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23rd, 24th and 25th December 2009

Just came back from the church camp (24th) today and back in Singapore. Looking forward to enjoying Christmas in Singapore. Will be going down to Orchard Road Christmas eve to see what Christmas is like here. Had a good camp and all the messages will be on the internet soon. Managed to provide some practical aspects of dreams, visions and interpretations in the camp.

We greet each of those reading this blog a Blessed Christmas and a Spirit-filled new year. We all know that the origins of Christmas is pagan but it is a public holiday and a good time to sing carols about the coming of Christ to the earth. In the Spiritual World there is also an increase in activities as the angels and ministering spirits go about the earth where people tend to want to do good deeds and help the poor and needy this season. Like the book of Romans say, some celebrate the Sabbath and some do not, others eat vege only while others eat everything – to each who live according to their conscience and do it unto the Lord it is acceptable to the Lord (Romans 14). Of course, there are always those who abuse the holiday season for profit making but overall there is some desire for peace and good tidings in the air which the spiritual world takes to place upon humanity a greater sense of doing good to one’s fellow human being.

Not being from a Christian background (I was born again and the first in my family to come to know Christ) we have never known the joy of celebrating Christmas. It was very strange the first time Christmas came around as a new believer but the time that I really got into the joy of the occasion was when we first open our homes to church members in the late 1980s while in Malaysia. It was such a wonderful time that we had meeting up with church people who visited the home and the whole Christmas day we had a stream of people going in and out of the home. What a joy to enjoy the hospitality of having people come to the home. I remember that Christmas as we came to midnight, there was such joy in having met the people.

At the church camp, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with individuals and families, hearing each story and testimony, listening to the pains, struggles and ups and downs of each person. It helps me a lot to hear so that each time when I minister the word of God, I would do my best to find practical applications to help each person and family. It is good to seek to relate the application of the Word of God to the real problems that people are facing day by day. This would be true Christianity the way Jesus meant it to me.

Papa God, we pray that You would let Your Spirit of encouragement to be upon all our loved ones, freidns and partners of the ministry

21st to 22nd December 2009

In the midst of a church camp training on Dreams, Visions, Prophecies and Interpretation. The place where we are having the camp is a resort in Johor Bahru (my home town). Took two hours out to meet members of my physical family (mother, brother, sisters, etc.). Had a good time and look forward to helping those present with connecting to the Spiritual realm.

Much of the training in our education revolved around the intellect (logic, memory, analysis and function). This train the left side of the brain but neglects the right side of our brain. Will be helping the camp participants with their soul/physical training area so that their brain and soul could be more sensitized to the spiritual aspects of their existence. God has made us spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). It is important to have training in all these three aspects of our realities. This camp would be wonderful as I will be able to help the participants with techniques and methodologies that is still being refined to help the balance of spirit, soul and body consciousness. The Holy Spirit uses all the functions our spirit, soul and body to speak to us. The more ‘muscle training’ we have in these areas, the better we can flow with the Holy Spirit. This is just like swimming in water. We need the basic skill of swimming in order to be comfortable in water. There is a natural ability within us to float but the discomfort of the water can cause us react un-naturally to the water and the most basic re-active function when thrown into water (dog-pedal) is suspended without us even learning the rest of the type of swimming. SImilarly, there are basic functions of our soul and spirit that we need to feel familiar with so that we can yield better to the Holy Spirit.

Papa God, we continue to praise You and worship You from our spirits, souls and bodies; especially presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice. We ask that Your Spirit would continue to train all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church in the things of the Spirit. For we are here on earth to learn through this limited physical body the functions of the spirit man through a material body. Teach us, help us, we yield our all to You In Jesus Name. Amen.

18th Dec to 20th Dec 2009

Wow, the weekend has just passed by so fast with the series of meetings. Just finished the series of teachings on Prosperity through Grace and the Endtime series on Saturday. Getting ready for the church camp next week. Not sure if I can keep update next week online as I am uncertain of the internet facilities in the camp next week. Will try but depending on how much free time I get in the camp and also internet facilities. Will also try to work on the next Fatherly Talk in between. it is interesting to see how dependent we are on the internet for communication these days. If everything on earth is a shado of the things in the invisible realm, the internet would be like a physical manifestation of the thought and visual realm for it is the place where thoughts, words and pictures are hosted.

