Monthly Archives: March 2010

17th to 27th March 2010

Wow, this has been  another long break from this blog, while I was in Singapore. Both our websites and was down through overload. We will be looking into upgrading the setup so that we have sufficient bandwidth and also moving to look into video streaming over the next couple of months, which would mean that videos would play faster and clearer. Our apologies for the downtime but all our web managers have been working overtime to get the sites up again and we thank each of you for your patience.

In the meantime, it has been a busy week for me here in Singapore; also spent two nights in Sabah over the last week. All audios and videos will soon be online. It has been a great week of flowing in the Spirit and just spending time with Him in between the ministry time. In Singapore we will be moving the overnights (which is once a month on Saturday) to Fridays and have it twice a month (usually 1st week and third week). Of all the meetings, I always enjoyed the all night prayers as that is when we could spend many hours in the presence of God. I do love ministry but there is still nothing like coming into God’s presence not to receive but to give Him of our love and our heart’s adoration. So now I will be able to enjoy three overnights a month (two in Singapore and one in Sydney). At some point we will be having life broadcast on all nights and all meetings so that all who have internet access can join us; we are still working through all the various technologies and will get there soon.

In the Spiritual World, there is a lot of preparation of people coming and going. Many will be finishing their assignments on earth and leaving one by one as the whole earth (spiritual and natural) goes through a major transition that affects every dimension: the church world, political world, economic world, natural world, social world, etc. It is like a major tectonic shift that places all things in a new paradigm. The world moved into the nuclear age at the end of the second world war, then it moved into the internet age that now affects the lives of every person on earth, there is a spiritual shift that will make people yearn for the spiritual answers that they cannot get from the natural or intellectual or social realm. The next shift is already happening and we are in the midst of a major transition. What it is will be slowly defined as we enter into it. It is now ten years into the 21st century without a major revival like that of Asuza street. Many have tried to recall the glory of Asuza but it is all history now; we need to hear God’s voice in the now and flow with Him in what He wants to do. Prayer has been neglected in many quarters of Christianity as Christianity experienced growth and boom in the past 100 years. Now it is time for another season of travail and prayer as the church looks to move into a new dimension. It is time to dust the cobwebs of our prayer closets and enter into the presence of God and spend time with Him. The call to prayer is already sounded and the angels of God are calling those who hear His voice into the chambers. Another season of refreshing is coming upon us and we need to enter into His secret place of the Most High to ride this wave (Acts 3:19).

Papa God, we pray that you continue to draw the heart strings of all our loved ones, friends and partners of the ministry, students and members of Your church into the prayer chamber to spend time with You. As they respond, show them Your grace and love and presence that would inspire them to remain in Your presence and linger longer until You finish the good work within them. In Jesus Name Amen.

1st to 16th March 2010

Wow, this has been a long two weeks away from blogging. We had to thoroughly clean this site as those who were logging on were getting virus warnings. Thank you to the web managers who have helped us throughout the past weeks. The two weeks pass quickly in Sydney with overnight prayer and various meetings, and here again, I am about to leave for a ten day trip to Singapore. God has been good and increasing His presence of love and joy as time is spent in His presence. Many people have asked what it is like to meet Jesus in vision or in the Spiritual realm. It is like meeting perfection, like meeting perfect light, perfect love, perfect wisdom. There is nothing which He does not know. He knows us better than we know ourselves. In Him, there is no shadow of turning, no condemnation, only perfect love and perfect acceptance. Imagine, the most perfect love possible in your life and it would pale in shadow to the love of Jesus. Imagine the most brightest light and it would be darkness in comparison to His light. As we behold Him, so are we transformed (2 Corinthians 3:18). Many people do not really know God or Jesus for who He is. We are the reflection of the God we really know. Who we are is the sum of who we see God to be. Society, cultures, traditions have coloured our picture of God and all His attributes. We need to be able to see God for who He is. And that is easier said than done. For by human nature, we tend to limit God and made of objects and things around us into the gods we worship. Christians might not worship physical idols today but we are warned not to have idolatry in our hearts (1 John 5:21). Anything within our belief system that replace with the Truth of who God really is, is an idol in our hearts. Our concepts of God can be the very limiting factor to us truly knowing God especially if we are unwilling to give them up in place of the God that the Bible reveals Himself to be. Take a simple example of love: our understanding of what love is and can be is shaped by our experiences, family, culture, traditions and eduation. It takes the love of Jesus at the cross to break down all these barriers. By default, humans always walk in conditional love, rare are those who have set their hearts to love others unconditionally. In fact, many Christians even love God conditional, let alone telling them to love others unconditionally. We all have so much more to grow into God and to know God for who He is, that God is love, and he that abideth in love abides in God, and God in Him (1 John 4:16).

