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28th to 30th January 2010

The fast is getting easier as the body has fully adjusted to the light fruit and non-meat fast. Looking forward to the last two weeks of fast starting Sunday. It gets more intense spiritually as one enters into a long protracted 40 day fast. Always wonder what God has in store for each fast over the past thirty years has always been different. Had some spiritual encounters on night of 29th with some ministering in the spirit.

Enjoyed sitting at the beach today (30th) for one and a half hours of prayer as I watch the day turn to dusk. Nothing sounds more soothing than the waves of the sea crashing onto the shoreline. Something which I miss doing for a long time. It would have been nice to take and entire day off but only manage to get off work at 5pm to take a walk by the beach. It was good just to watch the sky and the sea for hours. Reminds me of our home in heaven above with its lovely paradise. Had a good communion with God as He speaks of things to come. The die is cast and all that is spoken will come to pass. It is good to watch and see the spiritual breaking into the natural like the sea waves.

Looking forward to the last day of ministry here in Singapore before boarding the plane for Sydney again. Have been away for ten days and Sydney work is sure to pile up in my absence. It is good to be settled on a routine so I know where everything is. The Lord is good.

The thoughts that flow are that the little changes make great phenomena. Like the waves of the sea, all things are subject to the powerful waves that flow from the Spirit of God. It has been determined and the thoughts of God are already flowing forth. Nothing can stand against the tidal waves of God released. It is good to be on a fast to tap on this tidal wave that flows from the

21st to 27th January 2010

Had a busy series of meeting upon landing in Singapore 21st night, 22nd night, 23rd afternoon church service, 23rd night all night prayer, 25th night leaders’ training – so took 26th and 27th as lighter days to go for long walks and some swimming. Will work on Fatherly Talk tonight; hope to finish by late tonight and send it off. Also this year is going to be some periods of silence online as I take time to do the last year of thesis work for the online Bible school.

On my mind was the vision of angels seen during the all night prayers in Sydney and in Singapore. They were ministering angels with assignments of blessings for the saints for this year. A lot of breakthroughs will be forthcomign because of their work on earth. The most important thing is to keep our heart full of love for God and for all around us. We should wait upon the Lord with great expectancy this year in the many new and wonderful things that He will be doing.

Had a remarkable encounter in the all night prayer in Singapore around 6am. The love of God just fill the place and I was taken to a place of deep travail for revival. The birthing forth of the revival of God. It was such an awesome experience. May His Will always be established in our lives.

We must enter into the place of waiting upon the Lord (Isaiah 40:31; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Isaiah 64:4). The Hebrew word for ‘wait’ is ‘qavah’ which includes the meaning of ‘being gathered together’ (Genesis 1:9 like the waters gathered together) with the Lord. It is being entwined in the Lord – He being the vine and we the branches. Like Elijah we must learn to stand in the presence of God (Elijah declares himself as one who stands in the presence of God). There is much opening in the heavenly places of angels anscending and descending from the throne of God. Like the calm before the storm, it is a calm filled with electricity and thickness of air currents about to break forth. How long this calm will hold, we do not know but definitely breaking forth this year, it will. In such a scenario, the most important thing in a spiritual tidal wave is positioning. We must be positioned in the right place, in the right structure, in the right heart and attitude for it to carry us to where the Lord wants it to go. When the Pentecostal outpouring came forth in Acts 2, only 120 were there (the others who make up the 500 whom Jesus appeared to after His resurrection were not there – 1 Corinthians 15).

What must we do while waiting on Him? We must present our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him (Romans 12:1-3); we must allow the Holy Spirit to take out all the root of bitterness within our souls or anything in us that is not in line with the Word and the love of God (Acts 8:22-23). As opposed to much wrong teaching that tell believers they no longer have to repent, believers do have to repent for any sin that they allow to fester in their lives after they are born again. We must believe in the vision that God has given to us about our own lives. Dount and unbelief in what God has personally revealed to us may cause us to be put aside until the ripeness of time like Zacharias was (Luke 1:20).

