because they were like leaders of the group). Most of the time James would be walking at the back, among the last ones.

At Bethesda (John 5), the angel that was there had some sort of an assignment in that place. There is a cherubim assigned to the temple (still there over the west wailing wall today) and this particular angel might have an assignment related to the assignment of the cherubim and as he went to and fro from heaven, the leftover anointing healed the first person in the pool of Bethesda. He was not just there to stir the water.  Jesus went straight to the paralysed man and look for him in order to heal him.

In the raising of Lazarus, although he died, his spirit-soul was around and not allowed to go over. There was a spirit being (one of the two who followed Jesus) was around Lazarus body to preserve it and at the command Jesus, the spirit being resurrected the body and the spirit-soul of Lazarus went back into the body. During the stilling of the storm, the two spirit beings were waiting for His command and at His word, they release power and the storm was calmed. When Jesus was walking on the water, the two spirit beings were on His right and left and changed the molecule of the water to sustain His weight. The water became like a firm gel such that the feet went in a little bit like cushion but did not sink. The spirit beings were still next to Jesus when the command was given to Peter to walk on water. As Peter walked, he at first look to Jesus and walked, then he started looking at the waves. When he looked at his feet, he stopped and as doubts arose, the molecular changes of the water density to support him slowly lose its gel-like ability and he began to sink. He immediately called to Jesus and sank up to a foot in the water before Jesus reached him and held his hand. Judas was not around; he was always the absentee disciple, again having some excuse. All the apostles were looking at the event in awe. This was the only time that the apostle John seems to look with some envy or some emotional feeling of regret that he did not get to experience what Peter did. In Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Christ and being blessed by Jesus (Matthew 16), it was a conversation Jesus had at the side especially targeted at Peter and John was not around near enough to hear the conversation.

Note: As David was observing Peter walking on water, a voice spoke and said, “There is no fear in faith.”

The conclusion of Jesus’ ministry, crucifixion and resurrection

On the final journey to Jerusalem where Jesus was to be crucified, there were a lot of mixed emotions and some of them were planning and thinking what to do when they get to Jerusalem and He was crowned king while at the same time disturbed at Jesus words of His crucifixion. It was in that atmosphere that the disciples were vying for positions and Jesus had to teach them humility through a small child.

On the Mount of Transfiguration, it was like Moses in the glory of God, the glory that came into the temple, the brightness was so bright that the seraphim covered its face. Moses and Elijah looked like they have reverted to their youth and in full glory. Jesus countenance was radiant and because of the greatness of the glory, even His form seemed to be bigger in size. Peter, James and John saw the glory and had to close their eyes. They fell down and were afraid. The conversation that Jesus had in His glory was as like heaven had come down, and the disciples fell asleep because it was a long conversation and their eyes were closed all the time. Towards the end only were they woken up. When the voice spoke to Peter, “This is my beloved Son, Hear Him.” It felt like it was also to David observing the cube.

The Lord’s Supper was held in a room where there was no table. The room was about five by four metres with two windows and the height was about seven metres. The entrance was towards the edge of the wall on the left. As you enter the entrance, the first window was on the wall facing the entrance about half a metre from the floor. The first window was rectangular, about one metre above the floor, and half a metre in height by one metre width and more like an opening in the wall than an actual window that can be closed.  The second window (just an opening in the wall) was on the perpendicular wall (90°) from the wall with the first window (the right wall as you enter the room) and about two metres from the floor and half a metre from the left corner and about 30cm by 30cm. The first window was such that you could lean on it as a ledge and look outside.  They all sat on the floor with a cloth spread, with food on it, and they were sitting around leaning on the wall with some leaning on sheep skin thin cushions placed against the wall. There was a small roundish table (not completely round, more like a large section of a tree trunk) on the right corner of the room as you enter the room along the wall with the entrance. The floor was covered by a few pieces of brownish earthy coloured rugs, some light and some darker. There was a depression into the wall on the left side of the first window (flush with the window) about 20cm wide by30cm height which held an oil lamp (the oil lamp look like a small cup or pot). Another similar depression with an oil lamp was on the wall to the left of the second window (flush with the window) and about two metres above the floor and half a metre from the left edge of the wall. The room smelled nice because of the fragrance emitted by the oil lamps which also gave light.

