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17th to 22nd February 2010

Another rapid flow of days, landed in Singapore on Wednesday, ministered Thursday, Friday, Saturday plus all night. Just rested today (Sunday) and looking forward to the leaders’ training session on Monday night. Had an interesting encounter on Thursday night and Friday night in the early hours of the morning in regard to the spiritual forces at work in Asian regions.

The all night prayer on Saturday night was another wonderful time; lots of spiritual acitivities and always have a wonderful breakthrough towards the end of the prayer in the morning. It set me thinking about the spiritual wrestlings that Paul must have experienced when he wrote Ephesians 6:12. Paul speaks of fighting beasts in Ephesus, an interesting analogy which can refer to men or spiritual realm (1 Corinthians 15:32). Much of what takes place in the physical realm is the result of the activities in the invisible spiritual realm (Hebrews 11:3). Throughout the 40 day fast and also after, there has been so much things happening that I could hardly keep up. Firstly, there were the angelic hosts who were getting ready for the next wave of blessing, then there were more personal encounters of future event revelations that were shown, also there was the angelic encounter speaking of something that he was about to do in certain areas that were prayed before God, then there was the spiritual wrestling in Asia of spiritual forces. Wow, this makes physical life so tame in comparison to the activities taking place in the heavenlies. I guess we will see the results of these acitivites in a short time to come. Although Jesus has conquered all and in Him rests all authority, we are to exercise our authority delegated from Him. The believers in every nation of the world must exercised their God-given authority to prevail in the spiritual. the warfare is NEVER in the natural, only in the spiritual. Sometimes, it is just a matter of holding fast to the authority and power of God like Moses holding forth his rod. One has to hold it high until the enemy is defeated (Exodus 17:8-16)

Papa God, we continue to hold the authority of Christ high over the spiritual realms in which we live, especially over all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your body in Jesus Name. Amen. Release the flow of divine authority over each life In Jesus Name.

7th to 16th February 2010

Wow, a lot has happened since these ten days. Firstly, this whole blog site had to be checked through by our ministry web experts who have been advising and helping us in going onto the web. It had to be cleaned out as we do also get a lot of spam mail. Hopefully one day, when we are able to, we will be able to have better control of our blog site (rather than relying on third party free providers of blog sites as we are doing now – a word of thanks to the people who provided this blog software). Also my four year old desktop computer was having hard disk problems and I had to save all my data (about half a terrabyte of data) over to the new computer that I built from parts bought online. It was a lot of physical work as I had to strip the old computer to its bare parts and take the 4 hard drives and attached it one by one to the new computer to salvage and transfer all the data. Praise the Lord no data was lost. A lot of my other unpublished writings and research I am currently doing are in digital format. It took me until the last few days to get up to speed and finally transferred all my settings and data over to the new desktop computer. In the meantime, we also had a lot of activities in Sydney, with the overnight prayer last Friday night, Saturday fellowship (also had church fellowship lunch over the usual Chinese new year reunion), leaders’ training meeting, and the last week of the forty day fast, I wanted some quiet time with God. It had been a great week and now I am heading back to Singapore again for the next 14 days.

