Bible Panaroma – Noah to Daniel (Visions of Bible people) – May 2nd 2012

When Moses wrote the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible – Genesis to Deuteronomy), he did it by revelation as he did not lived during the time of Adam to Joseph. God showed him past events and he recorded them down. Paul also could record about the Lord’s Supper although he was converted only in Acts 9, which was some time after Jesus ascension and the planting of the church in Jerusalem (1 Corinthians 11:23). As a spiritual reward for going through all the seven churches to pray for the whole church of God on planet earth, our missionary pastor’s reward was a panaroma of Bible history (played like a video before him, except that it was inter-active) over seven days in Madabar. We will be teaching on this revelations and lessons to learn with consideration to the written Word of God during our allnight prayer. The following is an edited version of the panaroma from Noah to Daniel. The panaroma was also shown in order to help us relate to the angel of the Lord involved with all these Bible people and these same angels are now involved with us in orchestrating the end time revival and move of God. There were 16 specific instructions given by the Angel of the Lord to David when he was watching the panaroma (mark by #)

#0 Morning when David arrived in Madabar. That night, brought Missionary pastor David Lim out in spirit and The Angel of the Lord said, Come with me, I will reveal to you things for you to learn.


Noah was very fair, almost albino-like but not albino, had greenish eyes and about seven to eight feet tall. Most of the people in Noah’s time and prior were very tall; this includes the animal world, too, where the animals are much, much larger than the modern world. He had a gentle, trustworthy character and was constantly pleading with the people who came to help him build the ark, telling them to repent and turn to God. Noah was always cheerful and positive when he went about building the ark. His wife had very dark brown skin (almost Indian) and was a chatty woman of about six feet in height. She genuinely loved Noah and kept scolding the children, telling them that they should come and help their father. At first the three children of Noah did not help him in the building of the ark. In timeline, they were born about twenty years after God spoke to Noah to build the ark, and the visions given show them growing as teenagers in the early years of building the ark. Noah did not immediately begin building the ark but took time to digest and ponder through all the instructions of God. By the time he started, it took him nearly about 100 years to build the ark.

The Measurement of the Cubit and the dimensions of the Ark

In Genesis 6:15 in the Bible tells us the Ark’s dimensions were 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 in height. Taking a cubit as the rough measurement of the distance between roughly the length a man’s elbow outstretched to his fingertips, that would have made it at least 135 meters long by 22.5 meters wide by 13.5 meters high. That would be about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. The Encyclopaedia Britannica gives the cubit to be roughly 18 inches and the following are rough measurements of the cubic in ancient times:

Group Cubit Inch Mm
  Short Hebrew 17.5 445
Short Cubits Short Egyptian 17.6 447
  Common 18 457
  Babylonian royal 19.8 503
Long Cubits Long Hebrew 20.4 518
  Royal Egyptian 20.6 524
Extra Long Long Babylonian 24 610

The above are standard bible encyclopaedia and current modern knowledge of the cubit which is true since recorded history. However, before recorded history and pre-Noah, the cubit was of a different scale and measurement.  The ark was exactly 1350 metres long and 225 metres wide and 135 metres high. This would mean that the cubit in pre-Noah is around 4.5 metres per cubit. Our understanding of the cubit in Noah’s time is based on post-Noah, which is totally different. The door of the ark is about is about 7 metres wide and 10 metres high.

Before Noah could build the ark, he had to clear the land upon which he could build the ark. The cleared field where the ark was built was at least 5 kilometre by 3 kilometre and it took about three years to clear the area to build the ark.

 The ark had three levels and they were used as below:

Lower deck (about 40 metres high) – The lower deck was used for storage of food (mainly fruits and plants) and water. Noah’s family had their own water in large jugs and there was no cooking during their entire stay inside the ark. There were a dozen very large wells built in the lower deck for water storage for the animals and birds. These wells also acted as ballasts for the stability of the ark on the water. There was no ventilation in the lower deck and the coolness helped in preserving the fruits and plants. There were many platforms in the lower deck to store the fruits and plants. Organized by Noah’s wife!Below the lower deck was built a space where used water was collected, and the space extended throughout the bottom of the ark, about 3 metres height.

 Middle deck (about 40 metres high) – There were more than a dozen fenced areas to contain all the large animals in this deck. (Like a zoo would has.) There were trenches on both sides on the ark’s walls for the collection of waste and used water. These wastes were cleared out of the ark through some sort of ventilators. There were also a few platforms built in the middle deck.

 Upper deck (about 50 meters high) – There were more platforms built in the upper deck. And Noah and his family lived in one of the bigger platforms with a few compartments. There was no cooking during their stay inside the ark. And there was no drawing of water from the flood water as their get their water from the lower deck.

The window that Noah made on top is more like a trapdoor which was closed and shut tightly all the time except when the time came for him to release the dove. In the upper deck, there is place that housed the birds and creeping animals and insects. There are more varieties of birds and creeping things and insects than the large animals.

Many angels stayed with Noah’s family to help with the daily chores of taking care of the animals and birds.

Noah’s family

The angels taught Noah how to make the ark. The angels fabricated many sample tools, showed how to make furnaces, metallurgy, stones to sharpen tools, joints, and making the pitch to waterproof the ark. The plans were given but the compartments and internal drainage were taught by the angels; where to put the animals, etc.   At first his sons were not with him but through time they helped him build the ark. When Noah’s children were young, like all kids, they enjoyed life and spending time with their peers. They had the same mindset like all the rest of the young people. Noah was always patient with them. The angels assigned each son a specific work. It took them a few years as apprentices and to hone their skills but through time they became diligent and set their hearts and minds into the work. By the time the sons came in their own accord, the field was cleared for the ark to be built (it took nearly 3 years). Other than the servants of Noah and the angels, Noah was the only one clearing the field.

 Noah had to scout the terrain, under the guidance of the angels, to find the right land to build the ark. This was the first time that Noah was taught management and how to administrate the tasks. It was not haphazard for with the angels help, everyone was well coordinated. It was open vision for everyone at that time since Adam’s time and before the post-flood world when the spirit dimension was closed to natural men. The angels and spirit beings of the Spiritual World were visible to both spiritual and natural men. Unfortunately, this was also true of the evil dimension and fallen angels and evil spirits were teaching humans to do all the wicked things that pollute the earth and caused it to be destroyed. In the end, the place where they cleared the field eventually became like a small town. Hundreds of people were employed by Noah. His farm prospered and they were able to pay them from their prosperity. About 1 kilometre from the place of the ark, a new town grew up.

 Noah was albino fair, greenish eyes about seven or eight feet tall. Trustworthy, gentle, pleading was his character. His wife was dark brownish skin (almost Indian), and a chatty woman about six feet in height. She was all for Noah, loved him with genuine love, and kept scolding the children to come and help. She was quite a good organizer on the logistic part, taking care of all the storages and barter trade with the hundreds of people who were employed to build the Ark. Barter trade was the system of payment for money was not invented yet. She was generous making sure everyone got more than their share and there was a constant stream of people all the time throughout the one hundred years. Japheth was the fairest of the three sons like most Caucasians and had the aptitude of a quiet but hard worker. He was about seven and a half feet tall, half a foot taller than Shem who was about seven feet tall. Japheth was also the strongest physically of the three. Shem, the shortest at nearly seven feet tall, had a large forehead, and was the most talented, intelligent, and entrepreneurial amongst the three sons of Noah. He was a natural leader and was the main person influencing the three. His skin was slightly darker than Chinese, a bit Middle Eastern. Ham had the smallest head and was a few inches taller than Shem. He had brownish skin like the mother and was a very quick and receptive learner, picking things up fast and very good with his hands. Shem became like the project manager. Japheth was assigned to production of wood, cutting of joints, etc. Ham took care of the animals (he likes animals), taking care of them and playing with them. Japheth was with the workers assembly, etc. Shem was the overseer.