Papa God, we pray for the Spirit of God to come upon all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your body

16th to 20th January 2010

As always the night before my Singapore trip is an all night work night. One day I would need to have this organized a bit better. For now I will do my best to answer all emails. I will still answer all emails but by dictation in future :-) Takes longer for me to type than to speak. Unlike other ministries, I do enjoy answering them personally; have always done this in the past and still doing it today, so apologies for those whose emails took time to be answered personally.

17th day of the fast, it is almost half way through. How time has passed. Not able to retain 100% liquid as I still have to go about some activities that sap a lot of energy. After all night prayer, I feel spiritually energized even after the morning nap but by evening, I had to take some peanuts to strengthen myself. If I am all isolated without any activities and ministry, it would be possible to be 100% liquid but where there is a need for more energy, just some extra peanuts and soya bean will do. (We shall definitely not make this a peanut and soya bean feast ;-)). I enjoyed a good time of prayer the past few days. The word always flows better when fasting than when with a full stomach. This series of teachings done in a fast are going to be unique. Of course, most other times, I am already on a fasted life which means that there is normally nothing eaten too close to ministry time. I was glad to read that a number of other ministries are also enjoying a time of fasting, too. This will be a good thing for the next generation.

A lot of wonderful things are going to happen this year for those who love the Lord with all their hearts. Peering into the future from the vantage point of the Spiritual realm is exciting. While there may be shakings in the natural realm, there will be the land of Goshen for those in the Lord. The spiritual anchor is liken to the ship’s anchor which keeps a boat steadfastly moored in a storm; with the exception that it is moored spiritually upwards in God rather than downwards in the waters. How many times does the epistles ask us to look upwards in Christ. We are seated with Him in the heavenly places and we are to look to things above and not beneath. The proper place for the spirit man is in heaven in Christ and not on earth. Earth is the place where our spiritual man puts on a suit to enter into this earth atmosphere (the suit being the physical body). From time to time, we need to surface and breathe the real air of the spiritual heavens. It is our default place and home. It has been so easy to rise to the heights of heaven after the spiritual encounters like some sort of a tuning done to the spirit man once it has has experienced heaven. As I write this, the Spirit came upon me again and draws me upwards (so the pause). This intensity of light is so glorious but I do find the spiritual eyes adjusting to them. I see visions of ships (old and new) ocean liners and all kinds of vessels. The old are being collected and drawn away and the new ones launched. It is a symbolic vision. The ocean is calm but there is a sense of a coming storm. The calm before the storm. I see in the distance an angry looking cloud, menacing but prevented from drawing near. Behind me are a host of angels with great light. The two forces clash over the oceans and the angels, of course, win but the old ships are lost and gone. Suddenly, the storm clears and it is the most beautiful scene; the loveliest ocean view with myriads of beautiful colours of the sea. Grand ocean liners flow in synchrony to the furthest oceans. Who are these ships? They are the people, the nations, the businesses, the ministries – all varied and diverse; small sailings onese, giant liners, all representative of the diversities of humans, entreprises, ministries and nations large and small. This year is a spiritual battle that is foreordained from of old. The spiritual clash that must come. Its side effect on the natural world are the uphearvals of nature and entreprises and ministries and nations. It is like the old clashing of empires in the time of Daniel when Gabriel went forth to strengthen the kings of Persia but fought the prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13, 20; 11:1 – the prince and the kings are two different entities, one spiritual and the other humans). A great spiritual battle took placed in the time of Daniel during the changeover of empires; the same is beign wrought out in the spiritual realm over the whole earth. It is a war zone in the Spiritual realm above the earth. Spiritual wickedness in high places do not give up their thrones easily but they must for the time has come for changes to take place this year.

Papa God, in the fullness time you have brought all of us to the place where you want us to be; some in one country and some in another, some in cities and some in the fields. Your positioning of your church is such that it is ready for the next phase. We continue to pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and church members that you would brign all to the right geographical place, the right physical place, the right spiritual place, the right fellowship, the right partnerships that each may find their destiny in you. Thank you for the work of Your Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit that You release now in the last days. Thank you for Your angelic armies that march forth to possess new territories in the spiritual heavens. Let Your divine secret place of the Most High b

