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17th to 21st April 2010

The exra hours of corporate prayer both in Sydney and Singapore during Friday all night has been good. There is always a flow that comes from an all night with God that lasts for weeks. How wonderful if there could be an all night every week. That day will come together with a growth towards 24 hour worship. Preceding the period of the greatest outpouring of the Spirit will be a time when people are spiritually drawn into the secret places of the Most High and spend their hours and days in the presence of God. Simeon and Anna the prophetess spent quality time with God in prayers before the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to redeem the world (Luke 2). They were only a sample of people who did so and were mentioned purely because they witness the circumcision of our Lord Jesus as a baby. There were thousands of people who had been waiting for the coming of the Messiah in fastings and prayers. Anna herself served God with fastings and prayers (Luke 2:37). The ministry of serving the Lord with fastings and prayers is very much neglected in our modern churches. Yet, it is one of the most important ministries if we are to see the return of the Lord for the glorious church. Where are the thousands of men and women whom God called to serve Him with fastings and prayers? Most of them are discouraged and down and have no place in modern churches with their emphasis on a light feel-good Christianity with only minutes for God and maximum time for themselves. There need to first be a revival of fasting and prayer. A call that goes out to sound the alarm gathering God’s people to fast and pray (Joel 2:1, 12). Let us blow the trumpet and call people to serve God with fasting and prayer (Joel 2:15). It is time to fast and pray and humble ourselves before God. For those who preach wrongly that fasting has been done aways with, note that it is still practiced in the New Testament church and it preceded the call of Paul to the Gentiles (without which none of us Gentiles would have been saved) (Acts 13:1-2). Paul served God often with fastings (2 Corinthians 11:27). Preachers who don’t preach on fasting and prayer (sometimes calling it works when fasting in itself is a work of grace) do not do so purely because they themselves do not fast and pray. They are lazy and rely merely on their fivefold gifting to get by in the ministry and in their own lives. How can they teach fasting when they themselves do not fast and pray? This is the Laodecian age when people and preachers are more concern about outward things and wealth than growing spiritually in God. Such preachers are Laodecian preachers, diluting the Word of God and and neglectign the weightier matters of the gospel. Jesus Himself said that the days WILL COME when the bridegroom is taken away (Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection) and then they WILL fast (Matthew 9:15). It is time to sound the call to fast and pray to seek our God and Father, to glorify our Lord Jesus, to yield to the Holy Spirit.

Papa God, we pray that You would continue to teach all our loved ones, partners and friends of the ministry, students and members of Your body the art of fasting and prayer. In Jesus Name. Amen.

13th to 16th April 2010

Have been in Singapore since Wednesday and now (Friday) looking forward to another all night prayer. Will be my third one this month. It is good to be able to seek God and spend quality and quantity time with Him. There is no short cut to growing in Him, only just seeking His face and being with Him is the key of all keys. The Lord has been kind and gracious in allowing us to have such wonderful times in His presence. No two all-nights are the same yet it is always the same Spirit of God who leads and guides. So many deep spiritual principles are invoked in an all night prayer: pouring forth of our souls before God, waiting on God, ministering unto Him, groaning and praying in the Spirit, prevailing prayer, etc. Of course, when we also fast and seek His face, it is even more precious and wonderful.

We need to ask the Lord for rain, in the time of the latter rain (Zechariah 10:1). Daniel knew that the prophecies of Jeremiah needed to be fulfilled and prayed, fast and sought God to bring its fulfilment (Daniel 9). The apostles and disciples waited on the Lord before Pentecost because Jesus said that they needed to be clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:49). Knowing a predicted event does not exempt us from prayer. Even Jesus, who foreknew of His resurrection, still wrestled in prayer in the garden of Gethesemane (Hebrews 5:7). Many prophecies have been announced of this great and mighty revival that is coming in the 21st century. Yet we still need to enter the prayer closet and wait upon God like the disciples did in the book of Acts.

Papa God, give us the strength and energy to prevail and wait upon You, to tarry until we are once again endued with the power of the Holy Spirit. Cause us to be able to pray forth and pour out our souls e

10th to 12th April 2010

We are almost there in terms of website migration to the new hosting facilities. We thank everyone for their patience as we re-organized to have more abilities to allow more people to access all the teachings. We also want to thank all the web experts and managers who have been helping us along in this process, the Lord bless each of you mightily in His abundant grace.

Time sure flies, as I will be on the plane again in two days back to Singapore for the long trip. The Lord has been good and I hae especially enjoyed the all night prayers in both Sydney (last Friday) and in Singapore (coming up this Friday again). Sometimes, I do wish for the prayer meetings to go on even longer but I will wait until the time comes when we have 24 hours praise and worship, and 24 hours prayer. That would be wonderful. It is good to pray and seek the Lord for hours and hours but it is even more greater to be able to seek His face together with others who are also hungry for God. I hope that many people would make the all night prayers or long ‘tarrying ‘ meetings or meetings that are of the nature of Acts 13:1-3 where we fast and pray just to minister to the Lord. It is challenging in our modern times of fast speed convenience but there is nothing like and old time revival of purely seeking God’s face for days in a row.

