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22nd August 2010

We had a wonderful time over this weekend with the Thursday Bible study, Friday all night prayer and Saturday service. Daniel and Annabelle Ang composed a song that they sang privately to both Amy and I with beautiful wordings of God’s love. We share their composed song below:

Through the years we’ve walked together
Side by side, we’ve weathered storms
And through the years to come, we’ll ever
Praise the One who keeps us strong

Here today, we find each other
Poised for more great years to come
And day by day the path grows brighter
As hand in hand we journey home

What could I have done to earn your favour?
What could I have said to merit your love
All that we have is His hand upon us –
Our Father of perfect love

Who are we that have His favour?
Who are we who bear His name?
But for the grace that draws us onward
To endless life, His love to proclaim

Indeed in Christianity, the greatest is always the love of God (1 Corinthians 13). Thank you Daniel and Annabelle for reminding us again of the love of God.

14th August 2010 – 2 Chronicles 7:14, pray for revival at 7:14 am or pm ten minutes a day

Just finished the all night prayer in Sydney this morning. We focus on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and remembered long ago that there was a call for people all over the world to take time off at 7:14 am or pm and pray for ten minutes a day for revival. The 21st Century has not yet seen the revival that God wants to bring to His church. This is a call for brethren every where who would like to be a part of this ten minute prayer time (you can take either the morning or the evening time) to just take ten minutes aside when the clock hits 7:14 to pray and ask God to send another revival for the 21st Century church. You can gather with friends and loved ones to pray together, or in your local church. For those who can’t do it every day, then do it as often as you can when the clock strikes 7:14. More of the body of Christ praying for revival will be good.

One day there will be not just 24 hour prayer but also 24 hour worship that will inaugurate in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in all His glory. Until then, we need to pray and seek the Lord in whatever we can to usher in this revival that He is bringing to us. The restoration of 24 hour worship in the church is a part of the predestined endtime church. It will usher in the finest hour of the church of Jesus Christ.

August 7th 2010 – A place of brokenness

These couple of weeks have been a time of great brokenness for me. I am writing just after a Friday overnight prayer, which has always been my favourite meeting in my diary. As always, the Lord’s presence was there and we had a most wonderful time in the presence of the Lord (The worship and ministry time in all night prayer is recorded under piano worship). Despite all that is happening around, there is a sense of a new depth in the Lord, and as always, a greater love for the Lord Jesus.

My wife and I are thankful for those who continue to surround us with encouragement as we seek to do God’s perfect Will and destiny in our lives. We have heard from God and are holding fast to His words, visions and leading. In times like these, many come with diverse advice, opinions, judgments, counsel, etc. but finally, it is our lives and our destiny at stake and no one else; thus we will continue to follow from our hearts the direction that the Lord is giving to us in building our home and family strong, to build the work and ministry that He has called us to strong.

We have heard from the Lord. We know what we need to do. The Lord has spoken and we are obeying His leading. In the next couple of months and the next few years, it will be clearly seen that the direction taken is the right direction in simultaneously building both our marriage and the ministry strong. There are six more years of the decade of glory (2006-2016) to go. It is necesary that all things that should be tested are tested to the stage of the present greatness of brokenness so that the Lord can bring forth His glory. Within me is a sense of a pemanent brokenness that the Lord has wrought within me that will forever render me a broken vessel before the Lord for His use and His glory alone. Now when the Lord uses this broken vessel, all will know that it is definitely not me, for I am an imperfect clay vessel, but that it is truly the Lord and the Lord alone who has so chosen in His mercy to call and appoint this broken vessel to do the work of His kingdom. To Him be all the glory always.