21st to 27th January 2010

Had a busy series of meeting upon landing in Singapore 21st night, 22nd night, 23rd afternoon church service, 23rd night all night prayer, 25th night leaders’ training – so took 26th and 27th as lighter days to go for long walks and some swimming. Will work on Fatherly Talk tonight; hope to finish by late tonight and send it off. Also this year is going to be some periods of silence online as I take time to do the last year of thesis work for the online Bible school.

On my mind was the vision of angels seen during the all night prayers in Sydney and in Singapore. They were ministering angels with assignments of blessings for the saints for this year. A lot of breakthroughs will be forthcomign because of their work on earth. The most important thing is to keep our heart full of love for God and for all around us. We should wait upon the Lord with great expectancy this year in the many new and wonderful things that He will be doing.

Had a remarkable encounter in the all night prayer in Singapore around 6am. The love of God just fill the place and I was taken to a place of deep travail for revival. The birthing forth of the revival of God. It was such an awesome experience. May His Will always be established in our lives.

We must enter into the place of waiting upon the Lord (Isaiah 40:31; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Isaiah 64:4). The Hebrew word for ‘wait’ is ‘qavah’ which includes the meaning of ‘being gathered together’ (Genesis 1:9 like the waters gathered together) with the Lord. It is being entwined in the Lord – He being the vine and we the branches. Like Elijah we must learn to stand in the presence of God (Elijah declares himself as one who stands in the presence of God). There is much opening in the heavenly places of angels anscending and descending from the throne of God. Like the calm before the storm, it is a calm filled with electricity and thickness of air currents about to break forth. How long this calm will hold, we do not know but definitely breaking forth this year, it will. In such a scenario, the most important thing in a spiritual tidal wave is positioning. We must be positioned in the right place, in the right structure, in the right heart and attitude for it to carry us to where the Lord wants it to go. When the Pentecostal outpouring came forth in Acts 2, only 120 were there (the others who make up the 500 whom Jesus appeared to after His resurrection were not there – 1 Corinthians 15).

What must we do while waiting on Him? We must present our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him (Romans 12:1-3); we must allow the Holy Spirit to take out all the root of bitterness within our souls or anything in us that is not in line with the Word and the love of God (Acts 8:22-23). As opposed to much wrong teaching that tell believers they no longer have to repent, believers do have to repent for any sin that they allow to fester in their lives after they are born again. We must believe in the vision that God has given to us about our own lives. Dount and unbelief in what God has personally revealed to us may cause us to be put aside until the ripeness of time like Zacharias was (Luke 1:20).

Papa God, we pray for the Spirit of God to come upon all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your body

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