Japheth’s wife was almost to the height of Japheth; she was slightly taller, well-built and her skin colour was like Shem but slightly fairer. Shem’s wife was like a mirror image of him and slightly taller but lightly built. Ham’s wife was brownish and darker than him and also about the same height but slightly taller.

The society and animals in Noah’s time

The diligence that Noah put into the work over a hundred years was outstanding and he was cheerful all the time. Spirit beings from God, with great wisdom and intelligences, inspired and taught Noah where to get the resources. It was the first time pitch was invented. There was wood needed to be cut and cured and the early tools were axes but later the more significant tools came, after the curing of the wood, and the angels forged it out and demonstrated it to them. The angel showed them the first tools but it took time for them to learn from the angels. Noah was actually pleading with the people to give up sin and follow the Lord and warning them about the judgment of God. News was carried far away and people came like tourists to see what Noah was doing. Food was abundant in those days. They were also drinking milk and eating cheese products although animals were not consumed. Most of the opposition (including evil spirits and fallen angels) were far away and did not come near the place of the ark, except a few evil people who visit the site. Animal and human sacrifices were made and orchestrated by evil spirits and fallen angels. Beautiful women were given as human sacrifices after carnal relationship with them. These women willingly give themselves because of the powers and promise the fallen angels give them (having their seed in them, etc.). New batches of women came after the first batch of women was sacrificed. Some of the children from the women were also sacrificed. Towards the end when the ark was almost completed, Enoch did visit with Noah. He was so comfortable in the Spiritual World that he never came home. He was always moving about recording all that he was seeing in the spirit. Enoch has no blemish in his body and he looked like a man in perfect health and his body was radiant. He had a longish face and was tall, about 7 feet. It was noticed that his method of recording was by a perfect memory! In those days, there wasn’t any food that cannot be eaten; there was an abundance of fruits. There were many more types of goats and sheep and hairy bullocks for work and labour.

When the ark was ready, the angels brought the animals by boats and also by land. The spirits were calling out the animals and the angels brought them. The spirits commanded them and then angels took it from there. The animals also lived long lives. The original pigs were huge, as big as a cow, without tusks; their tails were quite long, and their ears a bit pointed with huge eyes. Their legs were a bit longer and huge to take their weight, they were not so hairy. Leopards were in between the cheetah and the leopards in size, slim but big. They had some sort of a snout (possibly for eating roots). All the animals were huge. The mice were like mountain rats, two feet long. The original horses were huge, hairy, strong and colourful (There were red ones besides brown ones). There were unicorns and they were smaller in size than the original horses.

There were some birds which were huge and large. The eagles were all bigger. Even humans were bigger size in those days. The animals did not all come at the same time but they came in batches; some came earlier and they were stored in some places made for them while the ark was being completed. The elephants were like mammoth but their skulls were huge and enormous with big eyes and ears. They were very intelligent. There were dogs and they were large and hairy like wolves, slightly smaller than the unicorn. The size of the unicorns was like the size of our present-day horses. The original horses were huge about seven or eight feet. There were hairy cows with huge horns; they were light beige in colour and without patches like today’s cows. Some even have beards. They were tall and huge; much bigger than present-day size horses. The size of the ark doors, 7 metres wide and 10 metres tall, were just nice for one elephant to walk through. Lions look the same except more hairy and as huge as the original cows in Noah’s time (the size of present-day horses). The evilness of men had not corrupted the animals yet. There was no hunting so the animals were gentle, docile and friendly.

The Ark and the Flood

As the Ark was completed, less and less people were working at the ark. Evil and wickedness increased in the society around them and it became boring for them to work on the Ark. The external structural work of the Ark was done in the first few decades, the rest of the many decade of years were spent constructing the internal three decks and the various compartments. The town that had grown up about a kilometre from the Ark had grown quite huge.  When the structure of the ark was completed many of the people left the town and only very few people lived in the town. By the time the animals started coming, the unbelief of the people was still present and many were mocking. Over the hundred years people have grown numb to the fact of the ark and its purpose. After the angels shut the door, people still did not believe. (It was the angels who lifted up the ramp and pushed the ramp into the ark before closing the doors.) The fear came to the people outside the Ark when they hear the rushing water from rain elsewhere. The angel in charge of the whole Ark was under The Angel of the Lord and thousands of angels were involved. There was storage of fruits and food for Noah, his family and the animals. There was drainage in the ark so that dirt and waste could be removed.

There were no nails; a lot of it was dower pins made from wood. Special tools to drill were used to make the holes for the pins. The beams were from tree trunks, and planks were like 10 cm thickness and some of the wood had to be cured and bent. Some took two years to cure. They used markers, different colours red, dark brown, black, white, greenish blue, for different things. Spirit beings relay their knowledge and instruction beaming brightly as they impart knowledge. Some of their communication looks like signs and Roman numerals; Noah’s wife also used the signs and numerals to allocate different things. The building of the ark was not just the ark but a creating of a new intelligence and culture to mankind.

During the time in the ark, Ham was getting restless. Japheth was quite diligent. Shem was still dreaming and thinking. Noah was praying all the time, communicating with God. Ham was the one taking care of the animals during this time; he had a certain affinity with the animals. Japheth was taking care of the repairs. Ham worked well with the angels as he had them to help in the animals, Japheth was quite aloof; Shem was always talking and discussing with the angels the new things. When the door of the ark was open, there was freshness in the air. The children were excited in the new world, Noah’s wife was busy organising things, and Noah became withdrawn and possibly depressed. Within six to eight months, he made wine and drank of it. Japheth dismantled part of the ark and used it for the house. Eventually they had to move from the area of the ark because of the cold and weather changes, plus they needed new farm land.

#1 (After the ark landed, The Angel of the Lord said “From now the spirit being will follow Shem”). Shem had open vision. The Spirit being also talked to Shem and said that he will follow Shem wherever he go. It was reddish golden type (light red wine colour). The same spirit being taught Noah how to build the ark. There were spirit beings in charge of teaching how to cure the wood, and others on joinery, etc. This same coloured light was also on Joseph.


The favour in Abraham’s life started even before he was born like all people of destinies. The angels were assigned to make sure he was born at the right place at the right time. By this time, the spiritual world had also been re-organized, it was no longer open vision and many other angels with new groupings were in play. Much more angelic activities are needed because without open vision, more angels need to be assigned to influence men. With open vision, it was easy for one angel to instruct many but with no open vision and, men being hard of hearing, it takes more angels to influence men. The desire of God for every man to be saved was already there and God was interested in restoring men back to God. Abraham seems to be a dreamer, always thoughtful and looking at the stars. He had open vision once in a while. When God spoke to Abraham, the angel bringing the message was The Angel of the Lord.

Abraham and his father had a very close relationship. When The Angel of the Lord spoke to Abraham, Abraham was wondering how to tell his father. He was already well off and had more than enough and it took him some time to convince his father. The father encouraged him and followed towards Canaan. It was the father who kept the family together. Abraham’s character was such that he did not want to impose and had a gracious attitude. After his father died, The Angel of the Lord spoke to him again to leave Haran for Canaan. Abraham has a glimpse of the promise and the future generations of his descendants. At one time, he brought Abraham to see into the future to see all his descendants. Abraham was also shown the beginning of the world at some point in his life.