Everything on the physcial earth has its invisible equivalent (Hebrews 11:3). We all need to keep remembering that everything we see, feel and touch around us is but a shadow of the true reality beyond this physical. The things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal and the true reality (2 Corinthians 4:18). Sometimes that things which are seen are not the exact (in terms of shape and form) representative of its equivalent in the spiritual realm but its ideas and thoughts are expressed perfectly (as in the spiritual realm somethings do not have shape and form like in our dimensional world. Faith is the process by which we take what is in the spiritual and brings it into the visible realm (Hebrews 11:1). This ability to handle the DNA of matter and energy is given to every single one of us. However, God has withheld some of the manifestations of this power we have until we mature and grow as a human race in the love and holiness of God – otherwise we will destroy ourselves with such power. The key to tapping on this realm is the power of thoughts and visions. And this has to be sustained by the Holy Spirit and not just by our soul. One of the first things to do is to have mind that is pure and undefiled filled with the peace and love of God (Philippians 4:7-8). Be aware of every thought, every feeling and every vision for these are the three dimensions of words. This universe was made by the power of God’s spoken word. We shall be judged by every idle word which we speak (Matthew 12:36-37). Keep daily watch always over every word, thought and feeling and vision, in our conscious life. Consiousness is life and the consciousness must be directed the purest stream, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Papa God, let the flow of pure thoughts be mighty upon our hearts and lives, upon our loved

17th Dec 2009

Arrived in Singapore yesterday after working through till 5am on 16Dec finishing up all the emails. Had a bit of rest on the plane and some rest last night.

Woke up to a nice cool cloudy day in Singapore with some drizzle, which is good as it helps to cool down the weather. Spoke of the things of the spiritual realm during fellowship time and of the activities preparing for some to be received from the natural life whose season has come to an end. There is a definite changing of the guard in the spiritual, economic, business, political and natural realm. We are in a season of change for the next move on this planet.

The Lord kept speaking of being a living sacrifice prepared to take on the new move of God – Romans 12:1-2. We are in a season where, as the old guard is being removed from the earth, the Lord is looking for a fresh group of people who will know Him and hear His voice. His eyes are running to and fro and looking into the hearts of those who love Him and seek to do His Will. It is a time to sign onto the new team that God is raising to change the planet earth. We sign on by presenting our spirit, soul and body to Him as a living sacrifice every day. It is then up to HIm to test us and search our hearts to see if we are of the calibre of recruit that He is gathering together. This is the season to spend much time waiting on God and praying unceasingly. Let us wait on the Lord (Isaiah 40).

Papa God, teach us to wait on You and sit quietly in Your presence. We bring this Spirit of waiting on You upon allour loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and membe

15th to 16th December 2009

Woke up early for the drive to Canberra (15th Dec) this morning and got back in time for the Leadership training at 7:30pm in Sydney (three hours drive each way = 6 hours of driving with prayer in tongues). Enjoyed the scenery as always. Will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow for a long trip that includes a church camp. Had good meeting with leadership training and fellowship ended towards 11pm.

The presence of God seems to be more intensified since the all night prayer and, of course, has been growing ever since the ministry started again this decade. As I ponder His presence, I realized that His presence has always been there but spiritual growth helps to activate or sense the presence of God better plust allow its manifest blessings to flow. Now it is even possible to feel God’s presence in all of His creation (the air, the water, the trees, the sunshine and stars, etc. etc.). Such presence has always been there but it is like the spiritual ear is not tuned to hear the softest whispers of the leaves, the lightest touch of the breeze, the air that one breathes. The sense of His harmony and energy flowing through all His creation is like music. One can yield to this energizing presence each day. His Word, of course, carries a tremendous powerful force when spoken and this presence seems to be manifested longer and deeper than before. In the heavens above, we are always surrounded by the presence of God and it is the life force of our spirits. In this life, the same takes place but we also receive indirectly the life force through natural foods. I spent some time in the car (while travelling) meditating on perfection. There is perfection in heaven and on this earth perfection does not exist as it should be. Yet in God perfection is the basis of all harmony – all imperfection is as sin in His sight. With God, nothing is imperfect. We can be as perfect as the image of Christ and God that we carry inside us. As we see, so are we. We need to be able to see the perfection of Christ within us and allow this perfection to flow through us. In perfection, there is perfect provision, perfect healing, perfect enjoyment in the presence of God. Nothing is wanting or lacking in the perfection in God. Perfection in God is now a gift in Christ to be grown into us. As we see, so are we; as we are, so we do. When we flow forth from actions that evoked the visions of Christ’s beauty and perfection, we release fresh flows of His life within us.

