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25 November 2010 – Love, peace and joy

My apologies for not updating this blog until now as I have been working very hard on completing my thesis, which praise God will definitely be completed over the next week. Thank you for all your prayers and there are so many miracles that I just don’t know where to start but will share them in time. God has been good and indeed, He works ALL things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

In His last sermon before the cross to His disciples, Jesus spoke of love, peace and joy (John 13-16). He gave love as a commandment (John 13:34-35; 15:9-17), and peace and joy as His attributes (John 14:27; 15:11). We do, of course, know that the love that He commanded us to love with is also an attribute of His love (Romans 5:5; 1 John 4:19). At the onset of the reception of His love, we all do also recieve His peace (Romans 5:1). The experience and the enjoyment of peace and joy are resultant from the reception of God’s love into our hearts. Love is the foundation, the root, and the greatest of all attributes (Ephesians 3; 1 Corinthians 13). We can also go as far as to say that all the other attrbutes of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23) relate back to love (1 Corinthians 13).

The most important thing in this life is to respond to EVERYTHING and EVERY situation with the love of God. And God will indeed work all things out for good because of His love for us and our love for Him. Never ever let bitterness or unforgiveness or strife or any other thing that is not in line with the love of God to be in our hearts, our minds, our emotions or our consciousness. Remember that we are commanded to love because God and Jesus has confidence that we will understand that only through love and in love can we become all that God wants us to be in this life.

In this life and in this world, it is easy to make our love for others conditional while our love for God is unconditional. We should learn to love both God and people unconditionally. Unconditional love is God’s kind of agape love. Every other type of love is human and limited love. When we choose to love unconditionally in obedience to Jesus’ command, then God will release such peace and joy in our lives that we have never experienced before. O what love, O what peace, O what joy that the Lord has given in the Holy Spirit. The Lord bless you with His measure of unconditional love that surpasses all understanding in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 3). Amen.

10th November 2010 – What a friend we have in Jesus

It is always so good to know that we all have Jesus our friend, Lord and Saviour. In fact Jesus considers friendship with Him to be a high point of discipleship (John 14:14-15). We are no longer just servants but friends of His as we follow His commandments. And the context of His commandments is to walk and abide in His love (John 15:9-13). Only those who understand what it is to love God and to love others to the point of being willing to lay down your life for them, can truly know friendship with Jesus. Servants only do what is their duty but friendships involved different levels of sacrifice depending on the depth of the friendship. Many people, even Christians go around without many close friends because they do not know the meaning of sacrifice. True Christian friendships based on agape love involves a willingness to sacrifice. It is supposedly natural for one to be willing to do it for one’s own family and loved ones. By extension and through the love of Jesus, we should be able to love others as Jesus loved us.

Many Christians are afraid to love because of fear. Fear is selfish and self preserving. Agape love banishes fear (1 John 4:18) There is absolutely no fear (zero fear) in agape love. Any other type of love that has components of fear is not agape love. Fear is destructive, destroying those whom it possesses and infects plus destroying others around. The devil is the master of fear and see how destructive he is. He steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10). But Jesus who came to love, gave His life that we might have abundant life. Note the differences below:

Gives                      Takes
Embraces             Rejects
Helps                      Hinders
Builds up              Destroys
Loves                     Hates
Forgiving             Unforgiving
Merciful               Judgmental
Godlike                Demonlike
Sacrificial            Selfish

Walk in true agape love and not in fear for the true agape love does not have fear. Only in the presence of God is there true love, true light and the truth. For Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Every life is measured based on the life of Jesus – our actions, our words, our everything. Walk in love and not in fear