The cups that were used were clay-coloured pottery cups and a clay-coloured pottery plate with unleaven bread on it. There were dates and nuts, olive oil which they dipped the bread into, some small mint seeds. The Passover lamb meat was brought in later by the host as they were talking, together with wine and water. Jesus was dressed in natural coloured linen (like natural cotton beige colour). Most of them were in these natural linen coloured robes and Peter, James and Thomas wore a more shorted robe with rough typed linen. Matthew was always the best dressed (naturally dressed better even than Jesus) and had better quality looking robes. Philip’s dressing, too, was of good quality. The oldest looking among them was Peter and James and the youngest looking were Andrew, Nathaniel and Thomas. The others look in-between.

Jesus was sitting on the wall immediately to the right (the same wall as the entrance). He was leaning on the wall with a small thin cushion behind him. The cushion was about 30cm by 30cm and 5cm thick. Jesus was sitting on the floor with his right foot raised, and his left foot folded in and his hands were placed on the raised right knee. John was leaning towards Jesus (but not on him). He had a thin cushion on the floor, and his right hand and elbow was on the pillow (the section of his whole forearm was on the pillow), with his two legs folded but the left leg was slightly raised; his left hand was on his right hand, which was on the pillow. John while leaning very close, almost touching Jesus, was very observant of everyone and everything going on in the room. Peter was sitting on the opposite wall (with the first window) facing Jesus in a squatting position, his rear end not touching the floor but supported by his legs (sometimes he would change to the sitting position and sat on the floor with both legs folded but left leg raised). James was sitting on Peter’s left side. And James the son of Alphaeus was to the left of James the brother of John. Jude was sitting to the left of James the son of Alphaeus in the corner. Immediately to the right of Peter was Philip and to the right of Philip in the other corner was Matthew. All these were sitting leaning towards the wall opposite Jesus and Matthew, like John, was always observing and listening intently to everyone. On the wall with second window (the wall on the right side of the room as you enter it) was Simon the Zealot near the left corner; on his left was Nathaniel also named Bartholomew with Andrew on his left.  Thomas was seated to the left of John next to the door. When Judas came in late, he squeezed himself between John and Jesus (it was like his habit and nature, trying to show his importance and his style of wanting to be with people of power and influence).

At the Lord’s Supper, Judas who had came in late and was also the first to leave. About five minutes after he came in, Jesus said, “One of you will betray me.” All of them were thinking and looking around and asking around. Peter then asked John to ask Jesus who it is. Then Judas turned to Jesus and asked, “Is it I?” Even before Judas came in, he was already negotiating with the high priest. It was then that Jesus said, to whomever he gave the piece of bread which he dipped, and he gave it to Judas. Judas was always open to the demonic influence and when he came back from negotiating with the high priest, there was a demon clinging to his back. After he took the piece of bread, the demon entered him and possessed him. The demon seems to be like a demon of murder and death. When he was under the influence of demons, it was a different demon but this demon that possessed him was totally different.

In the arrest of Jesus at Gethsemane, there was a host of angels with Jesus and there was a horde of demons that accompany Judas and the temple soldiers. It was Gabriel who strengthened Jesus in Gethsemane.  It was a confrontation between light and darkness.  The demon (one of the rulers of the darkness of this age, with power to possess people) which had possessed Judas, had led the dark hordes against Jesus. When Jesus said, “I am He”, all the demons fell and the humans also fell. Peter followed Jesus from afar and it was necessary for Peter to have the last test of denial of Jesus. Peter was shaken because Christ was arrested and going to die and was no more his brave self. The angels and spirit beings were above watching the scene that took place but still giving Jesus protection until His crucifixion. There were demon hordes of darkness whispering to the high priest and people around, entering some people, and amongst the crowds. When Peter denied Jesus the third time, Jesus’s eyes met his and felt like an arrow pierce his heart and he fell, he cried and he ran out. He was falling and wailing and crying all the time. He was so sad that he could not walk properly. However, after this last test, he was changed man. He was no longer loud, his moments were slower and he became a more loving person.

