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12th July 2010 – Update on situation

Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement. Amy and I appreciate it very much. We want you all to know that during this period of our seeking to give attention to rebuild our marriage strong, we are staying together as much as we can, staying in the same house, sleeping in the same room, having long chats and heart to heart talks, speaking with various pastors and friends, while keeping the ministry going. On a personal basis, I have spoken to Ps William Vun of GCC church in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and he and his wife, Lorna, have agreed to be our counsel during this time to help us (Ps William has a church of about 1000 members and they have recently moved into a building that seats 2500 people. Church website We are also thankful to all the various pastors who have offered their help and support… Ps Chris and Grace of Malaysia, Ps Lyall of New Zealand, Ps Brett of New Zealand and all of our pastors and team in Singapore. Also we are grateful for the prayers and encouragement from those of you in the Bible school, friends and partners in the ministry, and various old friends in the ministry who have stood with us through thick and thin like Jeffrey and Rowena, and many others of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are very much encouraged. We are definitely working hard to see our marriage strong and stable; and with all the help, counsel and support that is coming in, we know definitely that we will make it through, and be able to stand and say that Yes, our marriage is stronger than ever before and will last till Jesus comes again.

On the ministry side, we want to thank those who have stepped up to help out and are grateful to Ps William and his team who are looking at what help that they can render to us in Sydney. And we are also grateful to our local church congregation in Sydney who are finding their places to help out in the ministry and to play more active roles. It is indeed in a time of crisis that we see who are friends are and where people’s hearts are really at.

And here is a word from Ps Amy…”whatever crisis happens in your life, you have to determine to let the love of God to continue to fill you and overflow you. So that whatever comes out from your heart, you remain pure and lovely. I want to thank those who have been with us through the past five months when the crisis was at its peak who have helped to pray us through and see us through. We would not be where we are without each of you. A great lesson I have learned is to never despise your spouse in the way Michal despised David and think he was a worthless base fellow (2 Samuel 6:20). Most of Israel do not think of David in that manner nor God Himself. Today we do not think of David in that manner either but consider him one of the Bible heroes. The key to the restoration of a broken relationship, a broken heart or a broken marriage lies in keeping your heart pure and lovely at all times. I will be constantly praying together with my two intercessors, Lindy and Irene, during this time and also having heart to heart talks with my husband and praying together with him. We are making progress in our efforts to mend our marriage and make it strong again.”

So once again, we want to thank everyone for all your prayers, support, encouragement and help during this time. In foreseeing the time of Peter’s failure and denial of Jesus, Jesus said that He had prayed for Peter’s faith not to fail (Luke 22:32). It is through so much prayers and intercessions offered that we know that we will definitely make it strong and not fail. Thank you for all the prayers and intercessions. We look forward to giving a good report at the end of these three month period but will update this blog on our progress from time to time.

11th July 2010

It is with great sorrow to let everyone know that as of today 11th July 2010, my wife of nearly 30 years and I are entering into a three month period of trial separation. This does not mean the end of our marriage. We ask for prayer at this time and are trying our best during these three months to work at core issues that are straining our marriage.

My failures in 1996 is public knowledge to all and I take responsibilities for that which nearly destroyed our family. We sought refuge in Australia in 1997 and managed to rebuild our family life away from the public eye. We did everything we could to rebuild our lives and to a certain extent succeeded, raising two beautiful and lovely children, and re-establishing our family life spirit, soul and body.

With the onset of a more public life since 2008, there have been additional pressures added to the family life. While the family life has been stable living a private life, the pressures of a public life including the frequent travel to do the work of the ministry began to put pressures and strains on our family life.

Lest anyone say a cruel word regarding my wife, Amy, I want all to know that she has been an extraordinary woman of faith and courage to marry me. She has played a part of me being who I am today. Like every young couple, we had struggled through our own imperfections and weaknesses; she has borne a large portion of the pain and sufferings of my personal growth spiritually and in the ministry. I know she would receive a great reward in eternity for all that she has input into my life and made me who I am in the Lord.

She has bravely borne the pain and the burdens with me through the valleys of life and ministry. For this she is to be commended and encouraged. It has taken an extraordinary person like her to have lasted that long with me in life and in ministry in the Lord. The toil and toll of the ministry life has been greatly borne by her without complaint.

She has put up with my idiosyncrasies, my unearthly schedules, my need of time with God, my habits and my ways of doing things. It would have taken a supernatural infusion of the Lord’s strength and love to have lasted with me these thirty years. I cannot have asked for a more understanding companion than that which the Lord has provided for me these thirty years.

If there is any failure in our marriage, all the responsibilities lie with me and not with her.

We ask for prayer during this time.