#2 The Angel of the Lord spoke, “Observe how the spirit of Abraham was quicken with this vision! (I saw a change of countenance in Abraham’s face and especially in his eyes). Always pray into your visions. I will show you of more things to come.

 Abraham started the journey and from time to time The Angel of the Lord would reveal directions to him. As he arrived in Canaan, Abraham built an altar to the Lord. Even before Canaan, Abraham built and altar to the Lord everywhere he stopped. He built the most altars. Abraham was medium built and scholarly looking, with a dignified and kingly countenance, with gentleness. Not a soft spoken man but gentle with bright dark eyes, large ears and squarish shoulders; approximately six and a half feet. Sarah looked petite slightly less than six feet about five feet nine; long fingers and she dances for Abraham; sharp nose, strong character, middle eastern fair Indian type. Abraham was slightly darker middle eastern looking.

 Abraham in Egypt – Genesis 13

Before Egypt, Abraham was still learning the power of The Angel of the Lord and it was after Egypt that he had a healthy respect for The Angel of the Lord. It was in Egypt that a lot of substantial wealth came to Abraham. Abraham has a chance to look at the armies of Egypt and he observed and learned a lot from there. The Egyptian army was the most organized in those days. He saw how Pharaoh maintained his army. While all the other nations were not using the best weapons, the weaponry of the Egyptians were the best compared to all other nations at that time. The Calvary was what impressed Abraham; how it was organized as a fighting force. Sarah was quite resourceful and was a strong character and thinking about how to manage the situation in Egypt. It was Abraham’s idea to lie to Pharaoh. There were not many fair women in those days and it was when he saw the army and soldiers at the gate that Abraham feared for his life. He plotted with Sarah to lie about their relationship.

After Sarah was taken bubonic plague started and people started dying. Pharaoh had a dream that it was Abraham who brought the plague and confronted Abraham. Pharaoh was going to sacrifice and kill them to heal the plague. It was then that Abraham confessed and revealed that Sarah was his wife. The Angel of the Lord had revealed the name of God, El Shaddai, the second time when Abraham was called out to Canaan. In Egypt, Abraham confessed to Pharaoh his sin of lying. The Angel of the Lord had also revealed to Abraham that it was because of his sin that many people had died because of the plague and that Abraham was going to die unless he also confess. In total it was about three weeks that he was in Egypt. When confession was made before Pharaoh, and Abraham said that El Shaddai was punishing him for his sin. Pharaoh was disappointed and actually like Abraham, treated him as a brother, having openly welcomed him, realized that he was lied to, as he sent Abraham and Sarah away. After his Egyptian trip, Abraham started assigning his hundreds of servants to train at certain times and to learn fighting skills. When Abraham saw the army in Egypt, The Angel of the Lord told him to observe and learn. It was also The Angel of the Lord who told Abraham to go to Egypt.

Lot, Abraham’s nephew and meeting Melchizedek – Genesis 13-14

Lot was about 5ft 2in and his wife was taller by a head. His wife was a strong character. Lot was light brown and his wife was slightly darker but not as a dark brown as Noah’s wife. Lot’s wife was more manipulative than him, and Lot had a desire to be richer than his uncle. Lot was not so willing to depart so soon but things had turn sour, when the strife came between him and Abraham. Lot was only in pursuit of gain even to sacrificing his own daughter and family. His wife was already having ideas what to do. Abraham was always gracious, a quality that The Angel of the Lord like about Abraham, which led Abraham to give to them the first choice. Abraham was quite sad for Lot to go but allowed him to go. Both wives had strong character and the friction between them was carried to the herdsmen under them.

It was close to a year before Lot was captured in the local wars and Abraham heard news of his capture in the evening. He wanted to do something immediately but Sarah asked him to hold back. The next morning Abraham heard the voice of The Angel of the Lord to go, which was when he went forth. When he decided to go, Abraham was quite excited as he was able to test his army; when Sarah heard that he was going, she relented and supported him. Abraham had a calvary by that time and it was all calvary (318 people). Lot parted about six months after Egypt and was in Sodom for about a year, which means that Abraham had trained his calvary for about one and a half years. Abraham functioned like a king with armies in those days. Angels were also involved in helping the battle strengthening the calvary.

Melchizedek, most likely a disciple and a descendant of Shem, was a godly man who propagated the knowledge of God. Melchizedek had open vision and had spirit beings accompanying him. He knew Abraham was coming, having been given a vision, preparing the bread and the wine. The Angel of the Lord told him the place where Melchizedek was and to approach him. The connection in the spiritual dimension needed to be made between Shem’s line and Abraham; which was completed when Melchizedek blessed Abraham and laid hands on him. From thence Abraham was anointed and hands laid on him as a spiritual demarcation of receiving the kingly anointing that he has now progressed to. The Angel of the Lord manifested as a man to Abraham at that time, as it was also a turning point for Abraham and spiritual gifts were given to Abraham. There were about twenty people following Abraham of his servants witnessing and they saw only the natural men – Abraham with two priests (Melchizedek and The Angel of the Lord); there was a number of angels and spirit beings watching the event. Abraham brought garments, gold, food (no animal sacrifices) as gifts to Melchizedek. Melchizedek was a few inches shorter than Shem. The ears are the same but the chin of Melchizedek was jutted out. Melchizedek had longer neck than Shem. Shem had a rounded nose and Melchizedek had a more pointed nose. His shoulders are broad like Abraham while Shem’s was rounded. He looks around fifty but could be older because of his young looks. He had longish face and slightly fairer than Shem. He is a priest and presents a holy and detached aura.

#3 When Abraham gave tithes to Melchizedek, The Angel of the Lord said Observe, the Lord is pleased with what Abraham is doing. Always honour the Lord with your tithes.

 Abraham’s covenant with God – Genesis 15

After his encounter with Melchizedek, there was a change in Abraham. So Abraham was very resolved and did not accept anything from the king of Sodom. The king of Sodom was a rugged man, with the most lands above the other kings. His coming to Abraham was also scheming now that Abraham is powerful it is better to be his friend. It is also from that point that Abraham’s army grew with stragglers and others joining with Abraham. Less than a week after, God spoke in a vision to Abraham like a light talking to Abraham in a tongue, The Angel of the Lord was watching at the side. God’s voice woke him up and he started talking to the light of God shining upon Abraham. He followed the light outside the tent and showed him the stars. There was a lengthy talk that God had with Abraham and Sarah was observing the light talking with Abraham. It was like overwhelming to Abraham as God showed him the stars as his children. It was morning by the time the Lord had finished speaking with Abraham and the whole day, Abraham sat thinking about all the implications of the revelations. It was then that God spoke to him about the sacrifice to be made. The Angel of the Lord then revealed to Abraham the details of the sacrifice to be made. Abraham did it all by himself. When the Lord reveals himself, it was not just word but visual. Abraham in visions saw the future and then the fire of God came and consumed the sacrifice. The Angel of the Lord was involved in putting Abraham to sleep, he came close to Abraham and Abraham slept. Abraham saw the struggle, the imprisonment, the death, the pain of his future generations suffering.

