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Spiritual activities – 26th October 2011

I have only updated this blog from time to time when it was important to say something, otherwise the weekly upload of messages would be covering most of what is going on from week to week. My schedule has been busy, travelling to and fro between Sydney and Singapore and the Lord has been good in all areas, helping us to grow both in Sydney and in Singapore.
Amongst the times that I had to pray during the all night prayers and also from time to time with our missionary David, both of us have observed much activities in the Spirit World and we know that great changes are coming forth. Spiritual changes always take place first and then the natural. There has been recent bouts of activity among the angels in South-East Asia and we know that they are hastening major changes to the region. Our prayers go towards those who are affected by the floods in Thailand, Many of the disasters of the natural realm come from bloodshed of a generation or so before. Sadly, those of the present generation are innocent of the bloodshed of previous generations but all these also took place in the Bible when David’s kingdom suffered a three year famine caused by Saul’s bloodshed of the Gibeonites (2 Samuel 21).
The following are Scriptures that reveal cause and effect of innocent blood shed:
Genesis 9:6 Those who shed blood will themselves suffer the same consequences of their blood being shed.
Numbers 35:33 Bloodshed defiles the land and leaves an open door for the enemy to wreck havoc in the natural realm.
David, himself, was not allowed to build the temple because of bloodshed (although he did not shed innocent blood, except the blood of Uriah the Hittite) (1Chronicles 22:8; 1 Chronicles 28:3).
This cycle of evil causing more evil can only be ended when the love of Jesus comes in and evil is overcomed by good. Those who live by the Old Testament principle of rendering evil for evil will forever in their own lives suffer consequences and judgments and never prosper spiritually nor naturally. We are in the New Covenant and the higher law of Jesus applies that we always seek the way of love and the way of goodness in dealing with all issues of life. To those who do so, they will be preserved from the consequences of the natural cycles of recompence that will take place on the planet. Those who do not understand the greatness of God’s love and mercies nor have such revelation of love in their hearts will never understand the goodness or blessings that continued to be enjoyed by those who live a life of love. In all our actions, words and deeds, the most important is to let it flow from the love of God. No doubt our practice and understanding of God’s love might be imperfect but it is better to do our best to love then to live a life of hate. No one starts loving perfectly and flawlessly like Jesus loves people, we all have to start somewhere. Take little steps of exercising God’s love to all around you and that love will be a shield against all judgment and evil both in this life and in the life to come. If people only know how powerfully love shields us from evil, more people would be motivated to walk in love. Many are the activities of powerful angels over the past months and will continue to be so over the next few months bringing us to the end of this year; and it is important that all who love the Lord Jesus and our Father God walk in love and are shielded by the love of God whilst judgment and recompense for evil takes place in the cycle of society.
There is faith, hope and love; and the greatest is love (1 Corinthians 13).