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Prophecy for 2012: the year of change and breakthrough

2012 is a Year of Change and Breakthroughs.
More details and practical application is in the two part prophetic message for 2012 in audio-video format. Below is the summarized version.

The Vision
Vision of an eagle, a bear, a dragon and a beast. The eagle was flying in the sky, high and mighty, but it was shot in the neck from within its own borders. The bear rage and was angry at the beast and it turned against it before it was friendly again. Meanwhile, a dragon flew in the skies and dominated the skies.
The eagle could still walk even when it was injured in the neck but with great struggle. The bear strike at the beast and inflicted three large gashes. The beast was like a mixture of all animals, it had spots like a lepoard, feathers and claws like a bird and thick mane like a lion. It had two wings but they look small and seem to be growing. The beast was pushed southwards but retain its dominion.The dragon was watching the fight between the bear and the beast, and the tail of the beast knocked down the dragon to the ground. The dragon had to land on the ground for some time to recover its strength but it, too, retain its dominion.
Vision changes to people.
Towards the west, saw people with guns gathering like a protest and on one of the banners was the word ‘freedom.’ Voice heard saying, ‘there will be freedom but much unrest.’
Towards the east, a lot of confusion and dust like people were in a panic. Voice heard saying, ‘there will be prosperity but much malaise.’
Toward the south, saw large people movements, lining up to travel, some like refuges, some like tourists, some like business people. Voice heard saying, ‘there will be changes but the ride is rough.’
Towards the north, a people gripped by great fear and seemed struck paralyzed by something. Voice heard saying, ‘there will be threats of war but peace will be pursued for its worth.’

The earth shakes and trembles
A sign in the western heavens, an upturn in the southern seas
An eruption in the northern lands, shall all point
To the year of change and breakthrough
Much will change but will herald a new beginning
Of mankind living in harmony with each other and the earth
Of nations being humbled and being exalted
Of the powerful and rich dying and of the poor rising and living
Many new find fresh faith in the midst of great fear

Scriptures given:
Of nations…
In the Middle East – Isaiah chapters 17 to 19
In America – Isaiah 21
In Europe – Ezekiel chapters 37 to 38
In Asia – Judges 9:7-15 (the parable of Jotham); Isaiah 20
Of personal…
Joshua 1:8; Psalms 1; 2 Samuel 5:17-25

The eagle represents USA, the bear Russia, the dragon China and the beast Europe. In 2012, something angered Russia and there could be some level of hostility to Europe resulting in the blow with three gashes. The three gashes could represent three areas or three things which Russia did in one blow that affected Europe. The vision of people being paralyzed by shock could be the immediate reaction to the three gashes, as it stirs fear before peace prevails. The eagle being grounded speaks of something which caused injury to the nation of USA from within (hitting not the head but the neck – it could have been meant for the head but hit the neck instead). There is violence as in the vision of the protest and they could literally involved more guns. The dragon is also grounded this year thus speaking of China coming to some sort of a halt or grounding but still being strong after recovery. However, the grounding is caused by the tail of the beast, thus it would be from events that occur in Europe. Also the events in USA (of the eagle shot) could also be the cause for the vision of panic that took place.

On the natural side, a sign in the Western heavens could point to some sort of natural astronomical phenomena that is just extra prominent that is viewable from USA. Eruptions, I deduce, can point to more volcanic reactions in Europe that affects it. Upturn in the southern seas would point to more turmoils in the southern hemisphere thus affecting New ZealandĀ from the point of earthquakes.

Of Scriptures given, all that is happening in the Middle East is to fulfill Isaiah 19 when the nations of Assyria, Israel and Egypt are in friendly terms and possibly even trading (highway through the three nations). Assyria includes the nations of Iraq and present Syria. Isaiah 21 speaks of the Fall of Babylon (final fulfilment in the future but a type of fulfilment in the grounding of the eagle – Example like Daniel 12 speaking of the future anti-Christ but in historical perspective fulfilled in Antiochus Epiphanes) which affects the world. In our modern world anything that affects USA is going to affect the world. It also speaks of the reduction in power of Arabia. The Scriptures of Ezekiel chapters 37 to 38, although it will be only eschatologically fulfilled during the time of the anti-Christ, will in type be a reminder of the role of Russia in the endtimes and its present power (to affect and gash Europe) now. The bear has definitely not lost its power. The Scriptures for Asia in typology are interesting in that it speaks of a parable of Jotham applied to Abimelech who sought to kill him after killing all his other brothers. Literally, the bramble bush speaks of godless and lawless ways (nations that are built around Mammon and greed). The fig tree speaks of nations which are close to Israel, the olive tree speaks of nations that are anointed (olive oil represents anointing) to have an end time destiny. The vine speaks of nations where the church has critical mass (vine represents our Lord – John 15). The nations in Asia and Africa that will be affected by the events in Europe and USA are those who are bramble bush. Nations with their destinies tied to Israel and the gospel will have some level of protection during the turmoil.

The final message is a call to meditation on the Word (Joshua 1:8 and Psalms 1) which is an important key to the breakthrough promised during this year. There is a two level breakthrough as perĀ 2 Samuel 5:17-25. The first is the establishment of being a Master of Breakthroughs (Baal Perazim) and second is the ability to hear the marching of the angels above the mulberry trees (balsam in some modern translations). This year is an important time to breakthrough and be established. If you have not been bearing fruit for years, this year is fruit bearing season. If you have not been reaping but only sowing, this year is the time for reaping.

For more practical applications this year, listen to the second prophetic message. The first is a message outlining the various parts of the prophecy and the second is the response and application.

God bless and may this year be a great year of breakthrough to each one of you
Ps Peter