16th to 20th January 2010

As always the night before my Singapore trip is an all night work night. One day I would need to have this organized a bit better. For now I will do my best to answer all emails. I will still answer all emails but by dictation in future :-) Takes longer for me to type than to speak. Unlike other ministries, I do enjoy answering them personally; have always done this in the past and still doing it today, so apologies for those whose emails took time to be answered personally.

17th day of the fast, it is almost half way through. How time has passed. Not able to retain 100% liquid as I still have to go about some activities that sap a lot of energy. After all night prayer, I feel spiritually energized even after the morning nap but by evening, I had to take some peanuts to strengthen myself. If I am all isolated without any activities and ministry, it would be possible to be 100% liquid but where there is a need for more energy, just some extra peanuts and soya bean will do. (We shall definitely not make this a peanut and soya bean feast ;-)). I enjoyed a good time of prayer the past few days. The word always flows better when fasting than when with a full stomach. This series of teachings done in a fast are going to be unique. Of course, most other times, I am already on a fasted life which means that there is normally nothing eaten too close to ministry time. I was glad to read that a number of other ministries are also enjoying a time of fasting, too. This will be a good thing for the next generation.

A lot of wonderful things are going to happen this year for those who love the Lord with all their hearts. Peering into the future from the vantage point of the Spiritual realm is exciting. While there may be shakings in the natural realm, there will be the land of Goshen for those in the Lord. The spiritual anchor is liken to the ship’s anchor which keeps a boat steadfastly moored in a storm; with the exception that it is moored spiritually upwards in God rather than downwards in the waters. How many times does the epistles ask us to look upwards in Christ. We are seated with Him in the heavenly places and we are to look to things above and not beneath. The proper place for the spirit man is in heaven in Christ and not on earth. Earth is the place where our spiritual man puts on a suit to enter into this earth atmosphere (the suit being the physical body). From time to time, we need to surface and breathe the real air of the spiritual heavens. It is our default place and home. It has been so easy to rise to the heights of heaven after the spiritual encounters like some sort of a tuning done to the spirit man once it has has experienced heaven. As I write this, the Spirit came upon me again and draws me upwards (so the pause). This intensity of light is so glorious but I do find the spiritual eyes adjusting to them. I see visions of ships (old and new) ocean liners and all kinds of vessels. The old are being collected and drawn away and the new ones launched. It is a symbolic vision. The ocean is calm but there is a sense of a coming storm. The calm before the storm. I see in the distance an angry looking cloud, menacing but prevented from drawing near. Behind me are a host of angels with great light. The two forces clash over the oceans and the angels, of course, win but the old ships are lost and gone. Suddenly, the storm clears and it is the most beautiful scene; the loveliest ocean view with myriads of beautiful colours of the sea. Grand ocean liners flow in synchrony to the furthest oceans. Who are these ships? They are the people, the nations, the businesses, the ministries – all varied and diverse; small sailings onese, giant liners, all representative of the diversities of humans, entreprises, ministries and nations large and small. This year is a spiritual battle that is foreordained from of old. The spiritual clash that must come. Its side effect on the natural world are the uphearvals of nature and entreprises and ministries and nations. It is like the old clashing of empires in the time of Daniel when Gabriel went forth to strengthen the kings of Persia but fought the prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13, 20; 11:1 – the prince and the kings are two different entities, one spiritual and the other humans). A great spiritual battle took placed in the time of Daniel during the changeover of empires; the same is beign wrought out in the spiritual realm over the whole earth. It is a war zone in the Spiritual realm above the earth. Spiritual wickedness in high places do not give up their thrones easily but they must for the time has come for changes to take place this year.

Papa God, in the fullness time you have brought all of us to the place where you want us to be; some in one country and some in another, some in cities and some in the fields. Your positioning of your church is such that it is ready for the next phase. We continue to pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and church members that you would brign all to the right geographical place, the right physical place, the right spiritual place, the right fellowship, the right partnerships that each may find their destiny in you. Thank you for the work of Your Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit that You release now in the last days. Thank you for Your angelic armies that march forth to possess new territories in the spiritual heavens. Let Your divine secret place of the Most High b

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  1. Dorcas

    Dear Pastor Peter Tan,
    Thank you for your teaching all these while and I am always so bless to get to learn from you. I am actually so envy at you, because you can hear God’s voice so clearly and have a close relationship with Him. Pastor Peter Tan, can you please tell me how can I have an encounter with God, and how can I hear God’s voice clearly? I’m tired of always seeking people to pray for me,or guessing God’s voice, I hope that I can know Him personally. I hope that I can know Him face to face and walk with Him.

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