9th to 15th January 2010

The past few days past like a blurr as I concentrated on the fast. Today (15th) is the twelveth day of the fast. Have lost about 4 to 5 kilos but still having some strength to exercise after taking some fruit smoothies. Having interesting visions and dreams. These always increases each time I fast so it is quite normal. But some things God reveals might take time to understand and digest. This fast is going to be a powerful fast for those who partake of it. It is the season of revival and visitation and this fast can only increase our receptivity to God. For those who are fasting remember the basics:

(1) A fast is basically a surrender to the Lord and not a demand made of God. (2) A fast is a humbling of oneself before God. (3) A fast is a method of repentance before God. (4) A fast is the putting down of the flesh so that the spirit man can take ascendancy in our lives. (5) A fast is an opportunity to spend more time with God without the flesh coming into the picture.

Visions and dreams increase in most people during times of a fast. We need to take note of the messages that come through them. They are not perceived intellectually but rather received spiritually. There should be no attempts at interpreting them but rather let the message be formed and stand out on its own. There can be continuation type of dreams and visions that take place during a prolong forty day fast. It helps to take notes and write them down. The impressions and messages received during a fast are usually very important. This, of course, does not mean that every message or impression of the fast is important for part of it could be self-awarness analysis and healing-type dreams and visions. Once we are completely cleansed (John 15:3) then we are ready for the true messages of God. It takes sometimes the first part of a prolong fast to cleansed ourselves of our own thoughts, ideas, desires, ambitions, dreams, visions and plans. It takes time for those who have never fasted before to empty the trash can of our heads, emotions, desires and hearts. I know that Jesus has cleansed all of us with His precious blood. So this is more in reference to the application of His blood and Word into our lives then our own self cleaning. Truly only the pure in heart shall see God (Matthew 5:8). The same Greek word for ‘pure’ (from the root word ‘katharizo’) is used in John 15:3 when Jesus said that His Word has made them clean. Obviously this cleansing and purification takes time for we are told in Hebrews 4:12 that the Word (logos) of the Lord is sharper than a two edged sword separating spirit and soul. It is during the fast that we can put aside the needs of our flesh and body and examine the areas that lie between our spirit and soul. Most of the time when we eat three hearty meals a day, we are only conscious of our inner life and our body. Only in a deep fast can we differentiate between the levels of inner life – spirit consciousness and soul consciousness.

I am looking forward to the all night prayer tonight.

Papa God, we continue to fast and pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church that during this time, we would all recieve an inner cleansing of our hearts, spirits and souls. Let the cleansing be so deep that we can truly hear the voice of God and see God. Reveal your self during this time of fasting and consecration to each one. In Jesus Name. Amen.

6th to 8th January 2010

On 6th January, landed in Singapore in the early evening and had a look at the church new premises and also fellowship with a fruit juice drink as we were all on a forty day fast. On 7th January, managed to select the carpets for the new premises and also began exegetical teaching in the night seminars. There is a need for exegetical teaching especially in many churches as most teaching from pulpits are topical. Only exegetical teaching (line by line, word by word, verse by verse) can get people into the love of the written word of God. It is harder than topical preaching as it requires personal study of the passage and Bible plus one cannot go to far away from the context of the passages. It is an important spiritual diet that every pastor of a local church must aspire to to teach the whole counsel of God. Many Christians are not reading their Bible regularly because they do not yet see the beauty of every word, line and Scripture. It is the inspired Word of God and our modern church must value this. Men and women have given their lives to have the Bible freely available to us today. Let us treasure the inheritance of the written Word of God that has been bequeathed to us from previous generations.

The Bible remains the source of all our doctrine, practices and plumbline for correction of theology and understanding of God (2 TImothy 3:16). Without the Word of God, the Spirit of God cannot work for the Spirit of God is also the Spirit of Truth. Jesus was and is the Word made flesh. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). Without the Word, this present world will not have existed. All things are framed by the Word of God (Hebrews 11:3). Faith can come only by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Jesus promised that those who love Him and His Words will bear fruit (John 15:7; 14:14, 21). We need to cultivate within ourselves a love of the Word of God. It is food for our daily lives. God’s words produce the thought energies that we need each day for our thought life to be sustained in the mind of Christ.