Jesus death on the cross was cosmic. Many, many more spirit beings appeared and were watching the death of Jesus on the cross. And around the cross with the crowds were hordes of demons. The darkness that came between 12 noon and 3pm was like the plague of darkness over Egypt – like a dark mist. At the point where Jesus died, earthquakes took place as the spirit beings reacted to the release of energy by the Lord Jesus.  The universe was shaken as the vibrations of the energy released went through the galaxy. All the hordes of demons all fled. Suddenly everything was quiet and still. From Gethsemane, the hosts of heaven were following the steps of Jesus, right through the crucifixion, the death on the cross, the descent into Hades, and when Jesus rose from the dead, there was great celebration. It was Shamah who rolled the stone away. It was Gabriel who spoke to Mary Magdalene when she was looking for Jesus. The first resurrection of the Old Testament saints took place in great glory (Abraham and the saints) and the angels were present celebrating, as the saints went forth to heaven.

The forty days after Jesus’ resurrection

In the forty days after his resurrection, Jesus spent a lot of time teaching the apostles and many other people (1 Corinthians 15:1-6). Parts of it were in Galilee teaching on the Mount where he taught the Sermon on the Mount. He appeared and disappeared and sometimes was there incognito travelling around the same places which He travelled to during his first and second trip in his twenties. The angels were always with Him and He was always talking with them. He also visited many of His future disciples (without them seeing or knowing Him), and among those visited were Paul, Silas, Stephen. Paul had not come to Jesus yet but Silas and Stephen might have known about Jesus. These were also those who suffered for Jesus in their later lives. Jesus travelled in spirit to particular sites around the world visiting all the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth without them knowing. Some places significant to His second coming and return. These are some of the things that Jesus did during his forty days after His resurrection. In vision form, Jesus glory was like a translucent type of brightness different from pre-resurrection. The light that shine from Him was always like the sun all through His life but the glory was flowing translucent-like after His resurrection. After His crucifixion and resurrection, there was a change in the all the angels that were with Jesus, including all the four archangels who followed Jesus. It was like a new level of wisdom, understanding, radiance, knowledge, etc. that came upon all the hosts of heaven including the archangels that were still following Jesus around during His forty days.

When Jesus ascended and the apostles were looking at the sky where He disappeared, it was Gabriel who told them that Jesus will come back in like manner (Acts 1:11). In the Spirit realm, the angels and archangels continue their work but there was no assignment of the angels to any particular person as the dispensation of the Holy Spirit had come.

The group of angels called ‘arche’ which we classify as Watchers or Elders (Daniel 4:13; Revelation 5:8 – the twenty-four elders) (the first rank of the third category of angels involved in works – categories, are presence, governments, works of God), were present at the birth, transfiguration, crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There were always recording down things in the Spirit. They were also present in Jesus’ trips in His twenties. They were present during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They have humanoid forms, as when they talk with John in the book of Revelations, but in their full glory it would seem that they have many eyes. This phenomenon of many eyes (both in the creatures around the throne – the ‘zoa’ of the first category) and these ‘arche’ are caused by the super rapid moments in the spiritual dimension and to the beholder it looks like multiple faces and multiple eyes.

The Acts of the Apostles

In the upper room, the apostles were there with Mary the mother of Jesus and the other women.  Luke the physician was also there. It is not certain when he started following Jesus but when Jesus was in Zachaeus’ house, Luke was there following Jesus. Occasionally, he was seen travelling with Jesus and was there watching the trial of Jesus. He looks like the same age as Peter but could have been older. He would always look at plants, herbs and flowers as they travelled, taking them and rubbing them in his hands and smelling them. In the markets, he would always look at plants and herbs. Luke was inquisitive and would always be lost in his thoughts. Other than mysteries, it looks like his hobby is looking into things and he was a very cheerful person. He was about the height of Paul about 5’5”. As a physician he was more a herbalist, always looking into plants and various cures and smells. Peter was the leader and he had gone through brokenness after his denial of Jesus, gone through confusion after Jesus resurrection, and then became a transformed and changed man after John 21. He no longer carried his knife; his dressing became more like a full length robe and no more the half rough robes he used to wear. He also became best friends with John and no longer teased him.