Abraham and Isaac – Genesis 22

Abraham’s testing through offering Isaac, came about through several things that need testing. Abraham was tired of getting rich and expanding and was ready to hand it all to Isaac. Isaac was a very obedient son and it was also a test for him. By then, Isaac also knows that the father talks to God and The Angel of the Lord. Isaac was in control of much of the business and Abraham was laid back by this time. Isaac was fair but not as fair as his mother and taller than Abraham. Abraham did not tell anyone except Isaac and the servants who went with him. The Angel of the Lord was with him telling him all the directions to go. On the third day, when they saw the mountain and left the servants at the foothill, they proceeded  on their own. When The Angel of the Lord appeared and stopped the hand of Abraham at the last minute as he held the knife ready to plunge into Isaac, it was Isaac who noticed the moment in the bush and Abraham took a look and saw the ram. Abraham and Isaac came down re-energized from their experience with God on Mount Moriah. There was a reason for the place chosen, which was Calvary and also the temple mount, and a light continue to shine in that place until the temple was built and Christ died at Calvary. It was like spiritually, God consecrated the place for the future of His work. Abraham was changed and remembered his vision and had it in his spirit the rest of his life.

 #4 The Angel of the Lord said when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, Observe, From now the grace of God will flow to Isaac. There was a light that shone upon Isaac, when The Angel of the Lord said observe, it was white bright light.


 At Bethel, it was the first time Jacob encountered The Angel of the Lord. He saw the staircase to heaven and all the spiritual realms. It was a large expanse and Jacob was looking for a long time; almost the whole night. Esau was taller and plain looking man who can be a man of great fury like his grandfather. Jacob was scheming and smaller in size about six feet and a half. The Angel of the Lord assigned angels to Jacob when he went to Laban (all those in the line of God’s destiny have angels assigned to them). Laban had false gods and had a lot of demons in his house. He even had a spirit of divinity to tell fortune. Laban and Jacob were similar in character, both scheming, except Laban was aware of the demons he worshipped while Jacob was unaware of his angels. Jacob continued to have appearances of angels in dream or voices that teach him all the things to do. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Jacob a few times and intervened including warning Laban off Jacob. The large number of angels Jacob saw was a large group of angels (several hundred), and it was shown to him to reassure him. Jacob was wrestling with a spirit being throughout the night. He was tackling the spirit being and trying to bring the spirit being to the ground. Jacob had pent up frustrations and when he felt that he could contact and touch the spirit being, he used all his might to wrestle but the spirit being, being stronger, was playfully just avoiding his moves. Jacob had great persistence and was being slap at the side by the spirit being constantly until one time the slap at the side was so strong that his hip joint was affected. The spirit being had a blessing to give and wanted to see how persistent he could be. It was a crucial encounter and the turning point of Jacob’s life.


Rachel and Leah looked similar, fair Middle Eastern, Indian look. For Jacob’s children, Benjamin was fairer than the rest of his brothers, the others look ordinary. Joseph has a kingly countenance, dignified, like Abraham, fair but not as fair as his brother Benjamin. Joseph had an angel always looking after him. Joseph had three angels always guarding him and assigned to him after he was appointed by Pharaoh.

#5 When Joseph was being thrown into the pit, The Angel of the Lord said Look from here God is going to fulfil His purpose in Joseph’s life; and soon I will be assigning my angels to him. From that time the three angels were observing. One was with Joseph and two were observing. These are the three assigned to Moses.

 Although he suffered a lot, the three angels made sure that no physical harm happened to his body. Joseph always have the wisdom of the Spirit but when Joseph was promoted to serve in Pharaoh’s court, a fresh spirit being came to him and followed him all the time, especially when he was travelling and inspecting the harvest. This spirit being of wisdom came and manifested when Joseph was interpreting the dreams in prison. The storehouses he built were great engineering marvels and he had to create a route to transport the grain to the storehouses and also how to preserve them. He invented new ways of bunds, vents to prevent mould, different types of grains from the farms all over the place. Systems were delivered to organize the logistics of the enterprise.

During the time of Joseph, the old Pharaoh gave the choice lands.


When the new Pharaoh came, he took the Israelites away from their choice land cities and move them to places not as productive. The armies of Egypt came and without warning moved the Israelites. Succeeding Pharaohs began to impose more hardships finally making them slaves. The knowledge of God was not present and the Israelites started selling themselves as slaves as the land they were moved to was no longer fertile to farm for sustenance. The Angel of the Lord was withdrawn and not active except the preservation of lives that need to be preserved.

Moses took after the mother, the character of determination and resolve. She was a beautiful woman with light brown skin, six feet tall; Moses’ father was not as tall as his wife and the grace of God was on the father. From the birth of Moses, there were three angels assigned to him; one on horseback, the other two just hovering around and following along the banks of the river. Moses was a beautiful child, rosy cheeks and bright dark hair, and fair like the mother, sharp nose, wide mouth, big ears. When near the princess, it was one of the angels who pushed the baby Moses towards the princess. Mariam was far away but one of the angels prompted her to go near, and approach the princess to find a nurse, which ends up with the mother of Moses. When Moses was weaned, his mother did reveal his true identity but must remained the Pharaoh’s son to protect himself and all of them. The name Moses was the angel whispering to the princess to name him such.

Moses was skilled in all the Egyptian knowledge, a skilled tactician, a military man. He left his house permanently after he was weaned and was schooled fulltime but occasionally met up with his sister to pass some money to them. His character was a bold and fearless man. He saw the Israelites building all the time as slaves, and Moses was already questioning the reason for all the meaningless toil and labour. He knew the Hebrew condition and when he was in the army, he did see how the Hebrew conscripts were treated like second class citizens. One day he was free and when he was observing the Hebrews, he saw one ill-treated and he killed the Egyptian with one blow. There was also a stigma and everyone knew he was an adopted Hebrew into the royal house by the princess. He was shocked when the Hebrews asked him whether he was also going to kill them the next day. By that time, his princess mother had probably died. He grabbed a few things and then went off, heading towards the wilderness.

Moses in the wilderness

Moses had resigned himself to his wilderness life leaving his old life behind. Being an enterprising person, he took opportunity to help the distress shepherdess as he was resting by the well. Reul also being enterprising took the opportunity to let Moses stay and work with him. It was Zipporah who like Moses and after about six months they were married. Moses was training a lot of other servants that grew with the blessings he brought to Reul’s household fighting skills.

 #6 The Angel of the Lord spoke, Now it is time for Moses to fulfil the promise of God. Learn. (It was in this instance that David saw how The Angel of the Lord gave Moses the thought of where to lead his sheeps and goats to for that day).

 One day at the time of God’s revelation at the burning bush, Moses’ time had come. It was some time, almost half the day between the time Moses saw the burning bush and his approach to find out why it burn and was not burnt out. He carefully brought the cattle closer to the bush so he was within eyesight distance of his flock when he approached the bush alone. The Angel of the Lord was in the burning bush and spoke to Moses. After many years when Moses had become very meek, constantly leaning on his staff and thinking, Moses was bold when he heard the voice and approached. There was a sense of his destiny and it impressed on him all the stories he heard from his mother of the God of Abraham. Moses was trembling when he was told to take of his shoes. When he said who was he, Moses had already given up his old life and did not want to look back again. The old Pharaoh had died and at this time the Pharaoh was a young man in his forties and had a lot of exploits and victories that made him proud; the army was also huge with hundreds and thousands of soldiers and Cavalries. It was a long conversation at the burning bush, and by the time it finished it was very late. When he went home late that day, he kept all things to himself for a few days. After that The Angel of the Lord revealed himself in an open vision to Moses and reminded him to go back to Egypt. After this second time, Moses revealed this to his wife. The change in Moses’ countenance was obvious even from his first encounter. Zipporah was like the father, resourceful, and able to seize the moment. To her, she saw the call of God as a way out and she talk to the father to convince him and also to the children. She had long hair, slim, active eyes, nearly as tall as Moses and dark brown skin. Zipporah had memories of Moses as the prince of Egypt, and Moses only shared briefly of his encounter with God to her. Zipporah told Moses to leave it to her and she will tell her father on a feast day a month later (like a new moon celebration). The first reaction of Reul was ‘no way’ as Moses was the strong man now in his family. The father loved Zipporah and allowed her to go because Zipporah said that if things don’t work out they will return. It took Moses about a year to set all the affairs in order before he could leave and there was messenger communication to Aaron about all the latest occurrences.