Papa God, we pray that you would continue to reveal Your unconditional love to us. We pray that this love would be powerfully revealed to all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church. In Jesus Name.

23rd to 28th February 2010

Arrived back yesterday from Singapore (27th). Had a busy week in Singapore, counselling, doign all the pastoral stuff, re-organizing some meetings for the next few months (where we will be doing Bible study on Thursdays and moving the Sat all night prayer to Fridays, etc.). Always a lot of things to pray through and meditate through and finally consult with the representative leaders before implementing a decision. It is always so important to not just make a decision top-down but to consult with the people and the leaders even if there is some clear direction from the Lord. The Lord’s direction is always mitigated by the flow of the people’s ability to follow after the Lord in terms of methodology and timing. A good leader must listen to the people at the grassroots and be taking care of even the one sheep gone astray from the ninety-nine. Board meetings are, of course, never run by Thus says the Lord but rather by ‘it feels good to the Holy Spirit and to us” (Acts 15). Consultation has been the pattern of David (he consulted with the leaders before bringing in the ark), in the church patern in the book of Acts 6 and Acts 15. Beign able to see visions, hear God and speak with the angels does not exempt us from the need to always flow with the level of every sheep. A good leader and shepherd can sense where the heart of the people are and nudges the sheep in the right direction. In my recent trip, I have been asked a lot about Christians and their local churches and the following summarizes my thoughts:

1. One can never grow beyond the level of the leader one follows. A spiritual leader must thus have more insights in God, more love, more grace, more faith, more everything. He receives it by lookign to the Lord who has inexhaustible supply.

2. God does lead and plant us into the right church and fellowship. The right church is always the one that helps you to grow to know God. Every one is at different levels and so every denomination and church would have their place for people of varying levels.

3. Being part of the right fellowship does help one to move into the right phase in spiritual and natural life. Imagine if Paul did not know Barnabas, or Paul not having the local church in Acts 11 and 13:1-3; Paul woudl not be where he is. Yet, Paul also sought to have the right hand of fellowship with the apostles in Jerusalem (Galatians 2).

4. In Christ, He does bring us to make the right friends and spiritual partners. What is David without his mighty men or the mighty men without David? What is Paul without Barnabas or Barnabas without Paul? James and John and Peter and Andrew took their natural partnership of fishermen into the spiritual partnership of the church. They were united in their destinies together as among the twelve but first met as fishing partners. Remarkable what the angels were doing working in the background to bring such people together.

I am in Sydney for today and tomorrow and will be back in Singapore by Wednesday night. This is one of the most hectic and busy weeks. Spiritually, felt very energized by the love of the Lord. It is wonderful to always commune with Him each day. The remarkable thing is that although the physical world is so hectic, in the spiritual everything is at rest and in peace – it is all completed since the forty day fast. I think the natural is rushing to catch up with the completed picture in the spiritual realm. What a quiet and repose it is in the spiritual world. How different it is sometimes from the physical. There is a sense of completion in the spiritual world that is beign translated into the natural.

Papa God, we continue to pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners of the ministry, students and members of Your church that Your supernatural grace will be upon each one as the spiritual breakthoughs become manifest upon the earth. Reveal thyself mightily to each and bring all into Your rest. In Jesus Name.