Mary the mother of Jesus was the main driver and leader in the upper room, together with Peter who was beginning to learn to take leadership in the church. There was already the presence of the Holy Spirit in the upper room and He was waiting for everyone to be in the right condition to manifest as in the outpouring. There were angels surrounding the whole house. During the ten days, some were resting, others praying, some talking but all waiting on the Lord. The angels that were there were also very curious, having heard Jesus’ instruction to the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit.

Note: In the upper room, Shamah told David, Observe, the leader must always take the lead in prayer and to give instruction. (Each time Shamah spoke, he would turn to Ps David and speak).

When the lot was cast for Mattias, there was a spirit being, white golden light, working causing Mattias to be chosen in the lot. He appeared much earlier and influenced the casting of lot to achieve God’s perfect Will. When the mighty wind came to the upper room, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was upon the whole city (even the animals were quiet). Many, many balls of fire came down from heaven and were visible to everyone in the city, and the wind was heard throughout the whole city. This phenomenon was also what drew the people to the house with the upper room. All the archangels appeared to witness this powerful event.  When Peter stood up to preached, his countenance was radiant and there was a spirit being, who appeared above the crowds (the spirit being with Jesus who controlled the ability of the voice to reach multitudes simultaneously), to ensure that all heard the word. Peter was standing from the upper room roof top and preaching to the crowds. As per the Bible, multitudes were convicted and converted.

In the healing of the lame man in Acts 3, as Peter and John was walking, a spirit being was with them, and when Peter pulled the lame man up, he held his upper forearm close to his elbow and lifted him up, bringing healing to him. John was now close to Peter and followed him the way he used to follow Jesus. The spirit being now followed Peter, as he was the leader of the church appointed by Jesus. Their lives were now in tune with the Holy Spirit and through the power of the Holy Spirit. In their prayer in Acts 4, it was from the spiritual dimension of the power of the Holy Spirit that the place was shaken. The power of the Holy Spirit was so great that the place was shaken.

In the case of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5), an evil spirit of covetousness had controlled their hearts and mind. This evil spirit influenced Sapphira first and when she suggested the idea to Ananias and he went along and became influence. When Ananias went in to where Peter was, the evil spirit waited outside and did not go in. When Ananias died, the evil spirit went to Sapphira. When she went in to Peter and drop dead, the evil spirit had a glee on its face (it succeeded in taking their lives) and went off. This evil spirit had a humanoid face that look like a bird-shaped face – the lower jaw sharp like a bird, the fingers and feet like claws and hand a hunch back. Ananias and Sapphira were not the richest among the disciples but they wanted the recognition.

Note: In the case of Ananias and Sapphira, Shamah said Observe, discern the heart of man and not by what they give.

The church grew in power and spirit beings now followed the apostles and in the healing through Peter’s shadow, the spirit being increased in radiance and literally, the shadow of Peter healed all who came. The whole church grew in power and the spirit beings accompanied the apostles and many leaders and disciples to bring great signs and wonders. It was a powerful and victorious time. The church grew in numbers which led to the selection of the seven deacons. Stephen also had a spirit being followed him and did miracles; the cube also opened to him briefly. During the persecution that arose, many disciples were scattered. Not as many prayer meetings, fellowship meetings, etc. were conducted as many were fearful and in hiding. The power of the church slowly waned in the lack of prayer. The apostles also moved on to their own calling and some left. Peter changed and became a bit more of his old self. John seeing the change in Peter, slowly parted ways with him.

Note: When the spirit beings came to the apostles and disciples, Shamah said, Observe the Spirit is given without partiality. While observing, David saw that the Spirit (working through spirit beings) was given both impartially and generously. (Given to everyone, and not just the apostles).

Note: When the persecution arose and the disciples were being scattered, Shamah said, Observe, fear disunites.