Moses in Egypt

After his first encounter with Pharaoh and the results were not positive, he was almost blaming Aaron or trying to find where they went wrong. It was then that The Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses and told him that his task was difficult and that Pharaoh’s heart is hardened, and to press on. Aaron was quite a talker and was slightly shorter than Moses. Aaron was brown skin and had an ordinary look; Miriam was also a talker and quite talented, slightly less brown than Aaron and pretty.

During the second encounter with Pharaoh, there were more people in the courts. During the third time, Moses’ three angels manifested as humans. The first plague of blood, Aaron lifted up his rod and they could hear the reports from outside that water was turned into blood. The magicians of Egypt were able to manipulate the same sign through the fallen angels and spirit beings. There was a powerful spirit being that the Egyptians worshipped and conjure up his name in some archaic tongue which was non Egyptian. Each of the signs needed the rod to be lifted up for some hours before it came to pass. The frog plague needed the same time for the instant multiplication of frogs to come forth. The plague of lice was like a rippling effect from the place where the rod struck the ground. The fly plague and the livestock disease could be connected with one causing the other. The boils were on everyone including Pharaoh and he still did not give in. The hail was a big as a human fist. By the locust plague, Pharaoh had lost a lot – his food, his animals, etc. The plague of darkness was like a black mist that came and covered the land of Egypt except Goshen for three days. Each time the Lord spoke to Moses in between the plagues, in a light with a voice, The Angel of the Lord stood to watch, at the place of Moses parents where Aaron, his wife and family, Miriam and Moses old parents were staying together.

During the ten plague where the Passover was instituted, The Angel of the Lord and thousands of hosts of angels with drawn angels descended and executed the first born not protected by the blood. The details of the Passover were given by The Angel of the Lord to Moses. The rallying points for gathering the people to march out of Egypt were given by The Angel of the Lord to Moses. The pillar of cloud descended from heaven and led the Israelites out of Egypt. In the spiritual world, the march out was accompanied by the thousands of angels who descended to kill the firstborn. The pillar of cloud always moves about 500 meters above the Israelites.

At the Red Sea, Moses lifted up both his hands to part it and walked with both his hands lifted high through the dried parted sea, turned around and faced the Egyptians coming through. The Red Sea was a few kilometres long. After Moses turned around and faced the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud crossed over and Moses let down his hands. Even though it took almost the whole night to part the Red Sea with hands lifted up, it took only a few moments for the sea to close again destroying the thousands in Pharaoh’s armies. There were two powerful spirit beings who appeared to Moses and gave him instructions on the parting of the Red Sea. Their eyes were on Moses all the time, and when Moses put down his hands, they disappeared from the scene. Some spirit beings appear like light, some like a mist with light inside. These appear like two globes of light.

When God descended on the mountain to give the law, it was brightly lighted like fire. There is a sense of vibration and power that came from the brightness. Moses came out from Egypt as a prince to the wilderness bald (as was the fashion in Egypt) but after he married Zipporah, he grew his hair and beard. By the time God called him in the burning bush, he had white hair and there was an aura about him. When he came down from the mountain this time, he was radiant (almost transparent) like a spirit man.  When he came down to the people who were sinning, after disciplining them, he knelt down  a distance from the golden calf, which he destroyed, and did not move from the spot for forty days and forty nights.

#7 When Moses knelt down and prayed for 40 days, The Angel of the Lord said, See this is not a hard thing for him because he is now with the Lord.

After that he went up the second time to receive the commandments of God, and that is when he came down the second time with his face shining like the sun. This lasted for months and Moses could give instruction only through the veil. After it dissipated, whenever Moses speaks or shows his emotions, the light would come out. Moses had now an almost open vision and constantly commune with God eight hours a day, and he also received instructions from The Angel of the Lord on most of the things that God wanted him to function in (Exodus 23:20).

Miraim stirred up some trouble with Moses’ wife and was punished. Aaron who is slightly more weak in character just flowed with her. It was just the pride of Jewish purity that caused her to despise Moses’ wife.  The disappointment of the wilderness was that the people of God were still controlled by their natural appetites while having such a glorious display of God’s provision and power in their midst.

When Moses finished his ministry, he went to a place on the mountain and God took. The Angel of the Lord was sent to escort Moses to heaven.  The three angels with Moses went up with him and The Angel of the Lord.


Joshua was slim and slightly shorter than Moses. Joshua’s eyebrows were not so thick but he had very alert eyes. Moses hair length was down to his chest and Joshua about the same length but tied up.  Joshua had always had an angel with him and it was The Angel of the Lord who revealed himself to him as the commander of the Lord of hosts, with the three angels that were with Moses. The three angels seem to be like his generals. When Joshua knelt down, The Angel of the Lord prayed for him in angelic tongues and blessed him. When they crossed the Jordan, it was purely the power of the ark that parted the waters and they did it under the instructions given by The Angel of the Lord to Joshua.

In the march around Jericho, the ark was still the key. On the last day of the march (the seventh day), there was a light above the city of Jericho and after the seventh marched on that day, at the shout and blowing of trumpets, the walls turned to dust in a split second. Each day that they march, there was like spiritual authority released and the forces of darkness were crumbling. The angels with drawn swords, blowing horns, some banners, all were taking place as the Israelites walked round Jericho.

At Ai, the angels, without drawn swords, withheld stop short of the city, they did not go in with the Israelites to battle. The angels knew that God was not pleased and there was sin in the camp. The second time, after the Israelites repented, the angels with drawn swords went ahead into the city and caused fear. One of the General angels told Joshua to go forth.

#8 During the treaty with the Gibeonites, The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, always discern the heart of men and do not be deceived by the words and outlook of men.

 Before Joshua commanded the sun, a spirit being in the sky like a moon but brighter, golden bright (white in the centre with golden light all round) appeared almost half a day earlier. This command was likely initiated by the spirit and not by Joshua because it was their impressions on Joshua that led Joshua to command.


The Angel of the Lord came to Gideon while he was threshing wheat. The Angel of the Lord was carrying a spearhead. It was with the spearhead that fire came and consumed the sacrifice. The three general angels were assigned and observing  Gideon from then onwards.

 #9 When Gideon was buiding the altar, The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, the altar that you build in Ephesus is the first one, there will be more altars to build from now.

Gideon was a short man about 5’ 7” or 8’ and had a rounded face. He has a loud voice.  He was muscular and stout looking. When Gideon surrounded the Midianites, one of the general angels went into the camp followed by a group of angels with drawn swords. There was a stirring in the camp even before Gideon commanded the attack. When Gideon heard the stirring, it was then that he blew the trumpet. Gideon seems to have an insecurity issue which was present in him as was in Saul which destroyed him.


It was The Angel of the Lord who appeared to Samson’s mother and spoke of the birth of Samson. Samson was muscular tall and well built. Even when he was born he was a big child possibly between 4 to 5 kg. His mother was also well built and muscular. She was about 6ft 6in tall. Samson was at least one foot taller than his mother. As a young man and Nazarite, he tied his hair and wound it about four times round his neck (well-oiled hair).

#10 When Manoah said, Now let Your words come to pass. The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, the power of the Lord at work in their lives. A spirit being appeared (after the word, Observe) and shine over the parents. The light was white and golden.