Spiritual hunger is a prequisite to many things in spiritual life. Only those who seek will find, those who ask shall receive and those who knock it shall be opened unto them. Blessed indeed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Within each one of us is a certain level of hunger for God and for many people it is not because they do not have a hunger or desire for God, but rather that they do not yield to this thirst within them for the reality and presence of God. It is for us to yield to this stirring desires for God, for they are the fires kindled by the Holy Spirit within us. If we do not yield to these little promptings, we cannot expect more things from God. We must yield to these stirrings of the Holy Spirit and then God will give us more manifestations of His love and presence. To those who are faithful in little things, God will give even more. However, like the voice of God that spoke from heaven declaring that He will be glorified (John 12:28-29), not all hear the voice and some of those who hear it siad it thundered while others said that an angel spoke. The same voice but so many ways of hearing it. The Holy Spirit is doing the same stirrings in our heart to seek God and love God but not all are heeding to His soft gentle promptings. We need to obey His promptings that direct us towards God in order for us to see more of the glory of God.

Papa God, we continue to pray that You will give all of our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church as sensitiveness to the gentle and soft promptings of the Holy Spirit that we may know You and love You and see all the fullness of Your glory. In Jesus Name. Amen.

8th to 9th April 2010

Firstly, apologies for those accessing the websites and couldn’t download some files as we are still in the process of moving the hosting of our domains. The present host has insufficient capacity and we are in the process of moving all our websites and domain to a different host (will complete by end of next month or so). In the mean time we apologise for the inconveniences of not having full capacity of audios and videos (especially the videos that have taken much of the bandwidth space). All our volunteer website advisers and managers are working hard behind the scene and we thank God for all the good work done to at least get the sites up and running.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to the all night prayer tonight (9th April). Spending many, many hours in the presence of God together with other believers has always been the highlight of my days. There is no short cut to revival. It is always back to good old fasting and prayer. It is self evident throughout the whole Old Testament and it is self evident in the book of Acts and in Paul’s writings. The keys of fasting and prayer are the keys that unlocked the spiritual dimensions. Sorry, no room for lazy Christians who want everything serve to them on a silver platter. And it has nothing to do with works; it purely has to do with the fact that if you love God, you want to spend more time with Him. And since God is a spirit and not flesh and blood (with the exception of Jesus who is God manifest in the flesh), it should be obvious to all that fasting is a logical conquest of the body submitting to our spirit’s desire and love and pursuit of God. We will broadcast the all night prayer one day as we develop the facilities for it but now, those who like to can join us in the spirit and pray around the same time. Or have tarrying meetings with your own little group of those who love God and want to spend more time with Him. Love and waiting on God are directly related through the verses of Isaiah 64:4 and 1 Corinthians 2:9; where the word ;where the word ‘wait’ in the OT is translated ‘love’ by Paul in his quote of that same verse. And up to this day, indeed, eye has not seen nor ear heard all that God has prepared for those who love Him.

Papa God, as we gather tonight in all night prayer in Sydney, we pray that all our loved ones, partners and friends of the ministry, students and members of the body of Christ would receive the overflow of all our prayers and time spend with You. We love You Father and just want to be with You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

28th March to April 7th 2010

Time certainly flies when one is busy in the Lord’s vineyard. Between my last blog, I had come back from Singapore, gone back and then returned again last Sunday to Sydney. I do my best not to write unless I really do have something to write about. There are major changes on the spiritual climate of some Asian countries which some men and women of God have picked up. It will be clear and demonstrated over the next few months as the natural picks up the spiritual activities. In the meantime, the Spirit is increasing in His flow as more prayers are made both in Singapore and Australia for the move of God. The purposes of God are being fulfilled and His plans are being unveiled. There has been a lot of major changes since the forty day fast at the beginning of this year and I find myself entering into a new spiritual dimension that I have not experienced before. Most of all, there is a greater awareness of His love than was before and with it is a sense of contriteness, of wanting to just be at God’s throne room of grace, love and power, waiting upon Him than ever before. In terms of all night prayer, I am spending more time in that with this month of April when I would be leading two all nights in Singapore and one in Sydney. Soon it will be every Friday for me, and that would definitely be a plus and a bonus. There is nothing as wonderful as being saturated in prayer, and of all prayer meetings, I enjoy all nights the best as we can just pray on and on for hours without stopping until the day time. Everything that God has ever done on earth has been birthed in prayer, and the coming revival is no different. We need to spend quality time in His presence, just waiting on Him and sitting at His feet. The Spirit of prayer has indeed increased in our midst and we pray that this same Spirit of prayer would be  flowing into the lives of each of those that are a part of this ministry and the churches associated.

Papa God, we pray that this Spirit of prayer would come upon all our loved ones, partners and friends of the ministry, students and members of your church in Jesus Name. Amen.