Papa God, we continue to pray that the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus without spot or wrinkle would cause us to be filled with the perfection of Christ. Let this perfection of Christ be upon our spirits, souls and bodie. Let this power of Your perfect grace be upon

9th to 16th Dec 2009

Everyone must be wanting to know what is happening in this period of one week silence. Well, firstly there were so many things to catch up here in Sydney after the 18 day trip to Singapore. Secondly, I have to also take time to finish my assignments for my trip this morning to Canberra – will take until the end of 2010 to finish the ACU course of which Logos Bible School course 7 is linked to. We have made good progress for course 7 leadership online training research program which will be launched on January 4th next year. It will have ten modules and last until around June 2010. It is a free course which we hope that students from all over the world can participate for us to take surveys to see what best suit them through this test modules.

In the meantime, a lot has happened spiritually. Sometimes spiritual things are to be experienced more than to be explained. There has been wonderful experiences in the Friday all night, which Jesus visited during the last hour of prayer. I thought of writing on this after the experience but it was still too fresh and sacred to write about – need time to digest first before one can put into words with the understanding. The Lord as always has been teaching on various things of the Spirit and it has taken me time to digest and during the time of meditation and digesting, it is very hard to write as one still ‘recovers’ from the experiences. Also I am still getting use to the schedule of being away from Sydney for a longer span and it takes time to settle into a writing flow with the break in between the writing. I am sure that I will get into the swing of it soon but it is taking me mentally more time to adjust than physically. Each country has a different flow and different spirit about it and being sensitive to spiritual realms takes time to tap on the various lights and river flows of the Holy Spirit to each country. Once I have adjusted and settled in fully into both Singapore and Sydney, it will flow easier. Now there is still too much of a sense of packing and unpacking every other week. The other thing is that although I do desire to help people as much as possible every where I go, there is a need sometimes for me to just withdraw from everything and just be with God to soak in His presence. I did have a nice refreshing time away from everything and just soak into God as much as I can without having to give out. My simple heart just wants to be simply with God and enjoy His presence without any other thing occupying the mind. It is a different thing to schedule a time with God as to just be with God and let Him take His time and we take our time in God. It becomes true fellowship with God with nothing else on schedule.

I continue to be amazed by the things of the Spiritual realm. So much to know and so much to see. The invisible world is more busy and active than even the ‘busyness’ of the physical world. Sometimes, with the permission of God the Father, I am allowed to over hear conversations of the Spiritual realm like Daniel was allowed to do so in Daniel 8:13. There is definitely going to be a spiritual paradigm shift that is occuring in this decade (2006-2016). There are humans here and there who seem to sense it (Christians and non-Christians) but there are many who keep thinking in their minds that everything will go back to normal like they knew it ten or twenty years ago or more. Things will not be the same any more in the world. There is a seismic shift of power, economy, spiritual forces that usually results in the changing of authorities and powers into different hands and vessels. I can see some in the spiritual world preparing for those who will die and enter the spiritual world within this decade. These are world leaders and also spiritual church leaders. Some of these do not know their own time is at hand. At the same time, there are angels working along side powers in waiting like the angel Gabriel left alone with the princes of Persia (Daniel 10:13) and who fought against the spiritual forces of Persia both before coming to Daniel and after (Daniel 10:13, 20). Part of the work of Gabriel was preparing the way for the prince of Greece (Daniel 10:20). There are mighty angelic forces at work in these times of changing of powers and authorities on the planet earth. The overflowing waves or changes are going to affect the planet earth politically, economically and spiritually. It is amazing to see how the dark forces are relunctantly but forcibly made to move away from one section of the earth to another; and also to see the various areas of light and revelation that God brings to people and nations with each change. And all these in accordance to the predestination of God the Father.

There are those who continue to resist the Spirit of God while others are pliable and broken in spirit before Him. In the end, all would have to humble before God for only humility will allow us to flow into the perfect Will of God. We must also be contented where God has place us yet be willing to flow into new things that He has set before us. Without contentment, there is no rest and this rest is necessary so that people do not move into things just because of their own desires. There is a need for humility as it takes the grace that comes through humility to bend our knees and hearts and minds before our God. God’s Will will always be done on the earth as it is in heaven and when our free will lines up with His, a powerful force is released within us to accomplish more than what we can do individuals. The power of His Spirit is available to all who yield to Him.

Papa God, we continue to pray for all our loved ones that You would fill with Your Spirit all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church such that there is no room for any thing else but the fulln

4th Dec to 8th Dec 2009

Returned over the weekend to Sydney, arriving Sunday and ministered in COG Sydney. The weather was lovely on Sunday but on Monday (yesterday) and today (8th Dec) it is much hotter than in Singapore. Stayed away from computer and work for the whole of Monday – need to refresh the mind with other things (did some light reading). Had a good long rest on Monday night and woke up to sweltering heat late morning today. Still adjusting to the three hour difference after spending 18 days straight in Singapore. Run some errands yesterday and today. I hope to catch up with all my emails today.