Samson was a carefree guy, happy go-lucky. He had strong high cheek bones, square jaws, long legs, long arms, big eyes, normal size nose, normal ears and a hairy man, big hands, big feet. He was light brown in colour. The three general angels were assigned and following his parents, then him when he was born, and intervene each time there was a physical exploit. When the lion came at him, he shouted and ran against the lion and side step, grabbed the lion’s neck, his hands reached into the lion’s mouth and prey it open.  It was a quick act and all over in minutes. Other example, when Samson fought with the jaw bone, it seemed like a supernatural force flowed and a simple touch of the jaw bone could burst a head. His arms and legs were super effective killing with one blow.

There was an evil spirit influencing Delilah and working through her (it was attached to her, sitting on her shoulder); it was lustful and seductive and through it tempted Samson. Each time Samson go to her, the three general angels went away. After Samson was blinded he became a broken man. When Samson was led to be displayed at the feast of the Philistines, The Angel of the Lord came and talked to Samson and said today the Lord will deliver the Philistines into your hands, and he laid hands on him; strength came back to Samson.  As his hands were on the pillar (about 3 ft diameter), there were angels on each pillar, ready to push the pillars down. There was sadness in the way Samson conducted his life despite the final triumph and the desire in the spirit world that more could be successful like Moses.


When Hannah was praying, and after Eli said go in peace, a spirit being appeared and a light shone on Hannah similar to Mr and Mrs Manoah. When little Samuel was called by the Lord, a white coloured mist was around and Samuel heard his name being called. When the Lord appeared to Samuel was about 18 years old as a white gold colour light. There was a spirit being that came to him, white golden colour, and remained throughout his life. There was like a sevenfold spirit upon Samuel, a fullness of the Spirit. During the main battle with the Philistines, The Angel of the Lord and the general angels were involved, otherwise they were in the background observing. When the ark was brought into Dagon’s temple, the powerful evil spirit fled and the idol fell. When the ark was placed on the cows’ cart, one spirit being (colour was orange with a slight tinge of reddish light wine colour) spoke to the cows in a spirit language (come follow this way), and the cows were led all the way to Beth Shemesh.

When he was a young man, Samuel was very fair as a boy, he was six ft three inch and his normal size eyes were very alert but can burn with fury. His ears are big, has a wide mouth, square jaw, broad shoulders, well built. He also was a Nazarite and had long hair tied together. When he was sitting down, his hair was wound around his neck; when he was walking, he held his hair in his left hand, and sometimes tied it around his waist like a belt. He was full of energy, talk fast, walk fast. He had a big voice. His communication with the Spirit was good and he was quite prepared for the Israelites rejecting God. He also could see and knew that there will be a king after Saul.

Saul was already frequently tormented by two different types of evil spirits even before he met Samuel: possibly spirit of lies and lust. These same spirits came back to torment him after the Spirit of God left him. When he was anointed, there were no angels, no spirit being around; they seem to know that he was just a stand in and also not ready to serve God. There were some angels assigned to some of the generals fighting in the Israelite army but not to Saul. Saul was tall about nearly seven feet, handsome and stylish. He seems to be a man who knows how to keep himself clean; and outward appearance man. He has thick lips, a quick smile, broad shoulders, brownish skin, small feet and small hands.


In the selecting of David as king, when none of the first seven sons qualify, and everyone including Samuel had to wait for David to come in from the field.

#11 When they were waiting for David to come, The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, even the prophet has to wait for the right person.

David had the same countenance as Abraham, dignified, kingly, square jaw, his eye is bright but not like Samuel or Joshua. He is very alert but there was a softness to his feature. He had a sharp nose, normal ears, beautiful lips. He was slim and well-built and about six feet seven inches. Hands and legs were versatile and light brown fairness. Even before the anointing, a spirit being was already with him (white golden colour). He was already communicating with spirit beings and angels who sometimes accompany him in music. From the day of the anointing, the three general angels were assigned to David. The Angel of the Lord appeared before David beside Samuel when the Spirit of God came upon David; David possibly saw the The Angel of the Lord and the three general angels that day.

Goliath was taller than Samson by one head (about nine feet tall), and he had battle scars on his arms, legs, body and face. He was dark brown, thick moustache, short beard, big eyes, big ears, big nose, stubby fingers and he possessed by evil spirits inside him (a spirits of violence and death). He had a big voice. When David asked who was going to fight Goliath, the three general angels went into the Philistine camp. His bold confession, released them to begin work against enemy camp. When David was picking up the stones to throw, the spirit being shone on David and he became radiant and the stones also became radiant. The stone thrown entered into Goliath’s skull.

When David was in the cave with Saul and cut a piece of his robe, it was The Angel of the Lord who said to David not to touch the anointed; David heard in the spirit without seeing. A lot of the mighty men were led by warring angels to come under David; they might not have seen but they heard the angels speaking to their spirits.

When David allied himself to Achish, the three general angels left him. It was nearly on a year and four months that the angels left him. Only the Spirit being was with him, and it was like carnal strength alone that David lived in Ziklag. The low point of Ziklag was started in the heart of David when he allied himself with Achish. He was in his own self, until they lost everything, which was the natural following the spiritual, that he turned back to God. He wept, he cried, confessed his sin. It was The Angel of the Lord who went to him and spoke words of comfort and strength to David. Then David then turned around and became comforted, and strengthened himself.

David as king of Judah then all of Israel

When David was anointed at Hebron, he was given the knowledge and vision as to how he was to conquer. He saw how he was to raise the army and the cities that he would conquer and the kingdom be established. It was The Angel of the Lord who showed all these things. The war with northern Israel was like a one way fight as no angels were assisting the northern side. In the third anointing, David was given revelation of the temple. Jerusalem was already the spiritual domain of the Israelites and although it physically looks impossible, God was waiting for humans to not see the physical but to go ahead and conquer the Jebusites, who should have been conquered in Joshua’s time.

In the first attempt to bring the ark in, when Uzza died, everyone was shock and their first reaction is whether they have sinned and David called for a fast. The ark was with Obed Edom for three months. His flock was in abundance. He fruit trees bear fruit out of season. They found more wells for water in Obed Edom’s land. His family increase with more births. More women became pregnant with child. The second time of bringing in the ark, it was an evil spirit that influence Michal. This evil spirit was one of the spirits that tormented Saul (the lying spirit) and now came to her and whispered things like ‘see, this is the man who killed your father and your brother and took the kingdom from him.’ Michal was five feet nine inches and slim, beautiful hair, thick lips like the father, big eyes, very, fair light brown. Anger rose within her, and she shouted at him while David was dancing. She shouted that how shameful it was for him to be naked although he was not really naked as he was wearing a loincloth. David remained separated from her the rest of his life.

When David went into battle, he was told to wait to hear the sound of the mulberry trees and this was the sound of the angels above the trees going forward led by one of the general angels. This was the pattern even from the time of Joshua, Samuel, Gideon and all the battles of Israel; a sound was often heard from some place. It also seems that the warring angels are also more proficient in working with humans in battle from Abraham to David. The angels from pre-Adamic times were familiar with modern weapons.

David, Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah and consequences – 2 Samuel 11-13

David’s sin with Bathsheba was also due to several factors: he was enjoying life like a king, not spending much time with God, boredom; he was not even going out or supervising his men. Bathsheba was beautiful but Sarah was even more beautiful. Bathsheba was tall and elegant about six feet two with beautiful alert and lively eyes. Her nose was sharp, high cheek bones, long lashes, not a very big mouth, normal ears and very light brown fair like Michal. She had long fingers and was quite a dancer. The general angels were fighting with the army and were present with David. Although David’s sin with Bathsheba was bad, it was the murder of one of the thirty mighty men of David that was the most painful and hideous crime.  The only people who knew about the sin and the murder of Uriah were David, Bathsheba, Nathan because The Angel of the Lord revealed to him, and Joab because of the letter sent by Uriah. Uriah was a tall man almost the height of Samson (7.5 ft) and well built like Samson but broader shoulders.  (At this point, even The Angel of the Lord turned his head away while the scenes unfolded). It was also David’s anger against Uriah for not yielding to his scheme to make Uriah slept with his wife that led David to this low level. It was like Uriah’s righteousness made David felt more guilty. The baby was a few months old, when Nathan came and rebuke David. When David was rebuked he immediately repented.  

Absalom was born after the Bathsheba incident and he had a haughty spirit. When God loved Solomon, it was like God protecting him from the effects of the curse. Absalom was handsome but his face was always tensed and strained because of haughtiness and his eyes were scheming. His nose sharp, and slim built with black flowing long hair down to his chest. He was very fair light brown and nearly six feet. His sister, Tamar, was taller by a few inches, sharp nose, high cheek bones, long neck, also fair light brown with hair long to the waist and also a dancer. There was jealousy between Absalom and Ammon over the sister for her favour. When Absalom found out that Ammon seduced the sister, an evil spirit came and whispered to him to murder Ammon. This same style plotting and the entrance of the evil spirit came about through David’s sin of murdering Uriah a righteous mighty man. This curse descended on the entire line of David and on all the kings following because of this one singular act.

During the time Absalom fled from David to the time that he came back before him, the evil spirit had already latched on to him. As he was seeking to win the hearts of the people, the people who came under him were energized by other evil spirits. A number of them who had grievances against David had evil spirits whispering in their ears lies, so many of them slowly turned against David. David lost his fighting spirit-character and never recovered it back since his sin with Bathsheba. He lost his focus and became unstable. Absalom’s defeat showed a weepy king who had a broken spirit. David’s numbering of the Israelites was also boredom and nothing to do. The Angel of the Lord told Gad to go to David to offer him three choices of judgment. It was one of the general angels who stretched his hand over Jerusalem and The Angel of the Lord said that it was enough. At the place where the angel stood, The Angel of the Lord commanded through Gad that an altar had to be built. David’s spirit was fully restored in the building of this altar. By the time, David passed on the kingdom to Solomon, he was no longer a broken man but a fully restored man.

Joab was a man whose heart had turned against David, through disgust. It was the Uriah incident that disgusted him the most. And Solomon being Bathsheba’s child carried some measure of the frontal disgust he felt against the whole incident of Uriah’s murder. Joab saw a way to make things right in his own eyes by not letting line of David-Bathsheba take the throne. Adonijah was a carefree person and did not concern himself much with things. He was more or less manipulated into attempting to seize the kingdom. Benaiah was a season warrior about nearly seven feet tall. Solomon was handsome and was not the warrior type but he had the gift of the gap from young. He was roundish, he has bright discerning and observant eyes about six feet three and had a dignified look; fair like his mother.


The main spiritual event in Solomon’s life took place when he had the first encounter with God. He did not realize his full destiny (temple building) until he met God, as he thought he was just going to become king. When he had the dream it was The Angel of the Lord who spoke to Solomon. At Solomon’s request for wisdom, two spirit beings came to Solomon; one was white and gold light, and the other one was light reddish wine like the one that was with Noah and Joseph. The whole organization of the building of the temple, was like the building of the ark, with angels and spirit beings, except there was no open vision but could only hear their thoughts and impressions. Unlike the building of the ark where the angel or spirit being could be seen and would give an instruction like a human giving instruction and people would carry out the instruction. In the building of the temple, there was no open vision and it was a constant flow of thoughts that flowed from the spirit beings and angels to the various people in charge. The Angel of the Lord spoke less often but was observing, and the general angels had also left after David died.

At the dedication of the temple that glory of God was visible and shone like the glory that was seen on Moses’ face and body. When the ark was placed in the Holy place, a cherub like a blinding light came down and remained to this day. By the next day, the glory had retreated into the holy of holies.

The wealth that Solomon managed to accumulate started when people sent out by Solomon inspired by spirit beings led them to deposits of gold in the outlying cities and countries around Israel.


Elijah was a man of height about 5 feet nine inch. His character was like Samuel with a thinner countenance. He had long haired tied together up to half his back and a very long beard. He was dark brown of skin, always wearing a very dark beige camel skin and a staff. He was a hairy man with shoulders broad but his chest was not standing out as Samuel. When he first came to the scene, there was a spirit being (white and gold light) and his countenance, although rugged, revealed the presence of God. With Noah and all the others with spirit beings, the spirit beings were with them, following them. For Elijah, it was like the spirit being was in him and possessed him, and the light that came from the spirit being was concentrated and intense, ten times the intensity. The same intensity as was on Moses when the glory was on Moses except that it was concentrated around the chest and belly area while for Moses it was all around him bodily and through him. This remained with him throughout his whole life even to the day he was brought up. Elijah was one of those with open vision and could see in the spiritual realm. Before his appearance in 1 Kings 17:1, he already met The Angel of the Lord.

 #12 When Elijah declared in 1 Kings 17:1 to Ahab, As the Lord of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word, The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, how I speak to him. Then verse 2, the word of the Lord came to Elijah (it was The Angel of the Lord speaking to him). When Elijah was standing before King Ahab, The Angel of the Lord was standing slightly behind to the right. The moment Elijah prophesy and declare to the king, immediately The Angel of the Lord spoke to Elijah in thought form, and Elijah heard it and indicated with a slight turn of his head to the right as if The Angel of the Lord had spoken aloud.

When Elijah was with the widow’s son who died, even though he spiritually seem to have the power to do the miracle, he seem to struggle in his soul and question God. He was frustrated at first and complaining to God why the tragedy happened. This lasted for a few minutes.

#13 At this point The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, I am not talking to him.

Elijah paused for a while for about a few minutes. (he was listening to the spirit being putting instructive thoughts in his heart).  Then he acted out the stretching and the power flowed from his chest to the child and resurrected the child. With the first time, the child start to breathe; the second time, the child breathe more regular breathes; the third time, the child open his eyes and was restored.

The Carmel victory was all Elijah functioning in his spiritual authority that God gave him. He was so confident of his authority that he mocked the false prophets. He was like a very free man with liberty; like one who know who he was and what he was to do. Jezebel was a beautiful woman, high forehead, intelligent, very fair skin, six feet three, sharp nose, long fingers, squarish shoulder, slim built, wide mouth, longish eyes, normal ears. She had two evil spirits with her, and one was attached to her back and the one standing on her left was more powerful and seem to be receiving instructions from the higher dark kingdom. King Ahab walked with a slight limp, and was about six feet tall, fat and plumb, heavy set men, soft-spoken, timid husband. He was darker a bit more than her in skin. He was also under the power of the evil spirit. Angels were watching the confrontation from afar. When Elijah called prayed 1 Kings 18:36-37, another spirit being appeared high in the sky (white gold in colour, about a kilometre above) and a bright light came slowly (in measured seconds, possibly three seconds) upon the sacrifice and it became fire just before it hit the sacrifice.

#14 At this point The Angel of the Lord said, Observe, and learn how to pray in this manner.