When Paul was persecuting the church during the great persecution that arose from Stephen, he thought he was sincerely serving God (Acts 22:3) (but sincerely wrong). He had an anointing to be a leader and at that time had a core group of about 30 people following him. At Paul’s Damascus road experience with Jesus, the archangels, the watchers and the presence of God was there. The glory of God was like the glory at the Mount of Transfiguration and Paul fell to the ground. Paul was a driven man walked very fast. As he walked, he felt something; the archangels appeared first, then the watchers but Paul did not see them. As he felt something and slowed down while walking, the light of Jesus came upon him and he was immediately blinded and he felled down. Nearly about 60 people were with Paul and they heard sounds and felt something; they cowered in fear.  Paul was then speaking towards the light, which was Jesus manifesting. It was about the afternoon, and the conversation was about ten minutes in length. After that the glory and light of Jesus slowly withdrew and it took Paul and the others something to recover. Paul, being blinded, asked where everyone was (they were still cowering in fear), and Paul told them to take him to the city.

Note: Even when Paul was persecuting the church, Shamah said, Observe, Look at his spirit, he is destined to serve the Lord.

Paul was about 5’5” in height and had a scholarly look. He was stout looking and slightly chubby (but was slimed down after his Arabian sojourn of three years) but look very intelligent and intense, with piercing eyes; Paul had thick eyebrows, large ears, big hands, big mouth. He could be loud but was not. He had quite dark brown skin, an outdoor person.  He dressed well but he was more informal and comfortable without such. When he was persecuting people he was more dressed like a layman (he was cultured and knew what and when to dress accordingly). He walked and talked fast like Samuel and was as intense.

Ananias was taking an afternoon nap, when the Lord appeared to him and told him to go and pray for Paul. When Ananias came and prayed for him, Paul was fully committed and asked to be baptized. All of his former followers abandoned him. He was in Damascus for about six months, and while preaching in the synagogues, he also regularly visited Ananias. From Damascus (Acts 9:25), Paul took the same route as Jesus second trip in His twenties (included Jerusalem incognito) and went all the way to Mt Nebo and Medeba. It was when he was in Jerusalem incognito to the apostles that Jesus appeared to Paul (Acts 22:17-21). It was the archangel Shamah who led Paul to Medeba. Shamah also was like the main tutor of Paul as he grew to understand the spiritual realm. In total, Paul took several months to travel there and then spent about three years in Medeba and Mt Nebo region (Galatians 1:18). Paul was shown many things and entered the cube revelation throughout his three years. When he came back from this region, he went to Damascus, also to see Ananias. From Damascus he went to Jerusalem and tried to join the apostles and disciples (Acts 9:26). After his time in Medeba, there was a spirit being who followed. Paul by that time knew the calendar of his ministry and phases and he was willing to patiently wait on God. Paul worked during the three years doing repair jobs like Jesus and tent making to take care of his physical needs.

Note: When Paul went back to see Ananias after his three years in Medeba, Shamah said, See it is always right to honour those who have helped you.

Barnabas was a rich, prosperous and well to do disciple. He was very tolerant of people about 5’9” about medium built. He looked about 50 years old but could be older. He dresses well (something like Matthew) and was not a loud person. He had normal eyes and well-trimmed beard, normal ears, normal size nose and hands; he is scholarly looking, mild manner (but can be forceful as when he quarrelled with Paul). The apostles were slightly aloof with Paul but they received him because of Barnabas.  From Jerusalem, Paul went back to Tarsus, Cilicia (modern Turkey). Paul was preaching in his home town. Barnabas paid for Paul’s trip to Tarsus as Paul had exhausted his resources. When Barnabas went to Tarsus to ask Paul to join him in Antioch, it was Barnabas who sponsored Paul and took care of his needs.

After James the apostle was martyred in Acts 12, James the half-brother of Jesus began to take prominence. This James and Peter and other leaders began to try to help more in the synagogue to try to create good will between them (the church) and the Jewish leadership. This appeasement and wanting to be accepted by the Jewish synagogue was a compromise in the Spirit and was at its heart man-pleasing. The power in the church waned. Instead of reacting with more prayer against persecution like in Acts 4, this appeasement and man-pleasing lead to the decline of the church as a powerful force. From observation, it looks like a good political move but it was a bad move in the Spirit. The angels that were in the church could not be as active when the leaders of the church began to build the church more politically rather than spiritually.