The message of Saturday and Sunday on the presence of God still lingers in my mind and heart (preached on Endtime tying up to the Holy Spirit in Singapore and Secrets to powerful prayers in Sydney – this message will be repeated for recording in Overnight prayers in Singapore in more details). The presence of God is always with us 24 hours and it is we who need to be aware of His presence rather than God needing to make His presence felt. James 4:7-8 – after resisting the devil, when we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. Part of the drawing near to God is our awareness of His presence. There are varying degrees of God’s manifest presence to us and we need to flow with whatever level is being manifest. Being aware of His presence and anointing 24 hours is wonderful, you could feel your body and soul responding to His presence whenever the mind and thoughts meditate on His everlasting love and presence. I know God thinks of us all the time but it seems experientially like each time you think of God, He thinks of you. No matter how vast His creation, God has personal time for each of us. It is like the rising or setting sun watched over the sea; the light rays make a direct path on the surface of the sea towards us no matter how many people are watching the sun. Each received their personal and experiential ray of light directed towards the place where they are watching the sun from. Which is why I love the ocean and the sound of the ocean and sea. It speaks of God’s love and vastness. It is good to feel how small we are from the perspective of God’s creation – we are less than one atom on one grain of sand in the vast ocean of God’s creation and love. From time to time our ego (or self consciousness) needs to meditate on this perspective to keep us humble before God.

It is also important to lift our hands up before God both as surrender and also as a sacrifice and offering before the Lord. Paul advised that men (including women, of course) should pray with lifted hands without fear and doubt (1 Timothy 2:8). Although it is the heart that matters most, it is a posture that is ideal for releasing the dimension of the spiritual forces (example, like laying hands on the sick) similar to the fact that it is more conducive in the natural to sit at the table and eat our food (rather than walking or standing). There is power in lifting up hands similar to power in laying on hands. Our body and physical structure is created such. In the Old Covenant the lifting up of hands was like the evening sacrifice (Psalm 141:2). It took the Israelites much preparation to have the daily evening sacrifice and David found a methodology of lifting up his hands before God each evening in his worship equivalent to the hard work of preparing the sacrifice (which were done daily by the priests). It is part of the methodology ordained of God to release His presence in a place as much as the methodology He ordained for laying hands on the sick. The early Charismatic revival had a freshness to the lifting up of hands which sometimes is lost in the modern Pentecostal and charismatic churches. Such needs to be maintained.

May the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit continue strong on each one. Papa God, we pray that You would manifest Your presence to each of our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry and stu

29th Nov to 3rd Dec 2009

Has been a busy week this week, getting the keys to the new place, looking into details of the renovation of new place in Singapore, catching up on emails and getting a bit organized in my desk in Singapore since I am going to spend half a month here every month for the next forseeable two years.

29th Nov – Sent son and daughter and wife home at airport. Took a long walk near Hougang lake and around the mall area then fellowship with associates who need clarity on visions they saw.

30th Nov – Went down to collect keys to new premises, check on carpet colours, curtains, etc.

1st Dec and 2nd Dec – Worked for two nights to late morning (sleeping at about 3am since Tuesday), meditating, prayer, answering emails, did some errands (stationary, etc. to get my desk organized) and then fellowship and discuss about renovation details with those involved till late night. Tested piano for new place, etc. Had good meeting with prophetic sisters in the prophetic booth to encourage them and sharpen their understanding of their prophetic gifting especially in interpretation.

3rd Dec – Had a flow of thoughts and inspirations in various areas and teachings. Will take some time to study the Word tonight (it is 12:18am on 3rd Dec). I feel like praying and waiting on God the whole night but will flow with the Holy Spirit tonight.

God is always ahead of us in all of our life’s errands and duties and meetings we planned. By the time we need God to help us it is already too late which is why God actually anticipates our every need through His angels and by the time we realize any situations of need, the angels would have finished their work. If they had waited for us to ask, it would have been too late somost of the time they would anticipate our heart’s desire and take the prayers of our heart as permission to intervene. This happens when we walk in the perfect Will of God. It is important to always be conscious of God in our hearts and direct every desire, feeling and thought towards Him 24 hours a day or as often as our mind is conscious of such need. O what a joy to worship Him in our hearts 24 hours a day!

The Lord’s presence is so strong tonight and I am just going to enjoy His flow and presence. It is going to be a wonderful time in the spiritual world.