Papa God, we continue to pray that You would create in our hearts and minds, in the lives of all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church a supernatural love for the Word of God. Let this hunger for Your Word be liek that of a hunger for food so that we cannot live without

3rd January to 5th January 2010

Started the 40 day fast early on 3rd January. Will still fast through to 13th Feb. The fast has been fairly easy and I look forward to having good times with the Lord. On January 3rd, preached the New Year message in Sydney and will share it again in Singapore this Saturday. On 4th January, has my first fast smoothie to keep up the energy. Look forward to the whole of the forty day fast.

The earth is in turmoil as seen in the recent volcanic activities and earthquakes. Indeed, the dream vision of the sinking islands point to a tumultuous year 2010. This is the calm before the storm. A lot of energy is in the air like a tinderbox waiting for the spark. For the believer, it will be a year of visions and endings and beginnings as the changing of the guard gets completed (the old guard giving way to the new guard). In this life, there is no real ending only the new beginning at every ending. The final ending is with Christ’s second coming. Thus we will see the end of some things and the beginning of new things like the changing of the seasons. Some things will end this year (2010) and in its place new things will take root. There may be a period of chaos during the transition but it is all under control by God who permits and foresaw this changes. In a time of change, the most important thing is to stay rooted to fundamentals – word, prayer, worship, etc. For those who have been faithful and waiting on the Lord, this season of change will be the launch of new things. I purposely use the word ‘launch’ rather than new beginnings as there is a preparation and prior beginning before launch – there is a framework already in place before a launch can take place. For those who have already prepared their boat and framework, this year will be the launch of that boat or ship. It is the season to launch into things that have been in the back burner being tested and established but now ready for the limelight.

As we look forward to this new year, we continue to pray and fast for all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of God’s church that God would cause this year to be a mighty fruit bearing year. The tree has been planted, it is now ready for the firstfruits. Papa God, we pray and lift up all our loved ones, friends and partners of the ministry, students and members of Your church that they be rooted and grounded in the love of God (Ephesians 3) and that they all may bear fruit in this year of great changes. Stabilize all of them in Your embrace of love and cause the power of Your Spirit and Your works predestined from before the foundation of the earth to be manife

26th December 2009 to 2nd Jan 2010

26th Dec – Just returned to Sydney from Singapore to enjoy a Sydney Christmas with turkey at the church; 27th Dec – Had a day of rest; 28th Dec – went with several Sydney church people to the new premises to look into the sound system and other things; 29th Dec and 30th Dec – catch up on some correspondence and church work.

31st Dec – Had a wonderful day of fast and prayer the whole day. Had a few cups of water. At night between 8pm to 12 midnight we had church members came for the prayer watch. Lovely night ending with the communion.

1st January – Open house in Sydney. Had a wonderful fellowship time with Sydney church people as they all came and cooked some meals and played some wii games together. Enjoyed talking about the importance of family and relationships with each person sharing their background. Ended that evening with a long two hour walk along the bushlands.

2nd January – Looking forward to a short trip to Blue mountains (one hour drive) with Amy and Lindy (Canberra intercessor). Have never been there and would look forward to the nature view (talk to the trees and see how they are :-)). Will look forward to coming back and finishing off Fatherly Talk and also all the rest of the correspondence.

I have been meditating on the New year message that is usually delivered on the first preaching at the beginning of the year outlining the year’s outlook. So far the Lord has shown some interesting dreams and visions. One of them that I do not have full understanding yet (takes time for the interpretation) is a dream of islands and an energy oil rig being swallowed by the sea. I have been asking God about the outlook for the year 2010 and this has many possible interpretations and I will speak of them when I have completed analyzing the interpretations from the biblical perspective. I don’t think that they are literal as the time has not yet come for seas levels to be at such levels (although there are visions given long ago from the spiritual world perspective of what the world looks like in the millenium and the borders of land mass are different from what they are today, with much of the sea levels higher than what it is today. All these could be a slow process or a sudden envelopment as I did not see how that took place but only the future existence of land mass). Certainly, in the year 2010 we will see some interesting times – much changes and dramatic shifts – some of them shocking and unexpected while others are predictable. Will be preaching on this in Sydney and Singapore on what we can expect in the year 2010.

Papa God, we thank you for Your goodness to all of us and Your great mercies shown. We continue to pray for all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church that Your goo