Monthly Archives: May 2010

20th May 2010

My apologies for not being able to keep this blog active for some time. I will not be able to maintain it on a daily basis but will write various blogs as the Lord give a message which needs to be delivered through this means.

Some time early this year, a message was shared on what the year 2010 will be like and I made mentioned of the dream vision of the collapse of the two islands (one an island and the other an energy type of island); both of which are definitely symbolic as shared in the prophetic message for the year 2010. Well, the first island has gone down and this is with the recent happenings in Greece and the Euro. Of course, eventually the Euro will climb back up again as it will become the default currency of the 21st century. The energy island has not collapsed yet and what ever it represents will be taking place also this year.

In the meantime, all the rest of the message for this year of 2010 as shared in the beginning of this year still applies. It will be a year of breakthrough and the launch of many new things.

Keep walking in the Lord and in prayer as these things occur in the world, of which the Spirit shows us things to come to be prepared for them.

The Lord bless you and keep you in His grace and strength