The Antioch church and Paul’s missionary journeys

In the Antioch church, during the ministry meeting that took place (Acts 13:1-2) and as Paul and Barnabas was sent out, Shamah was assigned to be with Paul. His first journey, Paul was getting acquainted to the flow of the Spirit and the door to the Gentiles was wide open. In his second missionary journey, Paul had an impact in the planting of various churches. Besides planting the various churches in the book of Acts, Paul also was instrumental in the seven churches in Revelations being planted in his second missionary journey. By his third missionary journey, Paul reached out further and strengthened all the seven churches in the book of Revelations and was based from Ephesus.

Note: As the first missionary journey begin was about to begin, Shamah revealed to Ps David how Paul prepared his heart and his spirit; Shamah said, Observe see how Paul prepared himself and his spirit for this task.

During his first missionary journey, Paul was stoned (Acts 14:19). As Paul was preaching outdoors in Lystra, about five stones were thrown at Paul at first. One of the stones hit directly at his left eye. Another one of the stones cut his left ear and others hit his chest and shoulders. Immediately, many stones were also thrown and Paul blacked out and died. His sprit came out of his body and Shamah and the three generals were with his spirit remaining around the body. After his body was dragged out of the city and left there, his disciples came and as they shook Paul, his spirit came back into his body. The disciples then helped him (he was limping and struggling to walk). The next day, he was pulled by a sledge harnessed to a donkey out of the city to Derbe. He recovered quite quickly but still had some scars and his left eye took longer to heal.

During the missionary journeys of Paul and his companions, they travelled on foot through very hard terrain and sometimes to very cold regions (Galatia can be cold in winter). They did not eat much like Jesus. Although Paul was a serious man, he was very relax and jovial when he walked and talked with his companions during the missionary journeys. Paul had a habit of observing and looking at people and their spirits, possibly he had open vision and was constantly looking at the spiritual realm, before he started to talk or converse with people.

When Paul came back to Antioch and the Judaizers came trying to disrupt the church, Paul who could see in the spirit, was very stirred (almost boiling) against them and it was Barnabas who told Paul to keep his peace; and in the end, they all agreed to go to Jerusalem to resolve the issue (Acts 15). In the Jerusalem council, not only were the apostle and elders present but a number of angels were also gathered and were watching. The Judaizers had sought to go to places that Paul had travelled before and stirred the Gentiles towards Judaism. Paul was boiling and spoke against their activities and their false doctrine. The Jerusalem council took several days. There were two camps and after each meeting they reacted differently: on one side were James and his group who were constantly writing down, taking notes and discussing the issues; on the other side was Paul, Barnabas and the others who always spent their time praying rather than talking. There were no demons present, only angels, but the dissension was caused by flesh versus spirit. Those who were for the Judaizers were trying to please men and tried to be politically correct. Those like Paul wanted to move on into the new revelation of God and were willing to leave behind the Jewish traditions and ways.  The final agreement and settlement was more a peace settlement as it was obvious that the Spirit was moving through Paul and the new revelation concerning the Gentiles. James, Peter and all the other good upright people were at peace with the decision; but amongst them were a group who did not agree with the decision and it was from then that it was no longer a battle being flesh and spirit but they became more influenced by evil spirits to go against Paul.

Note: As Paul was stirred up and boiling over the Judaizers,  Barnabas calmed him down; Shamah said, Learn from this, in stressful situations find the man of peace.

After the Jerusalem council and returning to Antioch, Paul and Barnabas disagreed over Mark. The quarrel between Paul and Barnabas was because of their differences in character. It was a very heated argument and Paul did not want to take one who had deserted them. The quarrel had a great impact on Mark, for when he first left them, he thought that he was right but seeing two great men of God quarrel over him made an impact on him; he became more humbled after that. The reason why he left earlier was because he could not take the rough rigours of the missionary journey and his body could not take the strain and stress. Mark was a young man about in his early thirties. After the quarrel and two teams were formed, Paul and Barnabas hugged and prayed for each other; Barnabas cried. In those days, any parting could be the last because it was not easy to keep in touch with one another. Paul was softened and he also hugged Mark, and Mark cried. Barnabas, who had supported much of the first missionary journey, gave Paul some money before they left. The rest of the money for the second missionary came through Paul’s travelling companions and the churches they re-visited.

