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26th Nov to 28th Nov 2009

I was on the Singapore flyer with family yesterday. I noted how many people were taking pictures all the time, including many tourists in Orchard Road and other places. Pictures, of course, are a source of remembrance of things seen, good experiences, etc. People hold onto cherish moments in their lives like pictures. Or visions of spectacular and beautiful scenes via photos. All these point to an inherent inbuilt system within each of us for a setting of the flow of the Spirit life and light from God. Just as our heart keeps beating subconsciously but can get affected by wrong emotions or stress; there is a spirit-level consciousness which is like the heart beat of the spirit man receiving the life of God. This reception of life, love and light gets affected whenever people store the wrong pictures or memories that are not in line with Truth and God-reality. Truth and God-reality are the only true constant in the Universe of the Spirit World. For all things and life to flow at optimum, there must be synchrony with Truth. Anything not in line with Truth lodged within a spirit-soul will in turn cause an interruption to the flow which will then affect the soul and the body.

Just as pictures of good things, beauty and loveliness are important, it is even more important to always retain the right thoughts and the right pictures (visions) in our memories. The wrong ones will cause disharmony to our entire spirit system and in turn affect our soul and body. Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are noble, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, having virtue and praiseworthiness, we need to meditate on these things (Philippians 4:8). Our spirit man is constantly taking photographs into our spirit consciousness and we need to ensure that only the best and the most loving are lodged in our spirit system. Imagine a lifetime of sadness lodged within or a lifetime of wrong visions lodged within – they create the bondages and wrong characteristics of many human beings.

Looking forward to church today with the whole family. Papa God, we pray that the memories of each one of us contineu to be wiped clean of all the wrong things and impressions and visions by the blood of Jesus Christ. Only those things within us that are in line with Your word and Your love are allowed to remain as a part of our being. Let this great cleansing and renewal be upon all our loved ones, friends and partners in the ministry, students and members of Your church in Jesus Name. Amen.

24th to 25th November 2009

24th Nov – had good day with son and his friend, showing them around a bit of Singapore. They love the food, of course.

25th Nov – will be meeting up with family from Johor this morning. Looking forward to seeing Mum, brother and sisters. I remember how my Mum was illiterate but used to ask me lots of science questions when I started schooling, especially on my science books. It might have sparked an interest in me to described to her all that I was learning when I was in primary school. Later when I came to know the Lord in my late teens, I asked church people to help teach her some Mandarin so she can read and write. it was through that by which she came to know the Lord Jesus as they taught her Mandarin through the Bible as a text. Even today, my Mum is curious about all things and would read the newspapers for information and current affairs. She loved reading now that she knows how to read.

It is important to honour our parents. My earthly father has gone on to be with the Lord years ago and has progressed in the Spiritual World into various other things. He was met by grandma when he died and spent some time inthe Intermediate realm before progressing onwards in Christ (he was born again before he passed on and I had baptized both him and my mother in the Straits of Johor). Apparently, my grandma had some knowledge of Christ through missionaries whom she met. It is interesting how honouring our parents have to do with health and long life on earth (Ephesians 6:1-4). The main connection is the love of God (and God’s love is also God’s life and God’s light – love, life and light are three aspects of the same spiritual substance). When we love our parents and respect them, it helps us also to grow in love towards God and to all our fellow human beings. We must grow in our love to those who are our flesh and blood and then all other flesh and blood around us. This does not mean that we agreed with them or condone anything that they might have done outside of God’s Will; it just means that we learn to tap on unconditional love. God’s love to us is unconditional. We might not have the opportunity to talk to all our flesh and blood and be able to sit down with them but we must always feel God’s unconditional love in our hearts for each of them. It is through such that we grow in love. Growing in love is not a airy fairy ethereal concept. It is the practical willingness to give out love to those who are placed in front of us – to love them with God’s love. Of course, the first place to start is always to love our parents. In doing so, we place ourselves in position to receive God’s life and God’s light.

Papa God, we pray for all our spiritual family and loved ones. We pray for each of them that you would help each to love their parents and to honour them through your impartation of love upon them. Help each one to move into unconditional love so that they can be more like You, Father God. To be like You is our destiny and we all need to start even on earth. Energize Your love into each one of our loved ones, friends and partners, students and members of Your church in Jesus Name. Amen.

21st Nov to 23rd Nov 2009

21st Nov – had good meeting in Singapore Saturday church and then went to Logos Singapore retreat. Had good sessions with those who came that night.

22nd Nov – some of the students prayed for the greater part of the night (part all night) while I took my rest. Had a good walk at the beach (always loved the beach) and more fellowship and Q & A before end of the retreat time. Sis Wai Yin and team did a good job of the whole organization together with COG members.

23rd Nov – Will be having a good week with my family (especially son and daughter whom we see less often than we get to see all the church members from COG). Look forward to a good family week break in Singapore. My son and daughter will get to meet their grandma whom they have not seen for over a decade and I will meet up with some of my brothers and sisters from my side of the family (will meet up with my wife’s side sometime next year). It will be a good week in the Lord with family and loved ones.

The Bible speaks much regarding families serving the Lord together. We have Moses, Aaron and Miriam; Noah and his imperfect family; Jacob, later Israel, and his very large family; and in the New Testament we have James and John with Peter and Andrew; the half brother of Jesus became a pillar in the church and Mary, Jesus’ mother, became another pillar in the early church, too. It is good and right for families to serve the Lord together. Although each family member must discover their place in the Lord and learn to respect each other’s separate and unique call, there can be wonderful harmony when all the flesh and blood family love the Lord and serve God together in one church. One must be careful not to create a dynasty for it is God who give gifts to the church and God’s system is never based on physical bloodlines but just spiritual lines of His calling. One must always avoid favouritism caused by flesh and blood and instead adopt a meritocracy by which every one is qualified only by the Lord Himself. Always the heart is more important than flesh and blood. Once these basic lines of understanding that meritocracy is the way and that spiritual relationships can surpass natural relationships, then family lines will fall into its natural place and become a blessing rather than a hindrance to the work of the Lord. It is important to learn to relate to our own natural family for it is through such that we practice and apply the principles of the Bible. For some families it is easy while for others it is harder because of the blood ties but whatever it is, it is our responsibility to not neglect our parents or loveds ones within the range of our inherited responsibility to care for them.

Papa God, we pray for all our spiritual family. We pray for all their spiritual and flesh and blood family relationships. Extend the power of your love to each one of them, our loved ones, freinds and partners in the ministry and students and members of Your body in Jesus Name. May each one find the ease to walk in the love of Christ both to the physical and spiritual famil