 The spirit being in the sky remained until Elijah prayed for rain. Each time he prayed (seven times) there was a stirring in the sky spiritually. After the seventh time, the physical cloud manifested and grew very fast, with strong winds. When Elijah stood up from prayer and girded his garments, The Angel of the Lord took him by the left arm and sped him away.

The next day, running away from Jezebel to the wilderness, Elijah was depressed and prayed to die. He had expectation that Ahab and Jezebel and the people with them would turn to God did not turn out as expected. It was part of the dying to self that Elijah had to go through. It is a lesson for all men and women of God not to take their encouragement from people’s response or reaction (either positive or negative). This dying to the responses of people is a deeper dying to self. There is a sense of a looking for the acceptance of people. An angel assigned by The Angel of the Lord baked the dough and gave it to Elijah. The second time, The Angel of the Lord took it from the angel and gave it to Elijah and told him to go Horeb. When Elijah approached the mountain, there was an angel that was on the mountain. Elijah rested in the cave. The Angel of the Lord came and talked to him verbally and asked him “What are you doing here?” Elijah was instructed to stand at the edge of the mountain and he saw the wind, earthquake, fire. The Lord’s presence was like a mist as in Samuel’s time when the Lord first called him. Then the small voice called him like when Samuel was called, except this time the voice said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” After talking to the Lord as per 1 Kings 19:13-18, Elijah rested two days before going down. When he heard that there were seven thousand more, he was comforted.

Elijah went down the mountain with The Angel of the Lord and his ministry continued without any other down trends. When Elijah was on the mountain (2 Kings 1), it was The Angel of the Lord who was with him. The spirit being was hovering over Elijah about five storeys above him; it was like he knew that he was going to be called to bring fire down. After the first two groups with captains were destroyed by the fire, Elijah went down with the third captain and the spirit being hid himself again. 

Elijah was instructed by The Angel of the Lord all the places to go before crossing Jordan. He prayed and prophesy in each place. Elijah went to the mountain in each place and was prophesying in each place. Elijah could be also prophesying things in the future generation for each place when he returns. Elisha was there observing. He knew that the Lord was going to take him up. When he was on the chariot, he did not go straight up but went through all the places he stopped by earlier and prophesied.


When Elisha was told to remain in the various places (Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho), it was a test for Elisha each time. The fourth test was like a hint to keep his eyes on Elijah when he goes. When the double portion was on Elisha, the faith released through the mantle was the key. Elisha did not have the same indwelling spirit being but the spirit being followed him like the spirit being follow Joseph. The spirit being looks like a different spirit being but white gold light. It was the same brightness as followed the other men of God except during miracles. During the widow’s oil miracle, the spirit manifested in a greater light and the whole house was filled with the light. During the bowl miracle, the light came into the bowl and when the salt was thrown into the water, it spread through the water. In the floating axe head miracle, it was like an exchange of molecular structure. The stick sank and the axe head floated. The power was on the stick, the stick floated for a while, then there was an exchange and the stick sank and the axe head floated.

In the situation with the Syrian king, angels were involved. One general angel was in the Syrian camp and reported to The Angel of the Lord all that was going on. The Angel of the Lord opened the eyes of Elisha and from then onwards he had open vision.  It was then that The Angel of the Lord easily communicated all that was happening in the Syrian camp  to Elisha and Elisha told the king of Israel. When Elisha was surrounded by the Syrian army, The Angel of the Lord was with Elisha and the three general angel led armies of spiritual angels in their full display and glory. Elisha had the power to open the eyes of his servant and close the eyes of the Syrians all through requests made to The Angel of the Lord. From the bringing of the Syrians to be surrounded by the Israelites, a day’s journey, The Angel of the Lord was in charge and giving instructions. After mercy shown the Syrians never came again until another king reign. It was The Angel of the Lord who sent his spiritual angel army and the Syrian army thought that it was the Israelite army who came to destroy them and then they fled. The Angel of the Lord told Elisha what the king of Israel was about to do and also instructed Elisha that he was sending the spiritual army and to prophesy of their victory.

 The miracles of Elisha function easily and became normal and numerous because of the double portion. Elisha was balding but still had some hair. Long beard, big ears, thick eyebrow, with active, playful eyes. Small mouth, large nose, pointed jaw, about 5 ft 7in. Slope shoulder, short legs and stout looking. The Shunammite woman was given a child by the authority of Elisha and Gehazi joined him soon after Elijah left. When the child died, he did not go first but give the staff to Gehazi to touch the child. It was transfer of the power body to body and the child raised from the dead. From the time of the prophets in Samuel to Elijah, it was only Elijah that functioned without having to hear a specific word but gave commands with authority and miracles happen. With Elisha this was carried even further, with hardly any prayer, it was already there. The double portion does not refer to the doubling effect of more power than Elijah but rather that it refers to power already given to effect the miracle without prayer. Elisha went to Bethel (2 Kgs 2:23); Gilgal (2 Kgs 4:38); Jericho (2 Kgs 2:15-18). These places were where many miracles occur without prayer, and the double portion could also point to the double work that has already preceded and been done by Elijah and Elisha collected the blessings of prophecy and words sown.

Gehazi had a look of one without favour and charisma. One who thought he knew a lot but actually knew nothing. The staff might not have been successful because of him. Gehazi was about 5ft 5in and round narrow face and the eyes never open wide, never look at people direct. In the end his greed for material things caused him the leprosy of Naaman.

The dead bones of Elisha could raised the dead because Elisha during his lifetime had been absorbing the energy of the spirit being. The power had been slowly accumulating in his bones and it was released when a dead person touched the bones.


Daniel was fair looking, about about 5ft 9in, has a feminine look, lips red colour, rosy cheeks, small eyes, normal ears, normal length hair tied into a turban around the head, soft spoken pointed face. His three friends are darker skin than him. Daniel had the spirit being following him (white and gold colours) all the time. Daniel sought to talk to the king that he will pray about the interpretation of dream. The spirit being pulled Daniel’s spirit out of his body, while he was sleeping, to show him the vision of the king sleeping and dreaming. This was how he saw the dream and through the same spirit interpreted the dream.

#15The Angel of the Lord spoke, Fasting and prayer is the key to all things spiritual and physical. Then he looked at David sternly.

 In the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, the three friends of Daniel heard one of the general angel spoke to them (could be thoughts) that they will be safe and no harm will come to them. They were inside for nearly two to three hours. Immediately as they were thrown in, the angel in the fire was immediately manifested to protect them. Daniel was praying and the spirit being took Daniel’s spirit to observe the events, and Daniel saw one of the general angel comforting his friends. Daniel and his three friends from a young age had developed a kindred spirit where they could feel one another’s emotions and heart.  It was most likely The Angel of the Lord. The handwriting on the wall was The Angel of the Lord’s hand writing the words. One of the general angels protected Daniel from the three lions by closing their mouth. After Daniel came out of the lion’s den, The Angel of the Lord revealed himself to Daniel. It was The Angel of the Lord who came and started Daniel’s vision while he was asleep.

In one of the vision, rams and goat, The Angel of the Lord was giving the vision to Daniel and he was purposely interrupted by Gabriel with a question intended for Daniel to know the answer, “How long will the vision be concerning the daily sacrifices?” The answer was given to Daniel. When Gabriel appeared in Daniel’s vision as a man, Michael the archangel instructed Gabriel to make this man (Daniel) understand the vision.

#16 At this point, The Angel of the Lord said, Remember when I reveal to you I am The Angel of the Lord and I stand before the Lord God. I have been with Gabriel and Michael and the others from the days of old; even the days of Adam, even in the days when the world was formed. The Lord has commanded that I reveal more to you, thus I will reveal more to you of the things to come.

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