Silas was of a quiet nature and not a loud spoken man. He was slightly taller than Paul, about 5’8”. During his first missionary journey, there were about six people travelling along inclusive of Paul himself; in his second missionary journey about eight people, including Paul were travelling together. Timothy had a kindred spirit with Paul, which was why Paul asked him to come along with him. Timothy was around thirty years old and was about 5’7” in height and had a timid (We can call him Timidty) and quiet nature. When Paul laid hands on Timothy and prayed for him, the Spirit of God came upon Timothy.  He visited all the old places he preached to in his first journey but when he tried to go further north to Bithynia and Mysia. Paul would always access the cube revelation to understand about a place and God’s will before he made his journey (he always wanted to cover as many places as possible) and it was through the cube revelation that Paul knew that it was not God’s Will to go to those places. It was then that he waited in Troas and had the Macedonian call, which was also through a cube revelation. 

In Philippi, the group of woman were praying, Lydia being among the leaders of the women, and Paul preached and baptized them. Many times it was the women who were more receptive as the men tend to be focusing on their work. The demon possessed girl was a pretty girl who had many demons (with one key demon over them) and she was sustained by the evil spirits. The evil spirits in the girl were watching Paul from a distance. Because of the main demon in the girl paying attention to and watching Paul, a number of other evil spirits also began to pay attention to, and watched Paul, and Paul, being aware of the spiritual realm all the time, turned around and rebuked the demons and they all fled. The girl fell down like dead and her handlers carried her away.

When Paul and Silas were arrested and locked in prison, Shamah was always there to protect them to ensure that they never suffer beyond what they were able to or what God had appointed for them to suffer. The beatings were quite severe and blood flowed with each beating. Between Paul and Silas who were paying aloud, singing and praising God, Silas was the better singer as Paul could not carry a tune well. Paul and Silas had their own spirit beings following them all the time. In the prison, another spirit being appeared much earlier, and as they sang and praised the Lord, the power of the Lord was released and the chains around them experienced molecular changes and fell apart from their feet and hands. It was dark but Paul could see the jailer in the spirit and called out to him not to kill himself.

Note: While Silas and Paul were praying aloud and singing, praising God; Shamah said, Learn, prayer is always the key out of all situations. Immediately after Shamah spoke, the spiritual quake occurred.

In Thessalonica, the group of Jews who went against Paul were influenced by evil spirits and became physically abusive, and engaged evil men to go against Paul. As Paul left for Berea and leaving behind Silas and Timothy going forth to Athens, Paul was always discerning in the spirit the spiritual strongholds, the spiritual dimension of the places he went through. Paul was a prayerful man who would be praying all the time and this was what he was doing in Athens while waiting for Silas and Timothy. Although there were evil spirits in the temple, they knew who Paul was and stayed away from him. There was no much response from his preaching in Athens as the people were not open to God or the Holy Spirit.

In Corinth, the Lord appeared to Paul in His glory. Gabriel and Michael were also there with the Lord Jesus in that vision; and Shamah was manifested in glory. The watchers also appeared high above Jesus in the vision.  From that point onwards, there was also a specific direction in which Paul had a dateline and schedule given to complete his ministry. Paul began to do more writing and gave many instructions to his disciples on various things to do and complete. It was in Corinth that he started writing epistles and his first epistle was to the Thessalonians. There was a realization in Paul that his time was limited and he was putting down in writing the things that he had been teaching.

Note: At this point Shamah turned to Pastor David and said, In all your spiritual experiences, teach and impart to faithful men and women.

Aquila and Priscilla were very rich and they were like the major distributor of tents. In every city and town, they were like the main suppliers of tents. When Paul was tent making with them, it was not so much like he needed the money but it was more because when Paul took a break from the ministry he wanted to do something while he relax. He did earn some money but he blessed many people with whatever resources he had, especially to the many disciples whom he sent out. Aquila and Priscilla were like twins and very likeminded. Aquila was a tall man of about 5’9” and Priscilla was about 5’7”; they were very well dressed but not extravagant. Priscilla was a very street-smart rapid fire talker and Aquila was a quiet and gentle man. They travelled with Paul, who was on his way to Jerusalem, to Ephesus and they stayed behind there while Paul went on to Caesarea and then Jerusalem.

Note: As Paul was relaxing making tents, Shamah said, Learn, part of preparation is to be still and be at peace in the soul.