Jesus came during the overnight prayer (last day of 40 day fast), spoke some things and we had communion in the morning after the overnight prayer. It was very special for we all prayed for John 17 and covered the whole world in that prayer. A lot of spiritual experiences but I will share them as I am able to digest and understand them more. I love the quiet moments with the Lord and look forward to them all the time; although I do enjoy ministry and fellowship, there is still nothing like being with Jesus alone. I shared a little bit in the Sydney leaders meeting about some of the angelic activities and visions. It was a very interesting night on Monday yesterday. Many people desire to see the Spiritual realm and it seems that after the last experience in 2006, that I had retained the ability to move in and out of the spiritual visions, with much of it as an open vision. For those who have never had visions, don’t worry about it as our life on earth is judged not by visions alone but our obedience to the voice and instructions of God in whatever way He communicates to us. Most people in the natural do not realize that the spiritual is affecting the natural on a daily minute and second by second basis. It is odd to me because sometimes an angel can be standing next to someone and they have no idea at all what is happening. Last week, we did some visitation and I saw one of the guardian angels of a young Christian couple with two children. They lived in a two story house and I saw and angel in one of the rooms upstairs (like X-ray looking through the ceiling of the house as the lounge was downstairs). It seemed that that angel was frequenting that room often because of the amount of prayer and love towards God. The hostess confirmed that it was the room where she always prayed (of which I knew nothing about it in the natural). Before we left the house, the same angel came downstairs and said one word to me, which I delivered to the hosts. Sometimes, I know people wants me to tell them words or prophecies which God shows but it is important never to interrupt what God is doing in each life to train each person to hear Him directly. We are not allowed to say everything that the Lord shows or His angels show. We are only allowed to say what would help them in their progress and walk with God. It is great pastoring the sheep in this manner as like Paul (Colossians 2:5), one can behold the order of the church in the spirit without even naturally being present. It definitely helps to when pastoring two churches in two different continents. My spirit have been busy visiting people and watching over them with the angels and by the permission of God mainly in three countries – Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Also have been to other places especially where the Bible students are in all the world. There is no distance in the spirit realm, everything is as if the person is next to you. For example, I know the struggles of some of the church members in two continents and offer prayers for them like a silent observer. Many of them actually look differently from what they are in the natural. Some of those who are greatly loved by God, have such humility and have no idea as to what great impact their lives are in the spiritual world. Others think too highly of themselves and their flesh sticks out like a sore thumb visible to all angels but not to themselves. Most people have no idea that they are impacting on the spiritual world all the time through their words, thoughts and actions. For example, as I write this now in Sydney, I can see some of the members in Singapore praying and seeking for a certain direction in their lives. And then my spirit comes back to Sydney where I can see the burdens that one member here is carrying in their heart. This year will be a year of great change for this particular member as God arranges the angels to bring forth the calling of God in the life. I know that there will be a potential home going for this person if the person does not find the right path and seed of faith that God has already spoken to this person’s heart. God will always deal directly with each person. He speaks to each person and gives to each person a seed of the Word of God for each episode of a person’s life. No matter what circumstances we face, God has already spoken and we just need to re-discover the Word that God has spoken and placed in our hearts. For this person, God has spoken at least five times through Word, teaching, prophecy, dream, inner voice and Bible reading. With every temptation, God has always provided the way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13). Generally, most of those who have been coming regularly for all the meetings in Sydney, Singapore, New Zealand will have found that their spiritual lives have progressed greatly within these past one year. In fact, there are many angels that have been released int he midst of the forty day fast who are in charge of accelerating the events in the natural world; orchestrating them to line up with the spiritual order that has already been established.

Papa God, we continue to pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners of the ministry, students and members of the body of Christ, that You would continue to strengthen each one to receive the manifold blessings that You are releasing upon their lives this year. Let the breakthroughs bome forth powerfully over each of these precious lives. In Jesus Name. Amen.

4th to 6th February 2010

Another quick blur of days gone by. Good ministry in Singapore, teaching nights on Philippians by exergesis (4th and 5th nights). Looking forward to this Saturday church and then heading home again to Sydney tonight. One of those supershort weeks divided equally between Singapore and Sydney. Had good fellowship with angels during the day times. They are only here on earth on assignments but between assignments go back to their homes in heaven or minister before God in His presence.

Seven more days of fast left. This fast has been good and reasonably easy. There were spiritual battles in the first part of the 40 day fast when it began but towards this last part, the spiritual battles have been fought and won and the angels have shown up on the scene. Much have been accomplish for the reception of the blessings of God for the rest of this year and onwards. Many major breakthroughs will be coming forth for those who have been a apart of this work. Each ministry or church have their particular call and it is up to each head of ministry under Christ to ensure that those under their ministry be blessed and prayed for. People like Charles G Finney and John Sung constantly prayed for the people they ministered to in their parish which explains why many of their converts and disciples remain strong in the Lord even after their ministries complete. The results of their ministry are permanent and eternal as opposed to many superficial results of modern ministries who made no effort or even attempts to pray for their followers. Of course, we all follow only Christ but each ministry has a responsibility to pray for those under them. Samuel considered it a sin not to pray for the people whom God put him in charge of (1 Samuel 12:23). The apostle Paul constantly prayed for his disciples and followers as evident in all his epistles when he mentioned of his constant travail and prayers for them. Part of this forty day fast is to pray for those being ministered to by this ministry and the blessings and breakthroughs have been secured for all through this fast. A host of angels have been released on assignments to enforce this.

Papa God, we continue to thank You for all Your love and kindness and Your angelic hosts sent to minister to us. We know that it is only through the atonement of Jesus that we have an open heaven before You. We continue to bring before You all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church that You cause this year to be mighty year of great breakthrough and bleddings. In Jesus Name. Amen.

