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18 June 2011 – Cosmic events

I have not been updating this blog as I only want to focus on writing when there is a message to deliver to the public rather than just a diary of daily events. Recently, we saw the blood red moon which we know scientifically is caused by the sun’s light going through the earth’s atmosphere and reflected back to us in an eclipse of the moon. The significance of this happening together with the sun turning black is prophesied in Joel 2:31; Acts 2:20; Rev. 6:12 as part of the end times. Eclipses of the sun and moon are regular calendar events and to the natural man would have no particular significance. However, we do know that through God’s predestination and foreknowledge, the heaven’s above (stars, moon and sun)¬†are like time pieces and clocks that God has set in motion to mark significant events that He has predestined to occur in His foreknowledge (Genesis 1:14). It was possible that God could have set in motion the meteorites¬†that consume Sodom and Gomorrah millions of years before they occur (if the fire and brimestone had been meteorites, which is a scientific possibility); although God could have also freshly created fire and brimestone to consume the two cities. If they were meteorites, we can only stand amaze at God’s foreknowledge in setting them into motion millions of years before any activities were on the earth.

What is the spiritual significance of a blood red moon? It signifies potent times of upheaval in the natural plane and of significant ending or completion of spiritual seasons (end times). Primarily, they signifiy upheavals and changes that take place in the social, economic, political and spiritual dimensions. We will be the generation that sees the greatest changes to ever occur in our modern society that will affect all nations and tribes.Many of these changes have already been predicted by many but the season has come for those changes. Those in the Lord have nothing to fear for God’s hand will continue preserving all who love Him. Perhaps the right word to describe what is about to happen is the word ‘revolution.’ Yes, a revolutionary change will take place in the social, economic and political realm (as well as in the ecclesiastical realm). The rest of this decade of glory (2006-2016) will see the greatest revolutionary changes in 5 years than we have seen in the pas two hundred years. In His mercy, God has preserved us from a major third world war but there will be great upheavals taking place signified by natural events, too. Keep faithful in the Lord and abide in His love and Word, and you will sail through this next five years unharm and unaffected by these major changes that need to happen. The end will be good for the whole earth and its inhabitants.

Another major cosmic event that is of great significance is the change in the regular 11 year cycle of the sun. The major increase in sun spots and solar flares have decrease. The last time this happened was in the 1645-1715 and 1790-1813. We are in what scientists called the Solar cycle 23 to 24 and sunspot activity at the current rate will decrease further in cycle 24 to 25 (almost to zero). Other studies in sunspot activity have linked them to the increase of rain and floods in periods of less sunspot activity and droughts in times of increase activity. The Bible speaks about the sun and moon’s power to smite us (sun by day and moon by night – Psalm 121:6). This Scripture speaks of the influence that the sun and moon can have over our natural lives. Scientists have confirmed the influence of the moon on not just the ocean tides but also on plants, animals, etc. and their fertility cycle. Besides it being like a micro mini ice age, spiritually the signicance is for some new things that have been birth forth to take root and grow strong. Many new movements, revolutionary ideas and themes that change human society that are birth forth in these last five years of this decade will take root and grow to become a mighty tree where all the birds of the air shall find shelter under its branches. Unfortunately, in the natural we will see lots of rain (always a good thing) and floods (abundance of rain causing it). Water levels will only keep rising and it will not stop until the Millenium which will see a different geography of the earth (totally different shape of the land mass as water levels would have increased significantly plus seismic and volcanic upheavals creating and removing some land mass). While being established in the Word and in God’s love as a firm foundation, we need to keep an open mind and fluidity to flow in the new revelations and revolutionary changes that are coming forth. It should not be a time of fear but a time of faith in the new things that God is bringing forth.

Until our next blog, the Lord bless you and keep and make His face shine upon you. Our livestream is on during our meetings and the latest teachings will always be put online for your benefit and encouragement. God’s continued blessing and hand be upon each of you who are spiritually nourished from our website.

In Christ Jesus, Ps Peter Tan