Apollos came to Ephesus and met Aquila and Priscilla there.  He was very about 5’8” and he had a lot of followers. Apollos was very learned and knew a lot of Jewish leaders. He was like a travelling teacher and was teaching in both synagogues and churches which Paul planted. In the Jerusalem council, Apollos was also there. The extra revelation that Aquila and Priscilla brought to Apollos was on the areas of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and all the works and gifts of the Holy Spirit. A spirit being of wisdom was with Aquila and Priscilla. Apollos was not prophetic but he had a group of people following him, amongst them were prophetic people.

Paul stayed a short while, visited Antioch church and then went through the churches he planted and set his roots for three years in Ephesus. Ephesus became the base in his third missionary journey and he went to all the various other churches including the seven churches. He was especially led by the Holy Spirit to target the seven churches in Revelations which he had helped to found; he seemed to know where to go through the cube revelation. In the Spirit, Paul knew that Pergamos was Satan’s throne (Revelations 2:13). The churches which Paul planted were mainly home churches, rented places and not actual church buildings, as the idea of churches having their own buildings came much later when Christianity had completely broken off from the Jewish link and the synagogues.

Note: At the height of the Ephesian church ministry, as Paul was training, delegating, sending people out, debriefing them; Shamah said, Observe, we must always train and delegate the work to others.

During the time of Paul, the church in Ephesus grew and it had caused a great peace to descend upon the whole city. There were many other spirit beings that manifested, who were with the other disciples doing the healing ministry of Christ. The revival in Ephesus was almost like a repeat of Acts 5, the peak of the Jerusalem church revival when signs and wonders took place, and many people contributed finances to help others and the church; similar things were happening in Ephesus and the whole atmosphere in the city was changed. By the time Paul left Ephesus, he knew he was not coming back again in his travelling ministry as before. He was set on Jerusalem.

A great major difference in the revivals that took place in Jerusalem and Ephesus and our modern world is the materialism and the many modern distractions to the mind and thoughts via entertainment, lifestyles, knowledge and activities. The people in those days lived simple lives.

In Philip’s house, Agabus came to prophesy over Paul. Agabus was ruggedly dressed, had a big mouth and fierce eyes. A group of prophets were always with him and were trained by him. There were many, many gifts and ministries not mentioned in the book of Acts but the Holy Spirit had filled lives and release many men and women of God during the church age in the book of Acts. Paul’s belt was like a leather robe that was tied around his waist. This leather robe worn around the waist over the robe was sometimes could used to tie to a pail and draw water from a well and many other uses where a rope is needed.

In Jerusalem, Paul was captured and imprisoned. While in prison, Paul was taken out to stand before the Sanhedrin council after which Jesus appeared to him (Acts 23:11). Paul had by now gone through the three missionary journeys, been successful among the Gentiles where he planted churches, and yet he was not truly accepted by the Jewish church and the Jewish people that had mobbed him and tried to kill him. In this environment, Jesus appeared to strengthen him and spoke of him going to Rome, also preparing him for martyrdom. When the threat of murdering Paul was informed to the commander of the Roman soldiers, Paul was moved to Caesarea and tried under Felix, who kept Paul for two years in prison (Acts 24:27). The angels of God together with Shamah continued protecting Paul.

Note: As the scenes of Paul’s persecution by the Jews unfolded, Shamah said, Know this, when we are persecuted, the Lord knows this and the Lord is with us.

After various trials under Festus (two years)and Agrippa, Paul was sent to Rome because of his appeal. During the trip Rome, a spirit being appeared and ensured that the 276 people in the boat were all preserved and kept afloat until they reached the island of Malta. After ministering to the inhabitants of the island, Paul was taken to Rome. While Paul was under house arrest in Rome (Acts 28:30), he continued teaching and preaching. In the meantime, the opposition of the Jews in Jerusalem (those who intended to kill him) continued and there was a lot of intrigue, bribery and political manoeuvres that succeeded in getting Paul sentenced to death. Paul by that time was ready and waiting to go home to be with the Lord (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

Note: As Paul was seen teaching, preaching, making disciples in the rented house, Shamah said, Listen, our work is only done on the day the Lord take us home.

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