3rd Feb 2010 – From airport

Obviously, this airport observation is good to note. At places where humans congregate, there are always a lot of spiritual dynamism besides the obvious physical dynamics. Once in while, you see demons prowling around like vultures looking around for human ‘meat.’ When you get near some of them, you could sense an intense thought (dark and not good ones) pulling you to think towards a particular area or feel a particula emotion in accordance to the type or nature of the demon. Where do these demons come from? They had followed some helpless souls in their lives and at airports decide to go prey on someone else (especially where one has got a group together and in a sense a person become a type of ‘spiritual carrier’ (Yes, like a disease) which both attracts and spreads the demons around. Some were hanging around certain sections of a bookshop while others were congregated around some people at a cafe (Hmm, I wonder why?).

Of course, there are also angels, some of them were with some small kid and others around some people who obviously were full of love and goodness towards others. Some merely watching like protecting some people and I immediately know that they were there because some people were praying for those individuals. I thought I should share some perspectives here just to get everyone used to the idea that we are not alone on this earth. We are constantly being observed and our actions and reactions (spiritual, emotional, intellectual) being monitored. Keep your spiritual eyes open and all your spiritual senses open.

3rd Feb 2010

Thank you for your comments and responses from those of you who have written to me. We have had some spam which is why it took time to differentiate them (with the help of the web managers) from the feedback which each of you reading this blog has made. Your feedback and short comments are appreciated.

For Bible school students struggling through course 7 (now probably into module 2), thank you for your participation and your valuable feedback. Remember that some topics covered are controversial on purpose to get a reaction in your heart, emotions and mind; Part of Bible school training is to stretch each person spiritually, emotionally, intellectually to determine the limits of their capacity.

Thank you for reading the blog. It helps me to write one mail to all instead of writing individual mails to everyone. Will be in prayers for each of you.

31st Jan to Feb 3rd 2010

This week had gone like another blur. Got back on Sunday morning and after brief rest preached in church in Sydney. After two days to just catch a brief break to get on top of things in Sydney, I am leaving now (Wednesday 3rd Feb) for Singapore again (typing this blog at airport lounge in Sydney). This is one of those short weeks (three days in Sydney and three days in Singapore).  Spent in total of exactly half the month in Singapore and half in Sydney. The flight back was just so I can preach on a Sunday in Sydney and now flying back so I can preach on Saturday in Singapore (including the Thurs and Friday teaching). I am aware of the truncated blog that has occurred the last week. Not sure what is the cause of it but my web manager is having a look at it. The only difference that I made was that there were more short paragraphs, which I am going to avoid this time to see if it makes a difference.

I am really looking forward to these last two weeks of the forty day fast (ends on Feb 13). Will be trying to spend more time waiting on God in between meetings and travel. Have been given some flow of thoughts and visions but need to digest them first before talkign about them. A lot of spiritual things need to be digested first (when received) before one can talk about them. Far too many people blab about everything God reveals without understanding that spiritual things are for the spiritually discerned. Remember when Jesus said to ‘cast not pearls to swine?’ It does sound awfully rude in todays terms but His point was that peopel must be made ready or prepared before they can receive spiritual truth and revelation. One must learn to hold on to what God shows and not simply share them. For what reason should one hold them? The most important being that each revelation must be built upon a previous one being accepted first. Jesus revealed that He was the suffering Messiah who had to die on the cross only AFTER the disciples had confessed him as their the Christ the Son of the living God (Matthew 16). If He had revealed this second truth about Himself (that He had to die on the cross), they would never have accepted the first revelation (that He was the Christ). Too much revelation too fast can cause people to lose their balance. For this reason, the teachings that one can give, for example, in a teaching meeting are different than on Sunday (or Sat); and different still on an all night prayer or special leaders’ meeting or even church camp. Each has its place. Also teachings and sharing in small groups are different than in big groups. (the anointing and flow is different in each of them). The advantage today is that each of these can be recorded so people can access teachings at their spiritual level. On this point in a personal sense, everyone of us should be hearing from God at all times (especially during a fast) but we should not be immediately talking about what God spoke or shows especially when it is a personal basis. Jesus spoke in parables to the crowds but spoke plainly to His disicples. May we all grow to respect the way Jesus and the Holy Spirit function.

Papa God, we pray that you will always impart revelation to each of our loved ones, partners and friends of the ministry, students and members of Your body. Increase each ability to hear Your voice and revelation, especially the personal ones for individual lives. In Jesus Name.